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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Podcast

While Instagram, TikTok, and a whole host of other social media platforms have experienced surges in popularity since the rise of Facebook, the platform that revolutionized social media is still a really effective place to promote your podcast. One of the biggest selling points for using Facebook as a channel to promote your show is because Facebook caters to the sharing of a whole range of media types. From images and photos, videos of basically any length and audiograms, as well as text-based posts, Facebook does it all, and it means that there are endless possibilities when it comes to creative ways to use the platform to promote your podcast.

And while knowing that Facebook is a great place for you to promote your amazing show is one thing, what you really need are some workable strategies to help make your presence on the platform one that gets your show noticed and helps to grow your audience effectively. And you’re in luck! We’ve got some simple, yet effective, strategies to help you best utilize Facebook as a place to promote your podcast and build a loyal audicience around your show. 

So let’s dive right in!

1. Set Up A Facebook Page

Okay, so I’m not going to spend too much time on this one, but it goes without saying that if you are looking to use Facebook to promote your podcast, you’re going to need a Facebook page. So if you haven’t created one yet, hop to it! 

And then come back and read the rest of this post!  

2. Create Eyecatching Posts

Whether it’s text, advertisements, infographics, memes, audiograms, or videos, your first order of business is to make sure that your Facebook posts are eye-catching. As with all the other social media, the visual is what grabs the viewer’s attention. So whatever you’re posting, you need to make sure that it grabs the viewer’s attention and makes them pause long enough to engage with your content. In order to promote your podcast, you need viewers to stop, read and absorb what you’re trying to communicate, and then take the appropriate response, whether that’s listening to your next episode on their platform of choice, signing up for your newsletter, or entering your giveaway, for example. You also need to ensure that whatever it is you’re posting, you want it to embody and epitomize the identity of your show. Besides your podcast’s artwork, the content that you share via social media, and in this case, via Facebook, is a visual way to communicate your show’s personality to potential listeners. You want your posts to clearly communicate, “You need to check this show out!”

Remember, the beauty of Facebook as a platform to promote your podcast is that you can post so many different types of media. You’re not limited to only text-based posts or images. You can also try your hand at video content, or experiment with audiograms. Audiograms are little snippets of audio taken from podcast episodes and can be a fantastic way to share teasers from an upcoming episode and getting viewers chomping at the bit to subscribe to your show. 

For more on all the ways you can utilize audiograms, check out this post on How To Use Podcast Audiograms to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

The most important thing to remember when creating your Facebook content is to ensure that it is eye-catching and appealing, that it’s in line with your show’s personality and your overall brand, an, is of the highest quality. Really the only limit to what you can post on Facebook to promote your show is your imagination, so get that creative cap on and have fun creating some standout content!

3. Post Consistently

If you want Facebook to work for you as a way to promote your show, you’re going to need to post with some level of consistency. It’s no use sharing a super-cool post that gets your community buzzing with excitement and engaging effectively, only to go radio silent for the next six months. All that excitement and activity around your page will quickly fade, and you’ll have to work that much harder the next time you decide to post in order to hype up the engagement again. The bottom line is that frequency matters, and you’ll need to draw up a schedule to ensure that you’re sharing and interacting with your Facebook audience on a regular basis. 

4. Diversify Your Content

Since you’re using Facebook to promote your podcast, you’re obviously going to be sharing content that you hope will attract potential listeners to your show. This could be sneak peeks of upcoming episodes via audiograms, hints at your next guest, or even some behind-the-scenes video content. All of these are really effective ways to promote your show. But if you really want to win at the Facebook game, you need to make sure you’re sharing diverse content. One of the biggest reasons why diverse Facebook content is important is because it keeps people interested in what you have to offer. If you’re only ever posting self-promotional content, you’ll quickly find your followers dwindling, so you’ll need to find a strategic way to build leads and get new listeners to check out your show, without only tooting your own horn. A great way to ensure that you diversify your content is to consistently share content that first and foremost gives value to your listeners. This could be fun images, inspirational quotes, relatable memes, or even by sharing other podcasts you’re enjoying. Sharing diverse content works as a strategy because by using any or all of the above-mentioned content, you not only add value to your listeners, which will keep them returning to your page, but the sharing of diverse content also helps to give authority to voice within your niche as your page will be seen as something that actually gives to their audience and is not only interested in self-promotion, which can become pretty boring pretty quick!

5. Create a Facebook Group

One of the best ways to leverage Facebook to promote your podcast is to use the platform to build a community around your show. And one of the best was to do this is to create a Facebook group for your podcast. The ability to make these groups are one of the top reasons why the Facebook platform is such a great place to promote your podcast. These groups make it easy to connect with your listeners and create a buzzing community around your show. And y creating a Facebook group exclusively for listeners of your show, you create a little hub where your listeners can connect with each other, as well as with you, and where they can bond over what they have in common – love for your show. Facebook groups are an effective way to accentuate the connections between you and your audience and are also just a great way to give more value to your audience, thus further promoting your show as one to follow. This space just for them functions as an added drawcard for your checking out your show as they will be able to join your community and engage with not only you as a host they admire, but also with other like-minded listeners. 

For some more on community building, check out our post on How To Build a Strong Podcast Community. It’s got some handy strategies to help you build your tribe around your show.  

6. Engage With Your Community

Once you’ve taken the steps to build your community, you now need to consistently engage with the Facebook audience that you’ve established around your show. The true magic of podcasting happens when that connection between a podcast host and the listeners is cemented and one way to make those relationships happen is to find ways to turn the one-way conversation of podcasting into a dialogue and so really engage with your audience. When it comes to Facebook, there really is nothing better than belonging to a page that engages with its audience in a meaningful way. As much as is possible, answer the questions your followers ask you via your Facebook page, and share your insight, or offer your opinions. This engagement between you and your listeners will all help develop a strong Facebook community around your show, which will then serve to draw in others as they will want to be a part of all the fun that happens around your show.

To do this successfully, you’ll need to develop some promotional strategies that encourage audience interaction. Create content that asks questions, poses topics that require responses, or any other content that encourages engagement. You can also use your page to ask for some feedback from your audience. This feedback can be invaluable, and a great way to make any changes to make sure that you are serving your listeners and giving them the content they need, which will then help you attract more listeners to your show. 

7. Be Aware of Trends

Lastly, in order to make sure your Facebook content is going to have the desired effect, you need to keep abreast as to what is currently popular across social media. Now, you definitely don’t have to “do what everyone is doing,” but you do need to know what is currently trending, or what strategies are currently working in order to create content that “sells”. You will need to find out what your audience as well as those you’re looking to reach are drawn to, understand the latest trends, and see how you can incorporate these into your podcast brand via social media. Armed with this knowledge, you can then follow the trend, but with your own unique style and align your content to the trend. You don’t need to copy and paste what’s already been done. You can simply use the foundational elements of what’s popular to create your own unique content. Who knows, if you a unique way to share your content, you might even start the next Facebook trend! 

Closing Thoughts

Facebook is still a popular platform people the world over use to connect with each other, and it remains a really effective space to promote your podcast. Try your hand at these strategies, and we’re confident you’ll soon experience an increase in downloads, but more importantly, you and your audience will begin to reap the benefits of building a strong community around your show. Besides these strategies, there are also some incredible courses available that can show you the nitty-gritty of getting Facebook to work for you and your podcast. Take a look around sites such as Skillshare and Udemy for some great courses on just how to leverage Facebook to your podcast’s advantage. There are courses available that can show you the ropes of Facebook Ads, ones that can teach you the ins and outs of building an online community, as well as those that simply break down the Facebook basics for those that need some beginner guidance. You could also peruse YouTube channels as well as other podcasts that offer practical, firsthand advice for using Facebook to your advantage. The more you learn, the better you’ll be able to wield Facebook as part of your podcast marketing strategy and you’ll reap the benefits of growing your audience and developing a thriving podcast community.

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