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how to start a business podcast

How to use a Business Podcast to Seriously Grow Your Brand

Starting a business podcast for your brand or business is a seriously effective way to grow your business and market your brand. We also think business podcasts are seriously underutilized!

And this may be because there’s a misconception about what a podcast can do for a business. Or what it means to have a ‘business podcast’? Or why a business or a brand could benefit from a podcast? Or some combination of the above.

But the fact remains that we think that podcasts are a highly effective marketing channel available to businesses when they understand how to use them effectively.

And today, we’re going to share with you our most compelling arguments as to why a business podcast is the way to go when it comes to growing your audience, increasing brand awareness, and expanding your reach.

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So keep reading for the backbones of your next great marketing campaign!

Reasons Why a Business Podcast is a Great Idea

business podcast

1. A  Deep Connection with Your Target Audience

First reason, a business podcast can help you build deep connections with your target audience. Deep connections between podcast hosts and their listeners is a hallmark of the podcasting industry. Google “what’s so special about podcasts” and I’m willing to bet something along the lines of “you feel like your favorite host is your friend” or “it feels like they’re having a personal conversation with you” or something of the like is bound to feature in the top answers.

And that’s because it’s true. Part of the magic of podcasting is that connection that develops between the host and the listeners. 

And businesses and brands can tap into that magical connection by starting a business podcast. 

Part of building a successful brand is finding a way to get your target audience as invested in your brand as you are. When a target audience can connect with a business’s  mission and vision, they become loyal followers and supporters of the brand. 

This is really at the heart of any marketing strategy. And a podcast is a really effective way to turn that desire into reality.

2. A Business Podcast Clearly Communicates Your Message

Another reason a business podcast is great for, well, for business, is because your podcast episodes are an effective way to communicate your message.

Sometimes more traditional marketing campaigns just miss the mark. What starts off as a great idea on the drawing board sometimes just doesn’t translate when the latest ad campaign gets launched. And that’s understandable. Ads, whether those are Facebook ads, sponsored ads on Instagram, or even a video ad for Facebook or Youtube, provide a very limited amount of ‘time’ to get your message across.

You’re trying to sell your latest product or promote your new offer, and you’re trying to create a strong brand identity and share your brand’s message with your audience.

That’s a lot to ask of one image, or a 30 second video. 

And that’s exactly why podcasts are so great for businesses. Your episodes allow you to  communicate directly to your target audience. For an extended period of captivated time! And through well-written, value-dense content, you can directly share your message with your audience. They can pick up on your passion. And this is a winning combination when it comes to winning over brand loyalists.

3. Enhances Your Authority

As you’re looking to grow your brand and expand your reach, part of that includes growing your presence and authority.

You may be posting on social media, sharing blog posts, or creating Shorts for YouTube – all of which are helping build your authority. And so starting a business podcast allows you to share your content through another channel, and so will greatly increase that authority. 

Sharing your expertise and passion across a variety of mediums translates as confidence in your niche and subject matter. And this helps build that authority behind your business and your brand.

Through your podcast, you’re constantly talking about your niche, your business, or brand. Whether directly or indirectly. And through this, your customers get to really hear your connection to your niche, your genuine passion for your business and industry, as well as your knowledge and experience.

And this really can help you boost your brand authority, and it also enables a greater level of trust to develop between you and your customers. 

4. Helps Establish Your Brand

Following on Point 3, a podcast not only helps you build your authority, but a business podcast is also a really effective way to enhance your brand identity. 

Through your podcast episodes, you can share your journey with your business, your vision, your mission, and your goals.

Your customers will truly get to hear your voice and be better able to connect with you and your brand via your podcast. And remember, you don’t even have to be explicitly talking about your business via your podcast in order to build brand awareness! If you’re interviewing leaders in your niche, or others connected to your brand, or whatever type of content you decide to share on your podcasts, all of this helps build your brand! 

Amazing, right?! You’re marketing your business without actually marketing your business! 

More so than sporadic advertisements, regular podcast episodes constantly communicate who you and your business are and what you stand for. If your listeners are able to connect with you and your brand resonates with them, they will become loyal supporters of you and your business. 

5. Builds Brand Trust

Besides helping you establish and cement your brand identity in the minds of your audience, a business podcast is an incredibly effective method of building that all-important brand trust.

A successful podcast requires consistency. It requires that you consistently share episodes packed with valuable content. Now, if you apply this consistency to your business podcast, what you have is an incredible opportunity to build brand trust. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how invaluable having a trustworthy brand is!

By using your podcast to generously and passionately share your knowledge, your niche expertise, or even your unique point of view, your listeners will begin to understand more about you and your business. And consequently, and mentioned previously, they will learn more about your overall brand. But doing this consistently is what starts to build that vital brand trust. 

6. Effectively Reach a New Audience

Another really great reason for starting your business podcast is because it can help you effectively reach a whole new audience! 

Growing your customer base will always be something that you are working towards. And getting into the ever-growing podcasting space could open you up to a whole new avenue of great exposure!

The podcasting space is really niche-oriented. And if you’ve done any research whatsoever into starting a podcast, you’ll know that “niche-down” is a key piece of advice. And that’s because podcasts are incredibly niche-focused. It’s how they’re categorized (either correctly or incorrectly, but that’s a discussion for another day!) and how fans find their favorite shows.

So, if you can align your podcast with the right niches, you’ll connect your business with a plethora of new, like-minded people who are just waiting to connect with you, engage with your content, and ultimately, support your business, because they’re actually already members of your target audience, you just haven’t connected with them yet.

7. So many benefits!

I really could wax lyrical for several hours (You think I’m kidding? I am not.) about why I think a business could really benefit from starting a podcast. (And if you want to hear more, reach out to me!) But for the sake of somewhat brevity, I’ll just hit you with some quickfire benefits of starting a business podcast:

  • It’s an effective form of pretty low-cost, consistent marketing.
  • It’s a great way to increase your traffic to your website.
  • More website traffic means potential for more sales.
  • It’s a way to diversify your digital marketing.
  • It can open up doors for new streams of revenue through podcast monetization.
  • A podcast can provide fantastic collab opportunities.
  • You can get exposure to new networking opportunities.

And those are just the top practical reasons – believe me, if I go down the rabbit hole of how great the podcasting space is, just in general, we’d be here for several more hours.

(But again, if that’s the kind of information you want, you know where to find me!)

how to start business podcasts

So, you’re now totally convinced that starting a podcast for your business is a grand brand idea?


Want a little help getting started? We’ve got that, too!

To end this post, we’re sharing some of our top tips for starting a podcast for a business or brand.

Tips for Starting a Business Podcast

1. Know your angle

You need to know what business goals you want to achieve with your podcast. Is it to increase sales? Build brand authority? Connect more with your customer base? Know your goal, and you can then position your podcast to achieve that goal.

2. Carefully consider your business podcast’s name

Sure, your business podcast could be named  “The [insert your business name here] Show”. It’s a definite possibility. But you might want to consider some other great options. Do your clients or customers have a unique group name or identifier? Is there a name you use to identify your followers? Is there a catchphrase that is no doubt associated with your brand? These could potentially be better options for the name of your business podcast. Particularly if your goal is to connect with your audience and build a strong following.

3. Stay brand focused

Remember, podcasts are a great way for businesses and brands to build real relationships with customers. But you want to be sure that you’re building these relationships with an end goal in mind. Making sure that your podcast content still stays on brand is the key to turning listeners into customers. 

4. Iron out your format

Your format, or the way you structure your podcast is important to the retention of listeners. And figuring this out relies on a deep understanding of your audience. What would they be looking for in a podcast from your brand? What are their needs? How will your podcast meet those needs? Then structure your podcast accordingly. 

5. Get traction early

Before you launch your business podcast, you’re going to want to get some traction early on. A great way to do this is by creating a great podcast trailer, and some top-notch ads about your new podcast. Share these on your social media platforms, and purchase some ad spots on other well-known podcasts that also reach your target audience, and you’ll have some incredible traction as you launch your business podcast. 

In Conclusion

Starting a business podcast could be your next great business venture. Podcasts are a fantastic way to really connect with your audience, and build meaningful, powerful relationships with your customers.

In our books, podcasts offer a rare opportunity to get ‘one-on-one’ with all your followers. The intimacy of the medium then allows you to really connect with your listeners, get them as passionate about your business and brand as you are through the valuable content you offer, which can then naturally turn listeners into loyal customers.

And as a business owner, you know what a golden opportunity this is! So what are you waiting for? Start that business podcast today!
Thinking about starting a business podcast? Take a look at the services we offer, or schedule a call with us today!

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