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How to use a branded podcast to promote your business

How to Use a Branded Podcast to Promote Your Business

Did you know a branded podcast is a great way to promote your business? If this is news to you, but you’re intrigued, then you’re in the right place! Because today on the Podcast Digest, I’m here to give you all the strategies you need to effectively use a podcast to promote a business or brand.

It’s no secret that businesses and brands of all sizes are constantly seeking innovative avenues to engage with their current audience, and then reach more of their target audience. 

That’s a given. 

And there are obviously a number of tried-and-tested ways to do this.

But over the past couple of years, podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to not only connect with their existing customers but also to reach new ones. 

Podcasts offer a unique platform for businesses to share their expertise, build brand credibility, and foster meaningful relationships with their audience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the strategies and tactics that businesses can employ to effectively utilize podcasts as a promotional tool, unlocking the full potential of this dynamic medium to propel their brand forward in 2024 and beyond.

But before we get into the “how” of using a branded podcast to promote your business, let’s talk about why you would want to in the first place.

Why Businesses and Brands Should Consider Podcasts

How to use a branded podcast to promote your business

1. Because podcasts are awesome! 

That’s it.

I’m just kidding, obviously. But it’s still a valid reason in our books! Podcast are awesome. We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing if we didn’t think so.

But that’s certainly not the only reason why you should consider starting a podcast as part of your marketing strategies for 2024.

2. A branded podcast can help brand authority and credibility

Key to any successful business or brand is credibility in the eyes of the target audience and strong brand authority. A podcast for your brand or business will help you establish both. Through your podcast, you can share your expertise, industry insights, and knowledge. This positions you and your business as authoritative figures within your niche, boosting credibility among your audience.

3. Podcasts help establish personal connections

Another one of our favorite things about podcasts is that personal connection that develops between listeners and their favorite hosts. And this, in large part, is due to the intimate nature of the podcast medium. You feel as if you’re the only on ‘in’ on the conversation. And this leads to a strong connection between you and the host. Now, image what this could do for podcasts from brands or businesses!

4. You can expand your reach and visibility

Another key reason why brands and business should start a podcast is simply because of the extended reach and great visibility podcasts can bring. Podcasts are a totally different medium to other forms of advertising, meaning you’ll reach new members of your target audience. And because podcast directories and platforms are global, you could seriously expand your business’s or brand’s visibility.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing

And the final “why” of starting a podcast for a business or brand, it’s pretty cost-effective marketing. Yes, there is the initial cost of equipment to get started, and additional costs if you’re choosing to save time by using a podcast production agency (like We Edit Podcasts, for instance, wink, wink!). But compared to some traditional marketing channels, podcasting can be a cost-effective way to promote your business. 

Now that you’re convinced that starting a podcast is an incredible idea for your business or brand, let’s move on to the how.

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How to Use a Branded Podcast to Promote Your Business

We Edit Podcasts podcasting tips

The basics of starting a podcast all apply to launching a podcast for your business or brand. But there are some things to consider when you’re specifically launching a podcast for a business or brand.

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1. Define Your Purpose

Defining your niche is an important step in any “launch a podcast” journey. But it’s really important when you think about launching a podcast to promote your business. Because this will help you establish the type of podcast you should launch.

Start by asking yourself: “What specific goals am I aiming to achieve through my podcast?” Whether it’s boosting sales figures, establishing industry authority, or fostering deeper connections with your customer base, clarity on your objectives will serve as the basis when it comes to crafting your content as well as how you will promote your show. 


By aligning your podcasting endeavors with your overarching business goals, you can effectively tailor your content and messaging to resonate with your target audience and drive tangible results.

2. Consider Your Name Carefully

Again, this is important for all podcasts. But it is even more important for a podcast that’s associated with a business or brand. There has to be a direct correlation between your podcast’s name and your brand or business.

It doesn’t have to be “on-the-nose” so to speak. It obviously can be The [insert your brand or business name here] Show if that’s what works best for you and the goals you hope to achieve through your podcast. But it can also be something related to your business or brand. Just don’t try and be so clever with your name that there is no direct correlation between the podcast and your brand or business. This would not help you achieve any of your goals!

3. Think About Your Format

The purpose of your branded podcast will play a large role in determining the type of format you should use on your show. So that’s another reason to carefully consider the purpose of your show.

Crafting a successful business podcast hinges on creating a show that resonates with your target audience. 

By figuring out what your audience most wants to hear from you, and evaluating that through what you’re aiming to achieve through your branded podcast, you can tailor your podcast format to offer maximum value and engagement. Pick the format that best channels the essence of your brand and resonates with the needs and preferences of your listeners. And your podcast journey will be a successful one!

4. Calls-To-Action

And finally, if you’re starting a podcast as a way to grow your business or brand, you’re going to want to pay particular attention to your calls-to-action (CTAs). Besides using your podcast to grow your audience, expand your reach, and enhance your brand identity, you also want your podcast to be a driving force back to your business. So that means you want your CTAs to really land and deliver.

This means making sure your CTAs happen at key points in your episodes, and that they are attractive to your target audience. We also recommend using dynamic ads, as these you can change out periodically, or when you have new products launching or special offers running.

2024 is the Year of the Branded Podcast!

So, to conclude. Podcasts offer businesses and brands an incredible platform to promote themselves in an engaging and personal way. By launching and nurturing a podcast, businesses and brands can share their expertise, industry insights, and unique perspective with a global audience. And we really believe that 2024 is the year of the Branded Podcast (we put our podcast predictions in black and white here). 

The intimate nature of podcasts allows for a deeper connection with listeners, fostering trust and credibility. This is KEY for growth and authority building!

What’s more, through your episodes, you can showcase your products or services, share success stories, and even explore partnerships, creating a multifaceted approach to marketing.

Bottom line? Branded podcasts are an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to build awareness, connect with their target audience, and strengthen their brand identity.

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