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how to successfully take a break from your podcast

How to Successfully Take a Break from Your Podcast

Taking a break from your podcast can be a great way to recharge and return with fresh ideas. And especially now as we’re in the thick of the summer, a podcast break to recoup, recharge, and revitalize may be just what’s in order. However, stepping away from your podcast without a plan can lead to a drop in listenership and engagement. In this post, we’ll share expert tips on how to take a break from your podcast effectively, ensuring your audience stays engaged and eagerly anticipates your return.

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Our Top Tips for How to Take a Break from Your Podcast

how to take a break from your podcast

1. Plan Ahead 

While it is true that taking a podcast break can put a spanner in your productivity and momentum, it can be done…if it’s done right. And to do anything right, you have plan. Planning is crucial when it comes to taking a break from your podcast. Start by creating a content calendar that outlines your episodes leading up to your break. 

If possible, pre-record episodes to cover the podcast break period. What better way to keep your audience engaged with your content while you’re taking a break from your podcast than for you listeners to not know you’re taking a break! By planning ahead, you can ensure that your audience still receives valuable content even when you’re away from the mic.

2. Communicate with Your Audience 

Transparency is key. However you’re planning on taking a break from your podcast, and especially if you’re choosing not to release content during your podcast break, you have to communicate this with your audience. 

Inform your listeners about your upcoming break, you can include why you’re taking it, and then be sure to also include when you’ll return. Use your podcast episodes, social media, and newsletters to spread the word. Clear communication helps maintain trust and keeps your audience informed.

It also lets any new listeners who find your show during your break know exactly what’s going on so that they stick around until you return.

how to successfully take a podcast break

3. Schedule Re-runs or Highlight Reels 

Tip Number 3 for successfully taking a break from your podcast without losing your listeners is to keep showing up in other ways during your time off. Keep your feed active by scheduling re-runs of popular episodes or creating highlight reels of your best moments. (This will require some planning ahead! Another reason why putting some planning into your podcast break is so important!)

You could even add in some new commentary or updates to these re-runs to give them a fresh feel and provide value to both new and loyal listeners. 

Say it with me: PLANNING!

4. Stay Engaged on Social Media 

Even if your podcast is on a break, a really effective way to keep your show’s momentum and keep your audience engaged is to maintain your social media presence during your time off. 

Share behind-the-scenes content, updates on your summer activities, and even just engage with your audience through interactive posts. This is just a simple way to keep your community engaged with you, but it can also ensure that they don’t forget about your show while you’re taking a podcast break.

As an added bonus, a lot of this content can be planned ahead, particularly if you’re using a platform like Buffer (more on this in a bit!) to schedule out your planned content! Meaning you get all the benefits of a break, without losing all the momentum and engagement you’ve worked so hard to build around your podcast community.

5. Guest Appearances and Collaborations 

Next up, Tip Number 5 for how to successfully take a break from your podcast, show up in other places in the podcasting space. In other words, leverage your break to appear as a guest on other podcasts. 

Collaborating with fellow podcasters not only keeps your name out there but also helps you reach new audiences. Cross-promotions can be mutually beneficial to both you and the other podcast hosts, and they can keep your listeners engaged. Not to mention, they’re a really great way to meet and make some really cool podcasting friends!

6. Use Automated Tools 

As promised, more about those nifty ways to schedule your content and automate your processes, especially while you’re taking a break. (Although finding ways to automate your podcasting process is a great podcasting tip in general!)

Bottomline? Automate as much as possible. Use scheduling tools (we really like Buffer!) for your social media posts. If you have created some pre-recorded content, schedule it to go live during your break. Automation is a secret weapon when it comes to successfully taking a break from your podcast as it helps you stay present on your podcast break without actively managing your channels.

7. Plan Your Return 

And finally, our last tip for a successful podcast break, make sure you keep your audience in the know about when you will return. We always advise announcing your return date well in advance to build anticipation. 

You can tease upcoming episodes or new content to generate excitement. You could even consider planning a special return episode or event to celebrate your comeback and re-engage your audience.

Time To Take That Break From Your Podcast?

Taking a break from your podcast can be beneficial for your well-being and creativity. It can also be necessary, particularly over the summer, when you’re traveling with your family or having to work extra hard to keep the kids entertained!

By planning ahead, communicating with your audience, staying engaged on social media, and using automation, you can ensure a successful podcast break. Use these tips, enjoy your time off, and return you’ll return to your show with renewed energy and exciting content. Have your own tips or experiences to share? Leave a comment below!

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