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EP 34 Amber

034: How to Successfully Relaunch Your Podcast After a Tricky Co-Host Split Amber Romaniuk

Navigating a podcast relaunch after co-hosts have split can feel impossible, but today, we are joined by Amber Romaniuk to share her expertise on the topic and show us that it is, in fact, possible to make your podcast a success again by showing up authentically! Amber is an emotional eating, digestive, and hormone expert and after years of binge eating and massive weight fluctuation, Amber decided to turn her life and relationship with food around, and now, she is helping others do the same through her work and incredible podcast, The No Sugarcoating Podcast

In this conversation, you’ll hear all about what inspired Amber to start her podcast and how a co-host split gone sour forced her into starting over and eventually led to more success than she could’ve imagined! We discuss how Amber handled the relaunch of the podcast through her authenticity and ardent desire to help the world heal before she shares all of the unexpected benefits she’s seen after going solo. She even shares advice for anyone going into a podcasting partnership as well as what she has learned from her own. This episode is filled with pearls of wisdom and inspiration to show up as yourself in the world so be sure to tune in now!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

Amber tells us about her background, how the media perpetuated her poor relationship with food, and her personal healing journey. When Amber realized how much happier she was once she freed herself from her food addiction, she was inspired to start her business to help other people achieve the same freedom. She tells us what inspired her to launch her podcast and how it’s adapted over the years. 

Amber originally started her podcast with a co-host and today, she tells us about their split, why it happened, and how she pivoted. Unfortunately, Amber’s co-host did not stick to their agreement following their split, changed all their passwords, and shut her out of their accounts. Amber had to start over completely and shares the lessons she learnt from this experience. 

The No Sugarcoating Podcast grew astronomically once Amber had overcome that hurdle due to her incredible authenticity and rapport with her listeners. Her desire to help the planet heal made it easy for her to pivot and in this episode, she tells us how she started again, why she prefers to do solo episodes more often than having guests on the show, and why you should never hold back from presenting yourself authentically. 

Amber shares all of the surprising benefits of going solo with us today and since splitting from her co-host, The No Sugarcoating Podcast has reached more people and has grown exponentially monetarily. Amber has also had more opportunities to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners through her podcast. Amber even tells us about how she has gotten sponsors and brand partnerships. 

It can be quite difficult to stay consistent and continue to create content in your podcasting when you have recorded hundreds of episodes and Amber tells us that the key to never running out of ideas is to do what you love! Amber discusses why reproducing content and retelling your story is important before explaining how she remains consistent, how long her episodes are, and how beneficial delegation is. 

Amber goes on to share how she promotes her podcast and continues to build her community. She has adopted an attitude of gratitude and makes the effort to grab every opportunity that comes her way. Lastly, Amber answers our quick-fire questions and tells us what podcasting has taught her as a business owner, her non-negotiables in podcasting, the biggest lesson she learned, and more! 


“If you have a podcast partner and you’re working together, I don’t care how much you like each other, and how good of friends you think you are or brother, sister, whatever, like you need a contract.” — Amber Romaniuk [0:11:42]

“I’m actually so glad that I went solo because the podcast grew significantly once I started sharing my authentic journey, my stories, my vulnerability, what I had been through. I started attracting a lot more what I call my soulmate clients.” — Amber Romaniuk [0:14:12]

“Holding back served me no purpose or anyone else that was listening.” — Amber Romaniuk [0:18:39]

“The more vulnerable and authentic I am, the more well-received I am.” — Amber Romaniuk [0:35:54]

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