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EP 37 Carli

037: How to Separate Your Podcast Goals from the Actionable Steps with Carli van Heerden

Welcome to this fourth edition of The Founder’s Corner miniseries, as Carli van Heerden shares some important advice for founders and business leaders in podcasting. Today is all about separating the goal from the action or activity that is required to achieve that goal.

We discuss the importance of not waiting or hesitating to take action, the undeniable value of consistency, why you always need to be planning for the future, and the two main strategies that, when implemented, will help you on your way to achieving your goals. 

For more key takeaways from this episode, be sure to check out Business Beyond The Mic Show Notes.

Takeaways From This Episode: 

It’s important to separate the goal from the activity that it takes to achieve the goal. This helps you to shift your focus to where it’s needed most – the activity; the action. 

Many podcasts don’t make it past the first three episodes. So, for you to be a successful podcaster, you need to be thinking about the future and have a long-term action plan in place. But it all starts with the first step, so be brave and take the leap!

We need to understand what it takes to reach our long-term goals. The best way to start is by focusing on the action rather than the goal. So, let’s take a look at what this look like for your podcast.

Consistency is a term that gets thrown around a lot but with good reason. Without consistency, you’ll always fall short of achieving what you set out to do. James Clear put it best when he said, “Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

Here’s a reminder of the two simple strategies that will help to ensure that the goals you set are met. The first is planning for the long term, knowing that being consistent in the steps you take today will pay off in the long run. The second is committing to the activity and focusing on the action that is required for your progress.


“Consistency is key, so you have to get started to build that.” —  @carlivanheerden [0:02:59]

“Most people who reach their goals have one thing in common; they focus on the activity that gets them to their goal instead of the goal [itself].” —  @carlivanheerden [0:03:38]

“As James Clear says, ‘Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations’.” —  @carlivanheerden [0:05:40]

“Most of the time, the reason that you’re not where you want to be is because you’re not consistently doing the things you need to do to get there.” —  @carlivanheerden [0:05:51]

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