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How to Promote Your Podcast if Marketing is Not Your Strength

Having your own podcast means that you’ll have to handle many different tasks at the same time. Some of them might be easier than others depending on your strengths and weaknesses. When wearing these different hats, there will be some who know exactly how to market their podcast and others who have no idea where to even start, because their expertise lies in editing rather than marketing. 

This is just one of the many reasons why some people might think that podcasting isn’t for everyone. Since the barrier of entry into the podcasting space is so low, not everyone thinks about how to actually create a successful podcast and stand out from the crowd. This is where podcast promotion, reaching out to your audience, and building a strong brand comes in. 

It is important to remember is that it is okay if you are not an expert in all parts of podcasting. It’s normal, especially if you’re just starting out. There is always the option to hire a marketing expert, a podcast consultant, or even someone to mentor you on your podcasting journey. Plus, since the podcast industry is booming, there are a ton of great resources out there to help you understand all aspects of podcasting better. 

So, if you’ve never considered yourself a marketing genius but would like to get a competitive edge and sharpen up your skills, then here are a few strategies you can use to make it look like you know exactly what you’re doing!

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Just Ask

Asking someone to share your podcast might sound like the most simple idea ever, but it is definitely the easiest way to market your show and grow your audience without spending a penny. Instead of investing tons of marketing dollars into promoting your content, you’ll just be using what’s already at your disposal. This will take the least amount of effort from your part; all that’s required of you to do is just to ask your audience politely during the course of your podcast to share their favorite episodes with friends and family. 

Giving your audience a clear call to action is a great way for them to spread the word on your behalf. Simply ask them to subscribe and share your podcast on their social media accounts. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools out there, especially if you don’t have a marketing budget just yet. Plus, if your audience is already enjoying your show then sharing it with others is something they will gladly do for you in return. All you have to do is ask!

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Be Persistent

Everywhere you go and everyone you meet is an opportunity for you to spread the word about your podcast. Never stop trying to start a conversation about your podcast even if there’s just one person who wants to know more. That is one person you didn’t have before and it’s one person who can share your message with another person to create that ripple effect. 

When you start mingling in podcasting circles you’ll realize that a lot of podcasters carry around something of their podcast or even just something with their contact information. The best way to market your podcast is to use word-of-mouth to your advantage. So the more people you share your podcast with, the greater the chances that your word of mouth will pay off in the end. Just stay persistent in your pursuit of spreading the word and really create a connection with everyone you meet.

Use Podcast Directories 

More and more podcast fans are using podcast directories to find the next up and coming podcast. So why not use this to your advantage? If you’ve only got your podcast listed on the main directories – such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher – then it’s time to scout out a few new options for your podcast to be listened on. There are tons of new podcast apps popping up that users enjoy and many hosting sites are already propagating your podcast out to the latest directories. 

A great way to know where listeners are finding your podcast is to send out a survey or run a poll to see which apps are most frequently being used. Listing your podcast on as many directories as possible, especially those that your listeners like to use, is an excellent way to get more visitors to check out your podcast. The more accessible your podcast becomes, the more likely you are to have an increased number of visitors to the show, giving you a higher chance of gaining some new loyal podcast fans! Don’t worry about your budget since most directories are free, which means you have more options of where you can list your podcast.

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Create a Website

With our world becoming so content-dense, you can count on your listeners to always be seeking for more, especially if they really enjoy your show! Having your own website can be a powerful marketing tool and give your audience a place to come to for more information and more of that content that they already enjoy. Your website will not only be a home base for your podcast but can also be a place where you create complementary content for the podcast such as starting a blog and a weekly newsletter. This way you audience can stay engaged with you, even if you only publish once or twice a week. 

The blog articles or show notes will also help with Google rankings to improve the discoverability of your podcast. Plus, it will help you to reach an even bigger audience, especially since listeners often have different preferred methods of content consumption. Having your own website also provides your audience with an easy way to connect with you, which is very important when it comes to building your podcasting community. Now, this might require a bit more of an investment, but content marketing has an incredible return and will definitely pay off for your podcast in the long-run. 

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Be a Guest on a Podcast

Being invited to be a guest on someone else’s podcast is an honor, especially if their podcast is already a “big deal”. So if you get invited by another podcaster, don’t see it as a threat but rather see it as an awesome opportunity to collaborate in the podcasting space. See it as an opportunity to promote yourself and your podcast at the same time to an entirely new audience. Make sure that your audiences are somewhat connected and that new listeners will be interested in the insights you have to share. 

Keep in mind that it is important that you are confident and prepared for the topic you’ve been asked to speak about because what better way to market your podcast than by showing off how much you have to share with the world. If the listeners enjoyed listening to you on another podcast then they might even venture to tune in to one of your episodes to hear more about what you have to say. This will also help to establish you as an expert in your field so others know where to turn if they are looking to have their specific questions answered. 

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Invite a Guest onto Your Show

Just like being a guest on someone else’s show can help promote your podcast, so too can inviting guests on your show! Marketing your podcast can be as easy as having an interesting guest with a big audience joining you for an episode, or even two. Keep in mind that it won’t be as easy as just giving them a time and topic. Sometimes getting the right guest to talk on your show might take a few tries, especially if it’s someone very popular. But this doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. All this means is that you should keep trying. 

As your podcast grows, so too will the desirability to be a guest on your show. Of course, it always helps when you have some value for your guest to be gained from being on the podcast. This might even be to help them market something they have to share, such as a new book or a course. Always keep that value exchange top-of-mind. Once you’ve had a guest on your show remember to make it as easy as possible for them to share something about your podcast with their followers, so they don’t have to take time creating something to post. Have a pre-created social media post ready for them with all the info needed to make sharing as simple as 1, 2, 3! 

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Create a Social Media Account

Nowadays everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account if not all three! This includes the majority of businesses. You don’t have to create all three accounts for your podcast, only focus on those that work best for you and for your audience. It is better to put in the needed effort into one or two accounts and run them really well than to waste your energy on trying to run every possible social media account without success. When deciding what will work best for you, keep in mind that each social media platform has its benefits: 

Facebook is great for creating groups and connecting with your audience as well as creating and sharing events that you will either be hosting or attending. Pinterest is perfect for sharing blog posts or even links to podcast episodes on your website. Just make sure to create the right visuals that will attract your audience. Instagram is just as amazing for sharing images but also perfect for audiograms. These audiograms can give your listeners an overview of recent episodes of give them a taste of what it to come! Of course, Twitter is always a great place to start conversations and really get your listeners engaged on a topic or on-going discussion. They key is to tap into the marketing potential of each platform and use it to your advantage.

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Run a Giveaway

Another great marketing strategy for your podcast is to host a giveaway, whether through the podcast or on social media. This is sure to create some buzz around your show and give your listeners something fun to engage in. Start small, as your podcast budget might not allow for big things just yet. But don’t worry, people will still respond; they always do, especially if they have the chance to win something! 

For example, if your podcast is about gardening, why not have a giveaway for different seeds, gardening tools, or even something that you’ve talked about on your show before. If your podcast is about storytelling then why not give away a free book or a gift card to use at a popular bookstore. As long as the prize is something unique and valuable that they can’t just get free anywhere, then it’ll be a hit! Plus, it will give your podcast that extra exposure that you are looking for while giving back to your listeners at the same time.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have these key strategies in your back pocket, you know that you don’t have to be a marketing genius to spread the word about your podcast. All you have to do is use the tools that are already at your disposal and find ways to engage others in the conversation about your podcast. Plus, don’t forget those people around you – like your mom, dad, sister, friend, or significant other. They have probably been a part of or seen you on your podcasting journey so asking them to share your podcast will be a joy for them! So don’t count them out. Marketing comes down to spreading the word, so use all the tools in your toolbox and you will be off on a path of podcasting success!

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