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Easy Steps to Effectively Communicating Your Message

How To Polish and Communicate Your Message Effectively

Communication is key! How many times have we heard that cliche? But is it really a cliche is if it’s 150% true? Communication IS key! Whether that’s between you and your partner, your colleagues, or between a podcast host and their audience. If you want to be effective in your sphere, your message needs to be clear. In other words, you need to know how to polish and communicate your message effectively. And that’s exactly what I’m diving into today!

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

Are You Looking for Ways to Communicate Your Message Effectively?

how to improve communication skills

I love digging into easy ways to level up your podcast. And one of those ways is to elevate your content through storytelling.

This week I heard an interesting phrase:

“Learn how to communicate in soundbites.”

Think about some of the best podcasters, speakers, or teachers that you know. The reason they are so effective is because they communicate their message in a clear, succinct way.

When these experts speak, they simply have a way of giving their audience unique “soundbites” which make for incredible takeaways. 

The best part is that people remember their message, and they SHARE it! Wouldn’t it be great if it was YOUR message they’re sharing? 

And these experts make it seem effortless!

The bad news? 

It’s definitely NOT without effort. Speaking succinctly takes a lot of practice!

The good news?

It is a learned skill! 

So, ultimately we can all develop this ability!

Now, why is this important? 

So often we have brilliant ideas and advice to share with others, but because we don’t practice often enough how to say it effortlessly, our message gets lost. Or we end all our sentences with, “Does that make sense?” 

I say it’s time to take a step back and make sure you are prepared to MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

Jack of all trades, master of none? Nonsense!

The way you phrase an idea can be the key to how people respond to it. Although they may have heard the same advice before, the way you package the message is what finally gives them the “epiphany” they need to make a change. 

Mastering those soundbites can be the difference between someone sharing your message or simply letting it slide by.

Ready to make your own soundbites? Here are three easy steps toward polishing communicating your message effectively:

3 Easy Steps To Polish and Communicate Your Message Effectively

how to communicate your message effectively

1. Remove the fluff. 

Sound familiar? You’ve heard it before, and it’s still the golden rule. 

Start by recording yourself. Listen carefully. What phrases or words stand out as unnecessary? Cut them out. Then, edit and rewrite your script. 

The goal is to deliver your message clearly and concisely, without any extra baggage.

2. Keep it simplified. ​

Take a moment to reflect. Have you used complicated analogies or jargon that might confuse your audience? 

Simplicity is key.

Break down your message into its most basic components. Trim the excess. Aim for straightforward and easily digestible content.

3. Make it memorable. ​

Your message needs to stick. Is it catchy? Have you packaged it in a unique way? 

Think about how you can make your words resonate. Use storytelling techniques, vivid imagery, or a clever turn of phrase. 

Your Message, Your Way!

The more distinctive and engaging your message, the more likely it is to leave a lasting impression on your listeners. In short, the more you make your message “you” the easier it will be to communicate your message effectively.

Remember! Trust the process. In order to become one of those people who make this look easy, you have to be willing to work hard at it. Put in the time, practice your soundbites, and it is sure to pay off in the long run!

Related read: This is a great read from Forbes that I return to whenever I want to “brush up” on my communication skills! 10 Tips For Effective Communication In The Workplace.

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter. 

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