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How To Monetize Your Podcast: Here’s Everything We Know

Looking for insight into how to monetize your podcast? You’ve come to the right place! There are many ways to monetize your podcast. You can sell advertising, offer sponsorships, create premium content, or use affiliate marketing. In this blog post, we will discuss all of the methods and more we’ve shared over the years.

So whether you are just starting out with your podcast or you are looking for new ways to increase revenue, this blog post is for you!


Before we talk about anything connected to podcast monetization, we have to share one, important disclaimer.

Successful, sustainable podcast monetization depends upon two key factors.

  1. You have to have high-quality episodes. I’m talking sound and content. This is a non-negotiable. I cannot stress this enough.
  2. You have to have consistency in your publishing schedule.

Okay, so with that all out the way, let’s dive into all our top tips for podcast monetization! Take a read-through the intros and then pick the posts that best align with your needs. And then keep reading. Successful podcast monetization is just a few steps away!

Let’s dive in!

Up first, one of our first posts ever about podcast monetization! Ideas and options have seriously grown since then, but this post still shares some unique monetization ideas!

How To Monetize Your Podcast

In the past, a show would have needed at least five to ten thousand downloads per episode to even be considered advertising. And when that advertising money came in, you’d be lucky if you walked away with a decent profit when everything’s said and done. As podcasting advances, more and more ways of monetizing your podcast are becoming apparent. 

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Host-Read Ads and Affiliate Marketing: Strategies to Monetize Your Podcast

It is safe to say that the ever-expanding world of podcasts has not gone unnoticed by marketers as a way to promote their products, services, and their overall brand. In fact, in 2018, businesses in the U.S. alone spent over $470 million on podcast advertising! This was a 53% increase on the previous year.

Podcasts are therefore a sought-after industry for advertising. So much so that many of the top podcasts have filled up their advertising spots well in advance, some even for the next year! 

Others receive fairly lucrative sponsorship deals for advertising a product, service, or brand simply because of the number of subscribers they have. But what about the podcaster not in the top 1%? How can they monetize their podcasts using advertising? Well, you’ve come to the right place for the answers! 

In this post we will dive into two ways ads in your podcast can be used for monetization. Namely through paid advertisements and through affiliate marketing. Our article pays particular attention to these methods in terms of host-read ads. 

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How to Monetize Your Podcast by Selling Your Own Products

For many podcasters out there, podcasting is an activity that is done on the side and not an income-providing endeavor. Very few people are paid to podcast. However, there are also many ways you can earn an income from your podcast. From asking your listeners for donations to getting sponsors or utilizing affiliate marketing, there are many viable options when it comes to podcast monetization.

In this post, we’re going to look at another equally viable option of monetizing your podcast – selling your own products. Now, you may be thinking, “Hold the phone, I don’t have any products to sell!” But I’m here to inform you that indeed you do! And we’re not talking about merch (although that could be something to consider down the line!). For the purpose of this post, we’re paying particular attention to products that require minimal or one-time input and effort on your part with regards to time and money. But these can generate and yield continual income, essentially giving you more bucks for your bang. 

And while I’m not quite certain the above (newly invented) idiom works as well as its more famous counterpart, I do know that the following suggestions can definitely work as ways to monetize your podcast. Let’s dive right into our three main categories of the ways you can create income from your podcast by creating and selling your products.

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Top 10 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Right off the bat, I’ll tell you that if you’re looking to start a podcast as a way to make some quick cash, boost your bank account, or as a means to become “financially independent”, there is a really good chance you’ll be disappointed. Starting a podcast and nurturing it’s growth is way more a passion project than it is a “get rich quick” scheme. 

That being said, there are certainly ways that you can successfully monetize your podcast! In the past, we’ve covered a number of different ways podcast hosts can bring in revenue. But I thought it would be handy to have a top 10 list of some of the most workable, and overall, successful ways you can monetize your podcast. I have tried to rank these in order of popularity as well as the success rate that these methods have according to my continual reading and researching on the subject…

BUT before we get to the list, a word for caution. The success of any of the following methods will be directly related to the work and effort you put into making your podcast the best that it can be. This means regularly putting out high-quality episodes that are full of valuable content, marketing your podcast across all the social media platforms in order to grow your audience. As well as doing all you need to in order to create a strong podcast community around your show. Do this, and you’ll have a great basis of support as you start implementing any or all of these podcast monetization options. 

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3 Easy Steps to Accepting Donations for Your Podcast

If you’ve been thinking about monetizing your podcast then you’ve probably already come to the realization that donations are a pretty good option. Helping you earn money for your efforts whilst avoiding having to give a portion of your podcast to advertisers. You’ve probably also read all the “how-to’s” for adding a donate button to your podcast page, enabling your listeners to donate money to you simply and easily. 

There are a lot more benefits to asking for donations from loyal fans than there are to any other kind of monetization method. As most donations are made by your podcast listeners who support your goals, their donations are a result of wanting your work to continue and wanting to see you succeed. In return, their donations help to further improve your podcast in order to provide your audience with the best quality possible. 

When viewed like this, donations are more than just hand-outs. They are an investment into a worthwhile commodity. With this in mind, here are three basic steps to help get you set up to receive donations from your listeners.

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15 Effective Ways To Make Money from Your Podcast

According to this post by Podbean, as well as many others on the topic, “Can I make any money from my podcast?” is one of the top 10 most frequently asked podcast-related questions.

And understandably so! You just need to see the big figure deals podcast hosts like Joe Rogan, who earned a reported $100 million from his Spotify deal, or the $60+ million deal Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy secured with Spotify to make people think that starting their podcast might just be their ticket to the big time.

But before you throw all your eggs in your podcasting basket…a little reality check.

While it is certainly possible to make money from your podcast, and while there are many who have turned “podcast host” into their full-time profession, starting a podcast is by no means a “get rich quick” scheme.

But don’t abandon ship too quickly! This post is not entitled “You’ll Never Make Any Money from Podcasting so Quit Now!” On the contrary, this post is all about making money from your podcast! But we did want to make sure we were all on the same page before we dive in. There definitely are many ways you can make some money from your podcast. But it will take hard work, dedication, a good deal of networking, and, of course, timing. So if you’re willing to accept those conditions, let’s jump into the 15 different monetization strategies that could prove very lucrative for you and your podcast.

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Monetizing Your Podcast Through Donations

There is a good reason why asking for donations is a popular option when it comes to monetizing your podcast. First up, there are a lot more benefits to asking for donations from loyal fans than there are to any other kind of monetization method. As most donations are made by your podcast listeners who support your goals, their donations are a result of wanting your work to continue. 

They want to see you succeed as much as you do. In return, their donations help to further improve your podcast. You then have more opportunity to provide your audience with the best quality possible. There is also the added bonus of not having to share your earnings with advertisers or the like.

When viewed like this, donations are more than just hand-outs. They are an investment into a worthwhile commodity. With this in mind, today we’re sharing all the steps to help set you up to receive donations from your listeners.

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17 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Podcast Through Premium Content

Looking to monetize your podcast through premium content? This post is for you!

Offering paying participants access to your podcast’s premium content is an incredibly smart monetization technique. It allows you to share extra material relating to your podcast with your die-hard fans, for a fee. Platforms like PatreonBuy Me a Coffee and Ko-fi have made it easy for all types of creators to monetize their talents through support from their loyal fans. 

There’s only one problem: You have no idea what you could offer your listeners as premium content!

And how do you keep producing valuable, bonus content for your paying followers? What else can you try to ensure that those spending money on your premium content are getting even more than what they paid for?

If you find yourself in this predicament, there is no need to panic. We have all the answers you need right here. 

Let’s take a closer look at 17 superb content ideas for your premium subscribers. 

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It’s Here! 13 Proven Strategies for Monetizing Your Podcast

Ah! Monetizing your podcast. It’s one of the biggest dilemmas new podcasters face as they ask themselves the question: “Can I make money off my podcast?” Well, it gives me great pleasure to tell you: Yes! You can!

The next question is: How? How do you turn your piece of audio brilliance from an enjoyable hobby into a source of income? 

Fortunately for all of us in the podcasting community, there are many ways of monetizing a podcast. I hope you have your pen and notepad ready! Because coming right at you are 13 proven monetization techniques that will help make your podcast a money-making machine.

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Podcasting can be a great way to make money. But! It takes time, dedication, and effort to build up a following and generate income. And again, (and no, I am willing to wager this will not be the last time I say this!) you have to put in the work to make a high-quality show.

This really is the only way you set yourself up for success when it comes to successfully monetizing your podcast.

BUT! Once you’ve done this, and you’ve built a community around your show, use any or all of these monetization ideas to help you monetize your show!

Any questions about podcast monetization? Ask away in the comments!

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