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EP 33 Carli

033: How to Get Your Podcast Back on Track

Today, we are back with another edition of The Founder’s Corner, based on previous versions of our weekly newsletter at We Edit Podcasts. This time, your host, Carli Van Heerden, dives into how to get your podcast back on track. Whether you’ve veered off course slightly, taken a much-needed break, or simply lost that momentum, this episode is for you.

With every new season come new opportunities. But instead of just hopping on the next habit-hacking trend, what if you built a solid foundation and strategy? Tune in to hear three solid strategies to help you establish the foundation you need to get your podcast back on track no matter how many times you derail. Let’s get into it! 

Takeaways From This Episode:

We all have times when we lose our groove, lose our momentum, or simply just get distracted and veer off track. You are not a failure! Even the most successful people slip up from time to time. But what separates them from others, is their ability to get back on track.

Most successful people start in exactly the same place that you did. What did they do to get there? The first step to success is progress. And any progress, no matter how small, is progress, so do what you can to propel yourself into success!

What if you gave yourself permission to make mistakes? Self-compassion helps you to bounce back because it increases your resilience. When you approach things with a caring mindset, the next time you fall off track, there will be no harsh judgment. Just a strategy on what to do next!

Incremental change is a surefire way to create change. Success takes time. While small changes might not translate into results right away, I’m here to remind you to trust the process! Add your habits to your calendar, and practice them in your routine.

Does your space make you happy? Find ways to design your environment in a way that supports you when creating these successful habits.

Strive for progress! Rather than trying to be 100% all of the time at any goal that you set, start by improving one step at a time. The key is to be consistent, not perfect. Something else that really helps is to integrate an element of accountability. However, that might look for you.


“Habit formation depends entirely on your ability to bounce back from whatever has thrown you off track.” — @carlivanheerden [0:03:30]

“The first step to success is progress. Any progress, no matter how small, is progress, so do what you can to propel yourself into that success.” — @carlivanheerden [0:03:47]

“Give yourself permission to make mistakes.” — @carlivanheerden [0:04:31]

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