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How To Find Your Next Favorite Podcast

I don’t know about you, but I’m always filled with a little trepidation when I near the end of my current favorite podcast. What am I going to do when this show is over? How will I ever find another podcast I love as much as this one? Am I doomed to listen to the same shows over and over again, hoping I’ll eventually stumble across an amazing show at some point? Okay, so this might be a little dramatic, but with podcast discovery being notoriously difficult at best, we, as true podcast fans, need to work together and find some solid strategies to help us find stellar new shows. And while the tried and tested method of asking your family, friends, colleagues, and even, on occasion, a random stranger you meet on your commute for podcast suggestions, if we had to rely solely on these recommendations, we’d most likely find ourselves experiencing podcast dry spells before we hit gold again. So to make sure that doesn’t happen, today we’re sharing some of the most effective strategies we’ve found to make sure that your podcast library is always stocked up with great new listens.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Podcast Charts

One of the first ways you can start looking for amazing podcasts is by taking a look at the various podcast charts. No matter your genre of choice, there will most certainly be a chart for that!  Apple Podcasts and Spotify both populate their own podcast charts using their own data points, but there are also sites such as Top Podcast which you could also peruse for new content. These charts are helpful as they can focus your search on the top shows in each category, and you’ll be sure to find some top shows. These charts are also handy as they fill you in on what is trending as well as what others in the podcasting community are currently interested in. There is a pretty good chance that the podcasts at the top of all these different charts are there for a reason, so browse through these charts and you’re sure to find some new shows that just might become your favorite. 

2. Podcast Ads

Another really effective way to find your next listen is through ads for other podcasts shared during the ad breaks in your current favorite podcast. If a podcast host has done the hard work of building up a strong relationship with their audience, there is a high level of trust that develops between the host and their listeners. The result is that if a podcast host you admire and respect promotes a new or up-and-coming show, chances are high that you will love it too. If the host if focused on the demographics of their audience, the shows they recommend will align with their loyal fan base (i.e. you) and “Hey, presto!” you’ll have your next listen lined up. 

3. In-App Suggestions

The app you use to listen to your favorite podcasts is also a fantastic source of podcast suggestions. Stitcher, Overcast, and Pocket Casts, besides Apple Podcasts and Spotify, have also put together some carefully curated podcast recommendations. These features within your podcast app of choice are full of great options for you to lend your ear to. Many of these apps have also curated podcasts under some fun and unusual topics, besides the usual suspects like True Crime or Comedy. You’re bound to find some really great suggestions on these lists, as they are put together by people who eat and breathe podcasts, and are as passionate about finding the great ones as you are. 

4. Podcast Newsletters

Our next really effective strategy for discovering new podcasts to listen to is by signing up for podcast-centered newsletters. A number of these newsletters contain sections where they share some top podcasts with their readers. One such newsletter is put together by Podnews. Not only is the Podnews newsletter a super useful way to stay up-to-date and in-the-know with all that is happening in the industry, but they also share some diverse podcast suggestions. The newsletter contains a brief write up of each show – just enough to whet your appetite – and you’re sure to find some fun new shows to try.

5. We Edit Podcast’s Blog

Here at We Edit Podcasts, we obviously love the podcast medium, but we also love scouring the World Wide Web for amazing shows for every genre or topic under the sun! Whether you’re a Potterhead, an entrepreneur, a parent, or you’re looking to declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle, we’ve got posts on the blog which cover all that and a whole lot more! And while we, of course, include all the firm favorites on our lists, we also try to uncover some hidden treasures you may have never heard of before but should definitely be listening to! Check out the blog and browse through the posts – we’re sure you’ll find some great new shows to add to your list!

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If you want us to hunt for great shows in a particular genre or on a specific topic on a future blog post, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll see what we can find! 

6. Social Media

Another source bursting with podcast recommendations is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit all contain abundant recommendations for some truly stand out shows if you know where to look. This is a handy strategy as social media is a versatile and interactive means of finding your next favorite podcast. Look for podcast-focused Facebook groups, or pop a podcast request on an Instagram story. Reddit is also chock-full of threads focused on podcasts, so find threads where others have shared their favorites, or look for threads that are focused on the type of genre or subject matter you’re looking for. Another option is to send out a tweet asking for recommendations from your fellow podcast listeners. You’ll find that cyberspace is full of avid podcast listeners willing and wanting to share their favorite shows with you, you just need to ask. If you do favor a particular genre, you can ask for shows that are similar to the ones you like, or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could simply ask for people’s favorite shows. You will never know what you’re going to get, and you’ll never know which suggestion will shoot itself to the top of your listening library! 

7. Podchaser

If you want a way to keep track of all your favorite podcasts, or even your top episodes from different hosts, and see what others are listening to and loving, then you’ll love all that Podchaser has to offer! Podchaser’s origin story lies in a Reddit thread where the lack of a way to rate and review individual podcast episodes was the hot topic of conversation. But Podchaser became way more than just a podcast rating site! Not only does it feature universal ratings of episodes, and both creator and podcast profiles, but the newly released feature The Feed is a content treasure trove, keeping you up-to-date with new releases and re-introducing you to old favorites. Once you’ve created a Podchaser profile, you can start making lists of your favorite shows and episodes, and you can check out the lists made by other users. These lists are a super helpful way to find new shows, whatever the genre you are looking for. Besides all of that, Podchaser is also just a great way to connect with other avid podcast listeners from all over the world through your shared favorite podcasts and episodes. Through these relationships and the sharing of all the curated content, you’ll never be at a loss as to what to listen to next!

8. Discovery Services

One of the newer methods that you can now use to find some top listens is to find out about some of the podcast discovery services that have come into existence. These services do all the heavy lifting for you. They delve the podcasting depths, sift the diamonds from the duds, and deliver their picks straight to your inbox! How great is that?! There are two podcast delivery services we think you should definitely check out!

1. Podcast Delivery

Knowing that discovering the top podcasts out there is a real struggle, Podcast Delivery took it upon themselves to make the struggle a little bit easier! They endeavor to pore through the mountain of podcasts available and find those standouts that we need to hear. They then deliver these directly to your inbox. There’s always a great write up, summing up the soul of the show, to help you figure out whether or not their suggestions are the ones for you. They really do find the gems, and you’ll more than likely find yourself branching out of your usual podcast comfort zones to try some of the shows they suggest. It’s a really great service and will help ensure that you always have a new podcast waiting in the wings. 

2. Find That Pod

The force behind Find That Pod knows that finding great podcasts is hard, but they are here to help! By signing up for the newsletter, every week you’ll get a fresh new email bursting with five top podcasts you’ll definitely want to listen to! And with over 60 Find That Pod emails in their archive, there is a huge amount of great content for you to explore and find the new shows you’ll love. You can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into curating each newsletter, and the number of great shows they find proves that all that work is certainly worth it. There is something for every type of listener, and once again, you’re sure to find yourself giving a new genre a try, knowing that they can only be great!  

Closing Thoughts

All avid podcast listeners will tell you that they fear that “dry spell” of not having anything new and amazing to listen to. And while podcast discovery has been a serious problem in the past, the tide is turning with new and innovative ways for us as listeners to find those special shows, as well as those platforms that make it easy to share these new-found favorites. There is nothing better than relaxing with an amazing show or having one handy to keep you company during your commute or while you’re undertaking those mundane household tasks, and armed with these strategies for finding those standout gems, you’ll never be without an amazing show in your listening library. 

How do you find your next favorite podcast? Share your strategies with us in the comments. 

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