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Founder's Corner #37 How To Find The Balance In Your Schedule

How To Find the Balance In Your Schedule

We hear it all the time, “You have to find the balance!” But, let’s be honest, that’s way easier said than done, right? Perhaps you’re even thinking that it can’t be done! Don’t worry, I’ve had those same thoughts! But, I was determined to prove it could be! So today, I want to share with you what I’ve discovered on my hunt to find the balance in your schedule.

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

Balance in Your Schedule? Does This Even Exist?

I saw this phrase the other day…

“If the thing the person wants me to do was happening tomorrow, would I want to do it?”

Turns out, I read it like this…

“If the thing the person wants me to do was happening tomorrow,  how would I get it done?”

But either way you spin it…those two questions are powerful! WOULD you want to do it, and, if so, HOW would you get it done?

Here on the Founder’s Corner, I talk a lot about using your time wisely. As a CEO and busy mom of 2, time is ever so precious!

And if I’m not in control of my own calendar, someone else definitely will be.

How to find the balance in your schedule

For me, to keep things organized, there are only two categories of to-do’s that I allow into my work schedule.

  1. Urgent + Important 
  2. Non-urgent + Important 

If it’s urgent it means there is a deadline. It is also important because it will drive my business or podcast (or goals) forward!

However, there is also the second category of non-urgent, yet still important. In fact, some non-urgent to-do’s might be the most impactful for your podcast in the long run!

Now, if you only have 24 hours, how do you do it all?

The key is to save time in some areas so that you can spend more in areas that matter most!

This applies to so many areas of your life.

I mean, how often have you heard a great idea or new suggestion and thought, “Oh, I simply don’t have time for that.”

Like when someone suggests you launch more frequent episodes, or add video to your podcast, or create engaging social clips, or even spend more time on better podcast promotion…the list goes on!

All these extras take time…HOWEVER, they can have an immense impact! 

Conclusion? You need to find the time! 

So, the next time you hear yourself say, “Oh I don’t have time for that”, do you know what that’s code for?

I need to do a TIME AUDIT!

By doing a quick audit of what you spend your time on, you can easily identify tasks that can either be outsourced or simply eliminated altogether, so that you have the time for what is going to make the biggest impact.

A Time Audit to Find Balance In Your Schedule

So here’s how I do a simple time audit in 3 steps.

1. Document 

First up, you need a timing system. Whether it’s good ol’ pen and paper or a fancy time-tracking app, find what works for you.

Then, diligently log your activities throughout the day. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you spend a bit too long scrolling through cat videos.

2. Categorize 

Next, organize those activities into categories.

Work-related stuff goes in one pile, leisure activities in another, family time in another, and so on.

It’s like Marie Kondo-ing your time – if it doesn’t spark joy (or productivity), it might need to go.

3. Analyze 

Time to crunch some numbers!

Add up the hours spent in each category and then ask yourself:

  • “Are these in alignment with the goals I have for my business/podcast/life?”
  • “Am I allowing enough time for the most urgent and impactful things?”

Next, take a long, hard look at your data. Notice any trends?

Are you spending way too much time on tasks that could easily be delegated? Are you flip-flopping between tasks too often without actually completing any? Or maybe you’re indulging in too many binge marathons of your favorite comfort show when you could be recording an extra episode.

The Balance In Your Schedule is There to Be Found!

Whatever it is, identify the time-sucks and brainstorm ways to reclaim those minutes (or hours)!

So there you have it – a simple yet powerful way to take control of your time. You see, it is possible to find the balance in your schedule.

And with this easy time audit, you will be able to find the balance in your schedule, too. And I’ve made it easy so that you can easily remember and apply it to your own busy schedules. But if you remember nothing else from this post, remember this…Control your own time, or someone else will dictate it for you!

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter. 

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