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How To Find New Podcasts to Listen To [NOT Your Usual Suggestions!]

Question: Do you freak out whenever you’re needing to find a new podcast to binge-listen? (No? Just me then?) But seriously, finding a new favorite podcast is serious business! You have your firm favorites, of course. You love the host, the witty banter, the incredible content, or the immersive storytelling. But when those come to an end, or you’re looking for something new, where do you turn? 

Finding new podcasts isn’t the real issue. There are PLENTY of those! The problem lies in finding ones you love as much as your favorite picks. It can be so disappointing when you branch out and this new show just doesn’t quite hit the level of quality, entertainment, or engagement you’re after. 

Now what? Are you doomed to listen to the same handful of shows on repeat? 

Not if we can help it! Today, we’re letting you in on some of our secret ways we go about finding amazing podcasts to add to our list of favorites!

Of course, there are the tried and tested methods. You can check out what’s trending on the multitude of podcast directories and the lists or in-app suggestions compiled by your podcast-listening app of choice, or check out the suggestions in your daily sources of podcasting news. You could follow the suggestions given in ad segments in some of your current favorite podcasts, or you could simply use a search engine to help you on your hunt. There are plenty of people sharing their suggestions via blog posts or YouTube videos. (We even have a couple of Podcast Recommendation Posts on our blog.)

These are all totally fine ways to go about finding your next listen, but the methods we’re sharing today are not your usual suggestions. 

Check them out! They haven’t let us down yet!

1. Podchaser

Our first suggestion is Podchaser.  What started off as a Reddit thread lamenting the lack of a way to rate and review individual podcast episodes soon became what is fondly called “The IMBD” of podcasts, and then some. Not only does it feature universal ratings of episodes, and both creator and podcast profiles, but the feature The Feed is a content treasure trove, keeping you up-to-date with new releases and re-introducing you to old favorites. 

Podchaser is a top pick when it comes to finding new podcasts because it provides a way to keep track of all your favorite shows, top episodes from different hosts, but, most importantly in this context, you can see what others are listening to and loving, which is super helpful when you’re on the hunt for a great show! 

Podchaser is one of my go-to sites when I’m looking for new listens or when people ask me for recommendations. It’s also a great way to connect with other avid podcast listeners from all over the world through your shared favorite podcasts and episodes. The reviews help you get a good “feel” for a podcast, and you’re able to quickly figure out if you’ll love it to or not.   

2. Goodpods

Goodpods believes podcasts are better with friends, and we tend to agree! Created specifically with those moments when you’re in dire need of a great podcast recommendation in mind, Goodpods’ main purpose is that grants you access to what others are listening to and enjoying.

Often likened to Instagram for podcasts, the app is a constant stream of podcast recommendations. You can bookmark shows to check out later, interact with your favorite podcast hosts, and you can also catch the latest episode on their built-in player. Your can share the podcast magic by directly recommending that amazing episode to your friends, and you can even chat with others who love your favorite podcasts as much as you do!

But Goodpods is a great resource for podcasters too! Once podcasters claim their show on the app, they can use the platform to interact with their listeners in a really accessible way, making it that much easier to build that strong community around your show. Goodpods can also help you to grow your podcast organically, and give you fantastic opportunities to network with other podcasters by cross-promoting each other’s podcasts.

Discovery Services

The next three suggestions are what we call “Delivery Services” for podcasts. These services do all the heavy lifting for you. They delve the podcasting depths, sift the diamonds from the duds, and deliver their picks straight to your inbox! These are some of our top picks:

3. Find That Pod

Find That Pod is another of our picks for unusual methods of finding new podcasts you’ll love! The force behind Find That Pod knows that finding great podcasts is hard, but they’ve made it their sole purpose to lend a helping hand when it comes to finding some amazing podcasts. 

As they’re a delivery service, you need to sign up for their newsletter. Do this, and every week you’ll get a fresh new email bursting with five top podcasts you’ll definitely want to listen to! And with over 60 Find That Pod emails in their archive, there is a huge amount of great content for you to explore and find the new shows you’ll love. 

One of my top reasons for turning to Find That Pod whenever I’m running low on good podcast stock is mainly because of the quality of the newsletter itself. You can tell that a lot of time and effort goes into curating each newsletter, and the number of great shows they find proves that all that work is certainly worth it. There is something for every type of listener, and once again, you’re sure to find yourself giving a new genre a try, knowing that they can only be great!  

4. EarBuds Podcast Collective

The EarBuds Podcast Collective newsletter is one I look forward to each week. Each email features 5 exciting podcast episodes that have been curated according to a particular theme. And each curated list has been compiled by a different person each week. 

One of the reasons this podcast delivery service is so unique is because anyone can curate a list! (You can learn more by emailing EarBuds here.) It’s a great way for podcast creators to gain more exposure for their show (they can include an episode of their own podcast on their curated list) but it’s also just a great way for podcast enthusiasts to find amazing new shows. And by highlighting specific episodes, newcomers know exactly where to dive in to get the great content they’re after when trying out the recommendations.

There’s been some really interesting, diverse, and downright fascinating recommendations compiled in the past! You can check out their podcast recommendations and archive here.

5. Podcast Delivery

If you’re constantly on the hunt for sound podcast recommendations, then another discovery service you should definitely sign up for is Podcast Delivery. Knowing that discovering the top podcasts out there is a real struggle, the team behind Podcast Delivery took it upon themselves to make the struggle a little bit easier! They endeavor to sift through the mountain of podcasts available and find those standouts that we need to hear. These are then delivered directly to your inbox. 

Every email has at least one podcast that makes it onto my “To Listen To” list, and many that I can’t help but dive into then and there. And that’s because for each podcast they feature, there’s always a great write up, summing up the soul of the show to help you figure out whether or not their suggestions are the ones for you. 

The overviews are thorough and really do give you a good sense of whether or not to invest your time to this particular podcast. Podcast Delivery find the gems, and a lot of time and care goes into showcasing the chosen podcasts well. So well, in fact, that you’ll more than likely find yourself branching out of your usual podcast comfort zones to try some of the shows they suggest. It’s a really great service and will help ensure that you always have a new show waiting in the wings. 

6. Spkr

Spkr is branded as your own personal podcast DJ. It’s an always-on audio network that simplifies your podcast listening. And it’s a great podcast discovery resource as Spkr does all the work for you! 

The app has been designed in such a way that it curates podcasts in a similar way to what radio does with music singles. It then predictively pushes channels continuously in real-time. The interface is bright and engaging, making it all the more enjoyable to use.

All your favorite shows, and those yet-to-be-discovered gems have been intuitively organized and curated, and they’re delivered to you with easy-to-listen, live audio feeds. If you tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to your podcast listening, Spkr will definitely expand your horizons as it helps you find new favorites on the daily!

*The app is currently only available on iOS, with plans to expand to Android and other audio platforms in the future.

7. PodSearch

PodSearch is an interactive podcast directory that makes it super easy to find great new podcasts. The platform has a great list of broad topics and genres, which have then been further broken down to make finding that perfect new show even easier.

Using either the webpage or the mobile app, you can browse the vast amount of categories, check out what’s currently at the top of the charts, and you can even listen to short show samples before making your decision.

Podsearch can even generate personalized podcast recommendations just for you based on an evaluation of all your different likes and interests. It’s a really useful resource, especially when you’re needing to find your next listen quickly!

8. PodFinder

This service is still in its Beta phase but it’s worth a mention because of it’s unique attempt at solving the podcast discoverability problem. PodFinder is a conversational UI, hosted on Facebook Messenger, that helps you discover the world’s best podcasts.

It’s a fun way to discover new podcasts, and all you have to do is hit up the PodFinder bot. You’re given the options to search by topic or keyword, and then PodFinder delivers the recommendations.

You can then find out more about the recommended podcast, listen to a preview directly in Messenger, and if you like what you hear, you can be directed to your favorite listening app to subscribe (or follow). 

It is still in its testing phase, so there might be a few hiccups as you’re “chatting” with the bot, but the suggestions I received when I was trying it out perfectly matched my requests, and were shows I’m keen to try out. 

9. Podcast Alarm

You may be surprised to find an app called Podcast Alarm on post about how to find your next best podcast, but I did warn you that these were not your usual suggestions! First and foremost, Podcast Alarm allows you to find and pick your favorite podcasts and have these be the first thing you hear when you wake up in the morning, which in and of itself is pretty amazing! And it’s got all the standard fan favorites available all ready to wake you up in a great mood!

But, the reason Podcast Alarm earns a spot on this list is because of the unique lists they have created for users to peruse. There is an incredible podcast selection curated under a vast variety of really fun, creative headings. I’ve discovered so many shows which fast became my new favorites just by casually scrolling through the lists that have been cleverly compiled. The app does have a once-off cost of $2.99, but not only do you get a way to easily awaken you from your slumber, but you’re also getting a sure-fire way to discover new shows.

Closing Thoughts

If you feel the slight (severe?) panic arise whenever you’re nearing the end of your current favorite podcast, know that you’re not alone! The fact is, with so many podcasts out there, the FOMO is totally validated! Being afraid that you’re missing out on some totally amazing podcasts just because you can’t find them is totally relatable! 

And yes, there are some familiar ways you can go about looking for your next favorite show to binge-listen, but it gives great peace of mind that there are alternatives that you can turn to for some solid recommendations! The apps and services covered on this post are incredible resources to turn to the next time you’re in a podcast drought, and we have no doubt they’ll serve up some incredible suggestions!

Where do you turn when you’re looking for a great podcast? Let us know in the comments!

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