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EP 40 Bioscope Brasse

040: How to Create a Podcast with a 96% Listen-Through Rate with the Bioscope Brasse

Are you looking for podcasting strategies to keep listeners hooked from start to finish? In this episode, we welcome Jody Felton and Ross Solomon, the dynamic duo behind Bioscope Brasse, a podcast all about movies. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Jody and Ross started the podcast during COVID-19 as a way to share their insights, reviews, and discussions about various films, ranging from blockbusters to indie productions. Their passion project has since become an incredibly successful podcast, featuring on Apple’s list of Shows We Love in 2023.

In our conversation, Jody and Ross delve into their podcasting journey and how they achieved a 96% listen-through rate. Discover what they wish they knew before they got started, the importance of good quality audio, and the challenges of incorporating feedback from a growing audience. We also discuss how they know their voice and format are resonating with listeners, how podcasting has impacted them personally, why tweaking your show structure is essential, and the importance of having clear intentions. To hear how to transform your podcast from a side hustle to a compelling show, tune in now!

Takeaways From This Episode:

Jody and Ross started their podcast without any technical background, proving that passion and commitment are key to success. It was their genuine love for movies that got them interested, despite lacking the technical skills initially. This passion was essential in overcoming the technical glitches they faced along their podcasting journey.

The duo highlights the importance of listening to feedback in the early stages and developing a unique style that reflects their personalities and interests. They also talk about how proper planning keeps their episodes resonating with audiences. 

Consistency can be a major challenge! Hear how Ross and Jody stayed motivated while facing hurdles in growing and monetizing the podcast while also balancing the demands of a podcast with the demands of life. 

Preparation and continuous learning were essential aspects of improving the overall quality of the Bioscope Brasse podcast. Ross and Jody open up about the technical aspects of podcasting, from editing to choosing the right movie to review.

If you’re a podcaster, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with the challenges of marketing and social media engagement! The Bioscope Brasse bros open up about their marketing promotion hurdles while maintaining their integrity and share details about their marketing approach. 

Get a sneak peek of their upcoming live broadcast to celebrate 100 episodes. Find out how it will be structured, what movie will be reviewed, and how they plan on making the live event special. They also share tips and recommendations for those considering a live podcast episode. 


“I pitched the idea [for the podcast] to Ross with absolutely no idea what it takes to do a podcast.” — Jody Felton [0:03:56]

“The show has become what it is because we made those mistakes along the way and just kept tweaking and tweaking and tweaking the entire time.” — Ross Solomon [0:05:20]

“Podcasting is a safe space where you get to knock it out with a bro and be yourself.” — Ross Solomon [0:19:20]

“Those who are really into [podcasting], who actually are passionate about doing this will stick at it.” — Jody Felton [0:40:27]

“It’s that balance of being prepared, doing all the necessary rehearsals, but also, trusting ourselves to, on the night, if we are ourselves within those confines, that [the live event] will go well.” — Jody Felton [0:50:20]

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