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Strategies for Booking Podcast Guests

How To Book Podcast Guests When You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out as a podcast host, booking podcast guests can be a challenge. Who do you reach out to? How do you convince them to say yes?

We get it. It can be frustrating. You’ve launched your podcast, you’ve been practicing your interviewing skills, and you have some great potential topics lined up. The only thing missing? Actual podcast guests to interview!

But while it’s frustrating not having any guests lined up (yet), the part where you have to actually book guests can be daunting. Especially when you’re just starting out. It can feel like you don’t have the pull you need to book great guests. But you need to get some great interviews under your belt to build up said pull.

Quite the conundrum.

Luckily, there are some tried and true methods for finding what we call “easy yes” guests, even when you’re just starting out. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our best tips for finding amazing podcast guests that you should have a high probability of booking so that you can hit the ground running and put those stellar interview skills to great use on your show.

Tips for Booking “Easy Yes” Podcast Guests

1. Start with your circle

Perhaps a little-known fact…great podcast guests don’t have to be celebrities! Some of your greatest guests may actually be those in your circle!

Which is exactly why this is our first strategy for landing great podcast guests when you’re just starting your podcast.

Look to those you already know and already have a relationship with. Evaluate your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, and make a list of those who have a great story to tell, or have an interesting perspective related to your niche, and who might be willing to give an interview.

Your circle is one of the easiest places for you to find your first podcast guests. Obviously, because the initial ask is easier because you already have a relationship with them. But that relationship can also yield some podcast magic because there will already be great chemistry and banter for you to play off.

2. Expand Your Circle

Not only is your circle a great place to find your first podcast guests, but your circle could also be the gateway to some new “easy yes” guest potentials.

While not everyone in your circle may not be a good fit for a podcast guest, they may know someone who would be. Your circle consists of individuals with their own set of circles, which could be filled with people who have profound knowledge and expertise to offer your audience.

So, ask your circle if they have any suggestions for possible guests for your show. Why? Because it’s far easier to request an interview with a person with whom you share a connection than someone completely unfamiliar, especially when you’re just trying to get into the interview podcast game!

And if your connection can make that initial introduction, the odds in favor of a “yes” go up substantially!

A quick word of advice…

Remember to take the time to find guests that will add value and help you reach your podcast’s collective objective; don’t simply opt for anyone because it will fill an episode.

3. Use the Power of Social Media

You may not have clout in the podcasting world just yet, and you may feel like you’re lacking connections in the industry, but do you know what you do have? A social media following!

And that’s a fantastic place to look for podcast guests when you’re just starting your podcast journey.

Social media is a great way to find and reach out to potential “easy yes” podcast guests. And you’re probably already fairly active on one or more of the plethora of social platforms.

But now you can scroll with intention. Because now you can view your followers, followings, and friends as potential podcast guests.

Or use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok to connect with people in your industry who have interesting stories or expertise that would be relevant to your show.

And if you’re already interacting with these guest potentials in a social online context, all the better! Because again, an established relationship or connection tends to yield a better shot at a “yes!”

So, reach out to your social media connections, wherever they may be in the world, and they could be some of your first podcast guests.

4. Join Online Communities

find podcast guests in online communities

Online communities and podcasting platforms are another fantastic, relatively ‘low-risk’ way to find potential podcast guests.

When you go looking for potential podcast guests in online communities and podcast-focused platforms, you’re technically fishing in a fully-stocked pond. Because everyone in those communities and on those platforms is already “in the game” and many will be actively looking for podcasts to be guests on. It’s a winning strategy!

Looking for a great podcast community to join? Then check out the Podcasters Platform! Not only are there great courses available that can help you hone your podcasting skills, but first and foremost, the Podcasters Platform is a community! It’s a place to connect with fellow podcasters, a place to share the joys and trials of creating a podcast, and where you can gain support for the podcasting journey.

Want to join? Then head on over to the Podcasters Platform to find out how!

5. Turn To Your Niche Experts

Next up, a great place to find “easy yes” podcast guests is by searching your field. Think about who you already admire in your field, or those who cover topics your audience would find interesting.

They can be local, or international. (Remember, that’s the beauty of technology, you don’t have to be in the same room as someone to capture a killer interview! Check out this post for more on that topic.)

They could be working professionals, bloggers, vloggers, or anything in between. And the simple task of writing all these names down should provide a substantial pool of amazing potential podcast guests!

And again, if you can prove in that all-important initial pitch that you serve the same audience, a yes to your podcast guest request becomes highly probable!

*Want to know how to write a great pitch? Keep an eye on our blog. We’ve got an upcoming post that could be exactly what you’re looking for…

6. Look At Podcasts in Your Niche

Another really effective strategy for finding those “easy yes” podcast guests is by exploring podcasts in your niche, or those shows that share your target audience.

This strategy is two-fold.

Start by looking at who these podcasts have had on as guests. If they are podcasts that are in your niche or serve the same audience, then it’s a high probability that their guests will be a great fit for your show, too. And if they’re already in the habit of saying “yes” to guest requests, then there is a high probability you’ll get a “yes” too!

But like we said, this strategy is two-fold.

You could also look at the hosts of these niche-related podcasts as potential guests. This can work really well as it would be super beneficial to both of your shows. You already share a similar target audience, so this should translate to significant audience growth for both of your shows! Now which podcast host wouldn’t say “yes” to that?

7. Soon-to-Be Launched Books

Our next hot tip for finding great podcast guests while you’re still growing your podcast is to turn to books.

Specifically, books that are about to be launched…

Why? Because authors of the above-mentioned about-to-be-launched books are usually looking for all types of avenues to promote their new book. If you can demonstrate in your initial pitch that your podcast’s audience overlaps with their target audience, you may just have landed your next podcast guest…

8. Ask Your Audience

Our final strategy for lining up potential podcast guests is another simple one…just ask your audience!

Who would know better who they’d love to hear on your podcast than the ones actually listening to your show?

Add a call-to-action in your episodes, asking your audience for their feedback. Ask them who they think you should approach as podcast guests. Sure, you may get a lot of celebrity requests. And who knows, one day soon may just be at a place where you land those suggestions as guests!

But you may also discover perhaps lesser-known but just as valuable people who you could approach to be guests on your show. Again, if the potential guest is someone your audience member knows, and can make that all-important introduction, you’ve all but sealed the deal!

And who knows, maybe one of your listeners is the perfect candidate for a guest slot! You’ll never find out if you don’t open up the conversation!

To Conclude

We know it can be incredibly daunting trying to book those first guests on your podcast when you’re just starting out.

It can be hard to get traction and find your feet. You dream of the day when your inbox is flooded with guest requests. And that day will come. But until then, you’ve got to go out and hunt for those initial guests. And the easiest place to start is with the easy “yes’s”.

Remember, this type of podcast guest can come from a variety of places. From your circle to social media, to online communities, or those soon-to-be launched books, there are plenty of ways to find the right people for your show.

Armed with the strategies we’ve given you today, you’re well on your way to finding those perfect first podcast guests.

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