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How Much do Podcast Editing Services Actually Cost?

Today, we’re talking podcast editing services. But before we get to that, let’s back it up a little bit…

Creating a high-quality podcast can be challenging. There’s a lot that goes into creating and maintaining a podcast. A brief overview of that list includes coming up with new content, reaching out to potential guests, interviews, recording and editing episodes, as well as mastering, uploading, and writing show notes…

…and we haven’t even touched on promotion and marketing yet!

Podcasters, you know what I’m talking about, right? So anyone who says, “Oh, this podcasting thing seems so easy! It can’t take that much time!” has no idea what they’re talking about! A quality podcast takes time. That’s just the facts.

The Need for Podcast Editing Services…

And that’s part of the reason We Edit Podcasts exists. We started with the mission to help give podcasters their time back. If we can help save you time on the editing and production side of podcasting, then you can focus on crafting that amazing, highly-valuable content your audience is after!

Sounds great, right? But you may be thinking, “I love the sound of someone tackling my podcast editing for me. But what’s it going to cost?”

I’m not going to lie. It is going to cost you.

“How much?” I hear you ask. Well, that depends on what you need, and who you use.

Because we’re not the only podcast editing service available.

So, today, we’re doing a round-up of ten podcast editing companies you could consider using to help you edit and produce your show.

So why make a roundup of companies that do what we do?

Well, firstly because we believe that there are more than enough podcasts out there, and interest in podcasts, to keep us all busy. And just to prove my point, as of November 2022, there were currently 2,505,614 valid podcasts (although roughly only 459,000 are active podcasts, that number is still pretty large, don’t ya think?).

But secondly, we believe competition is healthy. It helps to keep us all consistently working hard to better our services and our offerings. And this can only serve to make the podcast industry better as a whole.

And we, for one, are all for that!

So, in no particular order, here are some podcast editing services available, and, importantly, what those services cost.

*For the purpose of this list, we’re focusing on companies that offer podcast editing services. There are alternative options such as freelance audio editors, who can be found on platforms like Fiverr or UpWork.

Podcast Editing Services

Podcast FastTrack

Podcast Fast Track

Cost: From $150 per episode

Podcast FastTrack can help you with audio edits, as well as cover art creation, professional voiceovers, launch plans, and custom podcast music.

Podcast FastTrack offers three production levels: audio-only, audio and blog post, and audio, blog, and show notes creation. You can also request a custom quote based on your own podcasting goals. 

Podcast Monster

Podcast Monster

Cost: Custom quotes

Podcast Monster is a full-service digital audio production company that caters to businesses and individuals with a story to share.

Podcast Monster combines technical knowledge with creativity, producing interview-style podcasts, storytelling dramas, and lots in between.

Podcast Engineers

Podcast Engineers

Cost: $305 per month

Podcast Engineers will help you produce clean and crisp podcasts that your listeners will love.

With several different types of editing plans and add ons, this podcast service can be tailored to your specific needs.

You can find the full service offering and prices here.

Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting

Cost: From $1199 per month

Cashflow Podcasting aims to help leaders plan, launch and grow a world-class podcast. They offer premium production packages, whether you want consultations on podcast strategy and coaching or comprehensive, professional audio editing.



Cost: From $120 per episode

ScrubCast wants to take the frustrations out of podcasting editing. This podcast editing service offers podcast editing, transcription and publishing services.

You can find their services and package options here.

Castos Productions

Castos Productions

Cost: Monthly packages as well as Start-Up packages on offer

Castos Productions helps take the busy work out of podcast production. They will edit your podcast so you can focus on improving the content of your show. 

From simple edits to complex audio, Castos Productions is here to help edit your podcast.

Find out more about the packages and services on offer here.

Freedom Podcasting

Freedom Podcasting

Cost: From $85-$255 per episode

Freedom Podcasting is an option for beginner podcasters who need help in launching and creating their first show. They offer coaching calls, launch planning, podcast art design, and SEO optimization.

Click here to find out more about what they do and what they can offer you.



Cost: $ 0.99 per minute of audio

You podcast, and Barevalue edits and cleans up. They offer all the services you need for a completed podcast. They aim to  help podcasters grow their audience by backing them with high-end editing and production services.

All new accounts get started with $40.00 of credit for audio podcast editing so you can try Barevalue for free.

You can find the rest of their pricing here.

Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions

Cost: From $97 per episode

Pro Podcast Solutions podcast editing packages for beginners through to the pros. This podcast editing service has been producing award-winning, professional-quality podcasts since 2008.

You can find the breakdown of the services Pro Podcast Solutions offers, as well as their prices here.

And finally, there’s us…

We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts

We are a female-founded company focused on helping you podcast. Whether you’re looking for audio editing, video editing, transcription services, show notes writing, a new voice-over, or some help with your launch and distribution, we can help.

Our mission since our beginning back in 2015 is to give podcasters back their time while creating high-quality content without the cost. That mission has since blossomed into a thriving company with a multitude of service offerings. The mission never changed, it has continuously expanded.

You can find all our services here.

And a breakdown of our pricing here

We Edit Podcasts pricing

In Conclusion

And there you have it. A break-down of what podcast editing services typically cost.

So, if you’re looking to win back some of your podcasting time, use this list to find the podcast editing services that best suit your needs and your budget.

Did we miss your podcast editing service? Let us know below!

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