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How and Where To Promote Your Podcast in 2021

Newsflash! There are 1,931,848 podcasts and counting! That’s a lot! So how do you get your show to stand out amongst the crowd? We’re not going to lie! It takes hard work and commitment. But a lot of the hard work has already been done in getting your podcast off the ground and in consistently crafting episodes that sound amazing and are full of valuable content.

The next phase of hard work lies in diligently and consistently promoting your podcast. And while the thought of competing with so many other shows might be a little intimidating, there is plenty of space under the podcasting sun. You just need to know how and where to promote your show! You need to know how to get your show’s name out there so that you can create a whole lot of buzz around your podcast.

So, besides submitting your podcast to all the podcast directories you possibly can, how else can you promote your podcast? We’ve got 10 strategies coming right up!

1. Start with Your Circle

Your first place to start promoting your podcast is within your circle. Your family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors, your favorite barista at your local coffee spot – you get the picture – are a great place to start building your base of loyal listeners! You’re already associated with these people in a real-life community, and so the conversion to them becoming part of your podcast community is seamless! 

Start by making a list of all the people in your circle. You’ll likely be amazed at just how many people your life is connected to! And now comes the part most podcasters dread, especially if your podcast is in its infancy, telling people about your show. Eek! But remember! You’ve put in all the hard work to make your show the best that it can be, and so really, you’re simply sharing something that others will enjoy!

If you believe in your podcast and you’re proud of the episodes you put out, those you share it with will more than likely love it too! And most of your circle will be so excited to support you on your podcast journey! You just simply have to ask them to subscribe! 

2. Know Your Podcast Community

After you’ve shared your podcast with those in your circle, it’s now time to cast a wider podcast promotion net. And just as it is with any fishing expedition, the size and quality of the haul depends on knowing where to fish!

In order for all the following promotion strategies to be effective, you need to know how to apply them to your specific podcast community.  Spend some time on a brainstorming session to really get a deep understanding of who your target audience is. By understanding this, you’ll be able to tailor all the following promotion strategies to your audience, and you’ll have a greater success rate with each promotional net you cast. 

3. Send Out Email Newsletters

Statistically, email marketing has the highest return on investment when compared to all the available marketing channels¹, so it follows that sending out email newsletters is a really effective way to promote your podcast! Emails work so well because they give you a direct channel of communication to the receivers, and so they are the perfect way to let your audience know all about your show, as well as enabling you to let them know as soon as your new episode drops. 

Email newsletters make it possible for you to deliver more value-rich, personalized content to your audience, and allow you to really build your relationship with your listeners, and so they’re a great place to consistently promote your podcast. Make sure that each email provides links to all the top directories where your podcast can be found to make it as easy as possible for your listeners to get their ears on your latest episode.

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4. Embrace Social Media

No doubt about it, social media is the place to be when it comes to promoting of any kind, and your podcast is no exception! And the really great thing about using social media to promote your podcast is all the options you have! From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to TikTok, and everything in between, you’re able to create all sorts of content that can drive viewers to your podcast and get the word out there about your amazing show!

As we’ve said, social media is an incredible promotion platform as it enables you to connect with people all over the world through all types of content. You can go live or share stories, create audiograms or film fun videos – really the only limit to how you can use social media to promote your podcast is your imagination! Do some research into all the available platforms, and, hone in on the platforms your target audience uses (see Strategy 2!), and you will be able to formulate a social media marketing strategy that yields results!

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5. Podcast Ads

Other podcasts are another winning place to promote your podcast! This strategy works so well because you’re already speaking to an avid podcast listener, so you don’t need to first convince them of the joys of listening to podcasts, or have to explain what podcasts are. All you need to do is direct their attention to your show.

For this strategy to really work, look for popular podcasts within your niche or an aligned niche as their listeners would largely contain your target audience. Then create a captivating and intriguing ad for your show, and reach out to those podcasts you feel will be the best fit for your show. Different podcasts may have different payment options, so pick the ones that best suit your budget while giving you the biggest reach. 

6. Land Guest Spots on Other Podcasts

Strategy 6 for promoting your podcasts is based on the power of networking. You can gain great exposure for your show by landing guest spots on other popular podcasts. By sharing the mic with another podcaster, you’re able to leverage their audience, introduce them to your own show, and, hopefully, make them part of your audience too! 

And yes, it is daunting putting yourself out there and asking fellow podcasters for possible guest spots, as the fear of rejection is very real! But if you can demonstrate to these other hosts that your expert knowledge in your niche, or your unique viewpoint will add so much value to their audience, hosts will be eager to snatch you up for a guest spot on their show!

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7. Invite Guests onto Your Show

Following Strategy 6 both in number and in subject matter, we have Strategy 7 for promoting your podcast, inviting guests onto your show! This is another effective way to leverage their loyal audience by exposing them to your valuable content. And if you do your job well, they’ll become part of your loyal listeners, tuning in whenever you release a new episode!  

Pro Tip: Now your guests don’t necessarily have to be other podcasters. They can be anybody who will add value to your audience. What you’re ultimately looking for are guests who have an established audience who will follow the guest to your podcast episode.

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8. Ads on Blogs

Blogs are another great place to look into as a way to advertise your podcast. There are also many avenues you could pursue in this regard! And many popular blogs will happily offer or sell you advertising space on their posts, which is one easy way to gain more exposure for your show. 

Remember to look particularly for niche-related blogs as their audience and your audience would be an almost perfect match. You should also look for blogs focused on the podcast industry as a whole. These types of blogs often do round-up type posts, which could be the perfect place for your podcast to feature. 

9. Use Podcast Platforms

Besides all the podcast directories available, there are now so many different podcast-focused social networking platforms out there! (We aren’t living in the Golden Age of Podcasts for nothing!) 

Here are some of our top picks:


Podchaser has become way more than just a podcast rating site! Besides featuring universal ratings of episodes, you can also create both creator and podcast profiles. Podchaser is also a really great way to connect with your listeners as well as network with other podcast creators.

Podcast Delivery

Podcast Delivery delivers podcast recommendations directly to your inbox. They offer great write ups, and cover podcasts of every shape, size, and form. You can submit your podcast to here, and you could soon find your show featured on one of their weekly newsletters.

Find That Pod

Find That Pod is another great podcast discovery newsletter. Each new edition features five top podcasts, and it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort goes into curating each newsletter. Once you’ve subscribed to their newsletter, you’ll find the option to recommend podcasts they should check out. You can use this feature to submit your podcast.

10. Create Branded Merch

Last by not least, our final podcast promotion strategy is to create, wear, and distribute your own branded merch. Okay, this may be a little of an “out-of-the-box” idea but it could also be genius! (You’ll be surprised at how often those two things go hand-in-hand!) Podcast merch is growing in popularity (just check out Podswag and Redbubble as examples) and you could certainly get your show on the bandwagon!

While you might not be in the place financially to produce a whole stack of hoodies, socks, or mugs with your logo or catchphrase on it, you could just get a couple t-shirts printed that you, and some of your circle could wear as a unique way to get your podcast out there. You could also print stickers that you and your friends can stick on your cars, and dish out to the community, which could help you consistently grow your audience and promote your podcast. 

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Closing Thoughts

It can be a slow process getting your podcast out there and garnering a loyal fan base. But now in 2021, there are so many diverse options of promotion available to podcast creators! Once you have an in-depth understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to pick and craft strategies to suit your listeners.

But, as always, what is of utmost importance is that you focus on consistently creating great content. You’ll then be able to approach people, sponsors, or other podcast hosts with confidence, knowing that you have a podcast that offers great content and value to your listeners, and will make promotion that much easier!

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