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Ways to Celebrate International Podcast Day

Happy International Podcast Day 2021: 21 Fun Ways to Celebrate

Hello, podcast lovers!

International Podcast Day is almost here once again! And with it comes a day of celebrating all things podcasting. This is always an exciting time for podcast enthusiasts all over the world, but the question remains: how are you going to celebrate? Well, luckily for you we know exactly what to do when it comes to International Podcast Day! Join in on our celebrations by checking out these 21 ways that will have you celebrating International Podcast Day like never before!

But before we share all our party plans, let’s take a look at all that we’re celebrating by taking part in International Podcast Day… 


…before you start planning all your celebrations for September 30th, there’s time for a brief history lesson…

The History of International Podcast Day

​​In 2013, after realizing that there was a day for practically everything except podcasts, Steve Lee decided it was high time to fix that! So he pulled together the podcasters’ dream team, and in 2014, the first National Podcast Day took place.

That first event was marked by 6 hours of nonstop podcast livestreaming. Daniel J. Lewis held a Q&A session on Google Hangouts. Ray Ortega invited several podcasters to Podcasters Roundtable, and podcast meetups across the states were endorsed including Dave Jackson’s Ohio Podcasters Meetup.

By 2015

It was clear that a national day was not enough, and International Podcast Day was born!

But the core purpose of the day has always remained that same: To celebrate the power of podcasts!

And between 2015-2020, hundreds of hours of content have been live-streamed into ears of people from all over the world, and International Podcast Day has brought together 350 podcasters from nearly 100 countries!

And we’re just days away from International Podcast Day 2021, which means celebration plans must be made! Although the day will run a little differently to previous years – there will be no live-streaming event this year – there is still much fun to be had!

So whether you’re a podcaster or a podcast enthusiast, we’ve pulled together a celebratory list of 21 ways you can celebrate International Podcast Day 2021!

Get your party hats and streamers ready, and let the festivities begin!

Ways To Celebrate International Podcast Day 2021

1. Re-listen To Your Favorites

Do you need another reason to binge-listen your favorite podcasts? Let International Podcast Day be that reason! Download your top picks and enjoy listening to them all over again this International Podcast Day! Because what could be a better way to show your appreciation for podcasts than by listening to your absolute fav for the third (fifth!!) time?

Check out some of our favorites here: 21 Of The Best Podcasts Of 2021…So Far!

2. Rate and Review

Never left a rating or review for your favorite podcast hosts and their shows? Now’s the time! As you’re re-listening, take a moment or two to send some five-start ratings. This can help other podcast enthusiasts discover these amazing shows. And while you’re sending the stars, why not write a review? Let others know what a great podcast it is and why they should start listening right away.

3. Go the Extra Mile

Ratings and reviews are an amazing thing to give to your favorite hosts, but how about going the extra mile this International Podcast Day? Why not send an email to your favorite host? Let them know how much you enjoy their show, and that you appreciate all the hard work they’ve put into creating something so amazing. This will be an incredible way to show your appreciation! And will mean so much to the host!

4. Share Recommendations on Social Media

Another super simple way celebrate podcasting is simply to let your circle know about some of your favorite podcasts. Create posts, Reels, Insta stories, TikToks, or tweets and spread the word about those amazing shows you just can’t get enough of!

5. Share Using the Hashtag

And while you’re sharing your podcasts, don’t forget to use #InternationalPodcastDay! That way, all your cool posts will add to the celebrations and you’ll get your recommendations and any other celebratory pics seen by others who are taking part.

6. Follow The Hashtag

And so that you don’t miss out on any fun, make sure you’re following the hashtag too! That way, if your favorite host is throwing a special event, recording a special episode for International Podcast Day, or any fun giveaways are taking place, you’ll be in the know!

7. Support Your Favorites

Do your favorite podcast hosts have Patreon options? You could consider becoming one of their Patreon supporters this International Podcast Day! You could also simply give a donation towards the costs of running their show. Or perhaps they’ve created some great merchandise for the podcast? Spoil yourself with a new mug, fun stickers, or whatever other merch they’ve got on offer.

8. Rewatch Previous Events

Although there will be no live streaming event this year, there is plenty of fun content to check out on the official International Podcast Day website. There are replays of all previous years’ celebrations for you to consume come September 30th. Pop up a big ol’ bowl of popcorn and follow this link for the 2020 session!

9. Enjoy The Awards

While the usual live-streaming events may not be taking place this year, The People’s Podcast Awards certainly are! The live ceremony will take place on September 30th at 9PM Eastern Time. Check out the list of all the nominated shows here, so that you can root for your favorites come awards night.

10. Create the Ultimate Podcast Playlist

Celebrate all things podcasting by creating the Ultimate Podcast Playlist! Because what could be better than all your favorite shows all in one place? Head over to Podchaser and get cracking on the list making!

Then be sure to share your lists with us! (You can find me here!) We’d love to check out your top picks and find some new favorites for ourselves!

11. Get out of Your Podcast Comfort Zone

Are you a true-crime junkie? A daily news aficionado? Or perhaps, you always stick with great comedy? This International Podcast Day, get out of your podcast comfort zone! Did you know there are some amazing romcom podcasts? (Check out RomComPods!) Some seriously cool sci-fi (try Welcome to Night Vale)! And even some shows that are basically mini-musicals! (Check out Off Book: The Improvised Musical) So dive in and try a completely different type of podcast, and you just might find a brand new, unexpected, favorite!

12. Join a Podcast Community

Joining communities is one way to show your enthusiasm for podcasts, whether they’re about a specific podcast or just celebrating podcasts in general. The power of podcasts extends well beyond the content itself to incredible communities that rally around shows or the medium as a whole. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make lifelong friends who are passionate about podcasting like you are!

13. Convert a Friend or Family Member

Do you have a friend or family member who always has a quizzical expression on their face whenever you mention podcasts? Well, that is most likely because they have yet to experience the wonder of podcasts for themselves! Fun fact: as of 2021, Music Oompah reports that 78% of Americans are familiar with the term podcasting. You can help improve those stats this International Podcast Day by helping a friend or family member download a top show and let them fall in love with the medium!

14. Learn from the Experts

Podcast hosts, this one is for you! This year, why not spend International Podcast Day investing in yourself by learning from some podcasting greats! Whether you check out the plethora of amazing podcasts about podcasting, or find other resources podcasters have created to help you better your show, now is a great time to learn from the experts and improve your podcast.

15. Try Something New

You could also consider trying something completely different on your show as part of the celebrations. Don’t usually do interviews? Get some guests on (they could even be friends and family!) and try your hand at interviews. (Check out these tips for some guidance!) You could even try a video podcast for this special occasion! Who knows, you and your audience may love it so much that you’ll have to launch a video podcast in the near future!

16. Start your Own Podcast!

Not yet a podcast host? Now’s the time to become one! Spend International Podcast Day honing in on your niche, finalizing your format, and crafting an awesome podcast name, then put a plan in place to have your very own podcast launched very soon!

17. Host a Live Podcast Event

How about a live podcast event to really take the celebrations to the world stage? You could host a live episode recording, or just hang out with your listeners using Facebook or Instagram Live, Zoom, or YouTube. Invite some of your fellow podcasters to join you for a panel discussion or get listeners to join you for a live Q&A and you can all have tons of fun celebrating the power of podcasts.

18. Take a Podcast Course

There is always something new to learn! Set aside some time on International Podcast Day to take a course, learn a new skill, or master something new to help improve your podcast. Besides all the replays of great speakers who have shared their knowledge on the official website, there are countless courses available on platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy that you can sign up to do. 

Check out some of the great podcasting courses available here.

19. Share Podcasts in the Classroom

Educators! Use International Podcast Day to bring podcasts to the classroom! Did you know that there are so many amazing podcasts that double as teaching resources? Yup! You can listen to podcasts and teach the next generation!

Bring podcasts to the classroom, and you’ll bring the joy of podcasts to the learning experience.

Check out this post on Top Podcasts for Teachers for more.

20. Introduce your Kids to Podcasts

Parents! Did you know there are tons and tons of amazing podcasts for kids to enjoy? Seriously, some of these are so good, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy them too! Introducing your kids to podcasts can do amazing things for their minds and their imaginations! Here’s a list of some great kid (and adult!) friendly podcasts to help get you started.

21. Help the Next Generation Launch their Own Podcasts

You’re never too young (or too old!) to start a podcast! Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you could use International Podcast Day as the spark to help the next generation start their own podcast. It could be a great school project, or it could also be something fun for families to try together! Get those thinking caps on, find your niche topic and get ready to hit “record!”

If you need some inspiration, check out these amazing podcasts for kids by kids!

In Closing

The goal of International Podcast Day is to share our love for podcasts and to celebrate their power. And it’s never too early (or too late for that matter!) to celebrate the magic of podcasts! So even if you’re visiting here after September 30th, all of the above celebration ideas can really be applied to any day of the year.

But no matter how, where, or when you celebrate, we’re looking forward to a joyous, global event dedicated to all things podcasting! See you there!

For more information, check out the official International Podcast Day website.

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