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Founder's Corner #9 4 Actions Steps for Creating Valuable Content for Your Audience

Founder’s Corner #9: 4 Action Steps for Creating Valuable Content for Your Audience

This is the ninth edition of The Founder’s Corner! But before we dive into today’s topic (a great guide from Carli sharing 4 action steps you can take today to ensure that you’re always creating valuable content for your audience), I (Jennay) have a confession…

While this is the ninth Founder’s Corner blog post, it is NOT the 9th Founder’s Corner segment. Due to a “What do you mean it’s OCTOBER!” mental haze on my part, this Founder’s Corner segment has been published here out of sequence. A mistake I shall endeavor to NEVER make again. BUT it does highlight all the more reason to sign up to our weekly newsletter The Podcast Playbook, so that you’re always getting this content FIRST.

With that confession out of the way, let’s dive into what Carli has to share with you!

Why Creating Valuable Content Matters Now More Than Ever!

Over the last few weeks, it seems like around every corner I have been faced with the questions, “What is the value of the content you put out?” and “What are the motives behind what you share with your audience?” 

And what I’ve come to realize is this: Creating valuable content matters now more than ever before. With the way the online landscape continues to change, what your audience or listeners truly desire is for you to answer their questions, freely giving them the information they need to find success in their own business or life. 

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”

John D. Rockefeller

So how do you find a way to continuously put out valuable content? 

Well, it’s all about perspective. Think of it this way: your content can be shaped and wielded as a tool in your hands and has the potential to be that breath of fresh air for your audience as they are seeking answers. 

“Provide value instead of noise and truth instead of misinformation.”

We often hear that “The best leaders give without expecting anything in return.” Why is it that they choose this strategy? Well, for starters, when you go above and beyond for your loyal listeners, you will often get something back without even realizing it at first. 

Not only will you receive unexpected benefits, but there can be an incredible personal fulfillment component that goes hand-in-hand with providing valuable content without expecting anything in return. Seeing others succeed because of the advice you’ve given them provides a new purpose to what you put out into the world. Ultimately, you will change your perspective of the way you put yourself out into the world! 

creating valuable content for your audience

The phrase that comes to mind is: “Success isn’t always loud.”

When you quietly, and consistently give, you will slowly build a loyal and dedicated audience. Remember the law of reciprocity… others are more inclined to reciprocate when you have positively impacted their journey.

Let’s break down 4 action steps to help you stay focused on creating valuable content for your audience.

The 4 Action Steps for Creating Valuable Content for Your Audience

1. Follow Your Curiosity

When you adopt a journalistic approach to the information you want to share, it fosters your curiosity.

Then in turn, the more curious you are, the more interesting your content becomes. 

The value that you provide with your content creates a certain satisfaction in the minds of your audience as the new knowledge that you provide replaces the emptiness of unanswered questions.

Valuable content often sparks innovation and creativity. By sharing your insights and knowledge, you might inspire others to think differently or generate new ideas, fostering a culture of innovation within your community.

2. Be Genuinely Interested

When you are genuinely interested in a topic, it shows! Your enthusiasm to create content to solve the questions of your audience will spill over into the effort you put into the research as well as the end result. 

So what’s the best way to stay interested in a topic that may be covered a lot? 

Simple answer

Choose an interesting angle!

If you come at a topic from a new angle, not only will your audience be more engaged with your content, but you will also appreciate the creation process as well. The new “spin” on the topic can up the caliber of what you put out and open up new discussions that are not seen on every other blog or podcast out there. Your genuine interest will seep through into every aspect of your content creation strategy.

3. Share with Personal Authenticity

One of the things that makes content super valuable and engaging is the relatability aspect of it. The more your audience can see themselves in your shoes, the more they will respond to what you’re putting out. 

So focus on making your content:

  • Relatable
  • ​Vulnerable
  • ​Authentic

If your content provides nothing new, has no relatable touch point, and looks like a carbon copy of what’s already out there, then you are only adding to the noise. Instead, you have to infuse your content with your personality and your brand to cater most specifically to your audience.

4. Dig Deep, Not Wide

Often times when you set out to create a piece of content, you can easily become overwhelmed by the breadth of a topic. When we stretch too wide, the subject matter can go on endlessly and there can simply be too many things to cover all at once.

Instead, focus on staying in a one-topic wheelhouse, as it were. Dive deeper into a few key areas of one overarching topic. That way you can dig deeper and provide more valuable information instead of going too wide and barely scratching the surface or simply telling your readers what they already know. Keep in mind, that your audience most likely already knows the basics of a topic so they need you to give them more! 

That means:

  • Going above and beyond, 
  • ​Providing insights and strategies that aren’t available elsewhere. 
  • ​Staying away from the filler and the fluff! 

So, give your audience the specifics, the things that will help them actually achieve their goals.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein

A Final Word on Creating Valuable Content

So we really lean into Q4, focus on finishing the year off on a strong note by remembering that success isn’t always loud, and if you create value with no expectation of getting anything in return, you will experience the greatest rewards

So, go ahead, and change the culture of content creation. Give more to the world than you take, and stir up a moral revolution!

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