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Founder's Corner #8 New Growth Strategy -Increasing your Frequency and Intensity

Founder’s Corner #8: New Growth Strategy – Increasing Your Frequency and Intensity

This is the eighth edition of The Founder’s Corner! Today, we’re focusing on a new growth strategy. BUT this is not the type of new growth strategy where you have to do something NEW. Because today, we’re talking about a different kind of growth strategy. One where you take what you’re already doing well, but you increase your frequency and intensity.

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

A New Growth Strategy…

In a creator economy, content entrepreneurs make up an ever-growing segment. The goal? To deliver consistent information to a group of people, with plans to build a loyal audience, and then monetize that audience over time! 

Quick facts: 

  • 303 million creators operate in the global creator economy! 
  • 61% of content entrepreneurs use newsletters to reach their audiences. 

But what does it take to be a full-time content entrepreneur and how long does it take to reach success?

A new growth strategy: how long does it take to build a successful creator business
The Tilt

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I always harp on about consistency and that is always my go-to strategy when it comes to reaching my goals. 

Now, of course, it’s not the only thing that leads to success, but it is a crucial starting point. You have to consistently show up in every area of your life to see success in the long run. 

This also runs true for podcasters. When your podcast is an extension of your business, it ultimately becomes part of your content strategy. It is another platform that can essentially be used as a 📣megaphone to reach a new audience and further spread your message. But in order to do that, you again, need to show up consistently!

Now, what happens when despite showing up and creating content, your strategy simply is NOT paying off?  

So often we opt for changing your content strategy or altering what you put out. But what if instead of making yet another strategy shift, you focus on the content you already have and increase your frequency and intensity?

Surprisingly enough, most of the time if you turn up the intensity, it will far surpass the benefits of a shift in strategy! 💡💡

But before we talk about frequency and intensity… 

Let’s Talk About This New Growth Strategy!

Think of your content strategy as the foundation of your content pyramid. Without it, there is nowhere for you to build your pyramid on  so it is super important! 

From there, you can design each level to align with your strategy and the goals you want to achieve. I can definitely dig deeper into this tactic in a future post. (Remember! If you want this type of content FIRST, sign up to our newsletter, The Podcast Playbook. Check out the link at the end of this post!)

Content Pyramid - Snowball frequency and intensity

​A well-crafted content strategy can be an effective spark for organic growth in traffic. Planning your content ahead of time allows you to:

  • See where all the pieces fit together.
  • Increase your content creation efficiency.
  • Prevent creative writer’s block.
  • Help you reach your goals.

Now that your strategy is in place, let’s dive into three key actions to help boost the intensity of your content!

A New Growth Strategy to Help You Increase the Intensity and Frequency of Your Content

1. Boost Efficiency & Productivity

In order to be able to increase the intensity of your content creation, you have to be able to produce content more efficiently and at a higher rate of productivity. Here are 4 simple steps to implement:

Step 1: Research and brainstorm when your ideas are already flowing.

Step 2: Create pre-made headlines or topics that are aligned with your overall content mission and strategy.

Step 3: Optimize your content writing work through the use of efficient time management tools.

Step 4: Group similar tasks together to minimize context-switching and streamline your workflow.

2. Repurpose & Atomize Your Content

One of the best ways to increase the frequency and intensity of the content you put out is to repurpose the content you’ve already created. 

To do this, take existing content and adapt it to different platforms and formats so that your content can be digested in different ways. This way you get a lot more mileage out of the hard work that you put into creating the content in the first place. 

➡️ Next is to “atomize” your content. 

This simply means to break down larger, more comprehensive pieces of content into smaller, more digestible parts. For example, you can turn a course into several blog posts. Or break a blog post into small social media snippets. The options are endless! 

These smaller content pieces are then able to reach a much wider audience since this compact content is more easily shareable on social platforms and can be a lot more engaging for your audience.

3. Write Without Walls (3 W’s)

Now this is the fun part – write like no one’s watching!

We often slow our own process down by constantly analyzing and critiquing our work as we write. Writing without inhibitions is the only way that you can really get your ideas flowing without any obstacles or pretenses holding you back. 

In simple terms… Get out of your own way! When an idea pops up, just let it flow and write freely without any walls to cage you in.

“Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now.”

Ernest Hemingway

Of course, once you’ve put your idea into writing, this is a great time to take a break and then return to the piece with fresh eyes as you enter into the editing phase. By separating your creative phase from the critique phase you further increase your efficiency because it allows you to refine and polish your content without the limiting factors of perfectionism hindering your progress.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Frequency and Intensity?

Now, I must warn you. Increasing the frequency and intensity as your new growth strategy requires discipline, and will certainly push you outside of your comfort zone. In fact, you may even crash and burn on your first attempt 🔥… But that is okay!

Continue to show up, be consistent, and the results of upping your intensity will become the driving point to lead you to your goals.

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter. 

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