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Founder's Corner #35 How to build confidence: Dissecting and Implementing the Confidence Loop

Founder’s Corner #35 How To Build Confidence: Dissecting and Implementing the Confidence Loop

Today I want to talk about that strange, sometime elusive thing called “confidence”. How do we get confidence? Where does it confidence come from? And, what if, all we think we know about confidence…is wrong! But don’t panic! I’m going to share something that has really helped me gain confidence is my own life. And it’s all comes down to knowing how to build confidence. And for that, we’re going to learning all about dissecting and implementing the confidence loop!

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

Dissecting and Implementing the Confidence Loop

In the spirit of confidence, I wanted to shake things up and introduce a new mindset…
But first, let’s start at the beginning.

Is Confidence the Starting Point?

Dissecting and Implementing the Confidence Loop

When confidence is your starting point, it can often be the limiting factor, especially when there is a lack of confidence.

This can hold you back from all the things you want to achieve; like launching your podcast, landing your dream guest, or even securing a sponsorship deal.

Now, instead of thinking of confidence as the starting point, let’s see what happens when we view it as something that comes “full circle”.

Picture it not as a linear path but as a circle, where confidence fuels your actions, and those actions, in turn, bolster your confidence.

Sure, there has to be some starting point somewhere…but hear me out.

  • Your confidence is connected to who you are.
  • Who you are feeds directly into what you do.
  • And what you do is, essentially, your why!

Now, imagine when who you are aligns seamlessly with your why. It creates a synergy that propels you forward, infusing your journey with purpose, fulfillment, and, crucially, confidence. 

This alignment forms the essence of what I like to call your personal confidence loop! 

So, how can you integrate this concept into your podcasting journey? You embrace the confidence loop! Take a look:

The Confidence Loop!

1. Authenticity Amplification 

By recognizing the interplay between who you are and why you podcast, you unlock the power of authenticity. 

When you operate within the confidence loop, authenticity becomes not just another buzzword but a guiding principle, enhancing the impact of your podcast.

2. Resilience Reinforcement 

The confidence loop acts as a shield against setbacks and challenges. 

When your actions are aligned with your purpose, setbacks become stepping stones rather than roadblocks. 

Each obstacle becomes an opportunity for growth, reinforcing your resilience and fortifying your confidence in your ability to navigate the podcasting landscape.

3. Momentum Maintenance 

In the dynamic world of podcasting, momentum is everything! The confidence loop sustains momentum by fuelling your passion and drive. 

When you operate from a place of alignment and purpose, each success fuels the next, creating a positive feedback loop of achievement and confidence. 

This momentum propels you forward, carrying your podcast to new heights!

The Confidence Loop Comes Full Circle

By embracing the confidence loop you infuse your podcasting journey with purpose, authenticity, resilience, and momentum. And, of course, with confidence. But, as we’ve know discovered, it’s not just about starting with confidence; it’s about nurturing and sustaining it throughout your life. 

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