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Founder's Corner #26 How To Reduce the Stress Factor

Founder’s Corner #26 How To Reduce the Stress Factor

Today on the Founder’s Corner, I’m tackling one of those “big topics” – stress! But particularly, I wanted to focus on something that has been really meaningful to me of late…how to reduce the stress factor, particularly on the podcasting journey…

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

How To Reduce the Stress Factor

In February, We Edit Podcasts turned a whole 9 years old! It’s been an incredible journey. And as I do every year around this time, I’ve been reflecting on the journey of the past years, both in my role as CEO and Founder of We Edit Podcasts, as well as in my role as a podcaster. And something came to mind as I pondered the later, I wanted to re-focus and share some lessons I’ve learned from behind the mic.

Over the last 9 years, helping countless podcasters launch, starting my own journey as a podcaster, and inviting new podcasters on the show, I’ve learned a ton!

One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the stress factor. 

Whether we’re talking about the absolute nervous wreck I was for my first interview, or how controlling I was when it came to the episode edits, or freaking out every time there was a tech issue (which there was a lot of).. it all drove up the stress factor!

And it got me thinking…Hey, isn’t podcasting supposed to be fun?? (see my take on that here). 

After ironing out some of the technical kinks and streamlining my process, I started seeing things in a whole new light.

When that stress factor is down it opens you up to think beyond the mic, get creative, and truly find a natural groove. 

So today I wanted to dive into 3 lessons from a podcasterthat podcaster being me! 

3 Key Podcasting Lessons to Reduce the Stress Factor

1. Trust your team (and yourself)

First and foremost, trust your team! They are there to support you, to do what they do best, and to make your episode sound amazing! 

And if you don’t have a team – then give We Edit Podcasts a try with our free trial!  

But also, trust the processes. 

You’ve done a great job with your prep and with your interview. Let the content speak for itself. 

Focus on becoming a better storyteller, hone your conversational skills, and find the best ways to connect and pull out those interesting topics!

2. Let it go!

Perfectionism can be a major hindrance! Whether it comes to launching a podcast or simply putting out new episodes – don’t let it hold you back!

Just because something doesn’t quite look “right”, or you pulled a funny face when you laughed, it doesn’t mean you have to cut it out. 

Newsflash!That’s how people see you every day of your life. So if they’re still sticking around, they’re obviously okay with the faces you pull!

It’s okay to have a high standard for your content. But remember to embrace the vulnerability that comes with being a content creator and relax into the process. 

3. Pivot!

If something in your process is no longer bringing you joy, pivot!

podcasting tips: reduce the stress factor

There’s no sense adding to your stress simply because you feel “stuck” when something isn’t working.

Want to switch up your format? Do it! 
Want to bring on a co-host? Do it! 
Want to add in bonus episodes? You guessed it…Do it!

There are tons of great ways to pivot in your podcasting journey to take the stress out of it, and make it fun, while still serving your audience in the best way possible!

It’s Time To Reduce the Stress Factor!

These are just three simple, yet impactful lessons that I’ve learned from my time behind the mic, and they’ve been great in helping me reduce the stress factor of podcasting. It’s been a learning curve for sure. But the truth is, every single day is a lesson in and of itself. 

The key is to be open-minded to learning and adapting as you go. 

Nothing stays the same forever. But as long as you have consistency and perseverance you will surely grow!

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter. 

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