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Founder's Corner #15 Pursuing Success without the Burnout

Founder’s Corner #15 Pursuing Success without the Burnout

With December upon us, I thought it was fitting to talk about pursuing success without the burnout. Because, during this time of the year, it can be so hard to slow down. We are planning ahead, trying to work ahead of schedule, and really ramping up on all cylinders before the holiday season hits! 

This can bring with it all kinds of new stresses. But with all the things still on your to-do list, how can you remain productive without burning out? I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned!

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

Pursuing Success without the Burnout – Is It Possible?

So often we can get caught up in the hustle and grind, while also trying to “have it all”. We’re consistently pursuing success – which is great – but how do we protect our wellbeing in the process? This can be especially difficult if you are internally driven by high or unrealistic standards. 

I talked about this in greater detail in a previous Podcast Playbook newsletter. So if you’re curious, read it here.

Somewhere along the way, we have become inundated with the belief that success is an all-or-nothing game; a game in which every milestone must be reached flawlessly! 

The truth? These big triumphs don’t sustain us. In fact, it’s the collection of small victories that truly move the needle.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

Now, the good news is…

It is possible to have success without the burnout!

Let’s start by really defining what success means to you.

In a world that is constantly telling you what to do, who to be like, and how to get there, it can be really hard to find your own voice.

But I’m here to tell you, that if you want to find that lasting success without the burnout, then it is crucial for you to define success on your own terms!

Pursuing Success without the Burnout

So let’s look at three keys to keep in mind when defining success for yourself.

1. Throw Comparison out the Window

Not only will comparison steal your joy, but it won’t actually help you get closer to achieving success. So throw that bad boy right out the window. Focus on what success means to you, and then invest your energy into achieving just that.

Just because other podcasters have already recorded all of their episodes for the rest of the year, doesn’t mean that will necessarily work for you. Set your goal – whether that’s being two weeks ahead of schedule, or one month – and then invest your energy into doing just that.

2. Create Success Categories

Your definition of success should always be specific to your current goals and needs. Therefore, you have to break success into categories past, present, and future.

“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.”

Teddy Roosevelt

If you are just starting out on your podcasting journey, then it doesn’t help if your definition of success is the same as someone who is three years and 150 episodes deep. 

Yes, those types of goals may be in your future, but that is not where you are now. File that away for “future you”, and get back to putting your energy into what you need to do today to find success.

3. Set Your Own Standards

Whatever your definition of success, it is important to remember that you DO NOT have to live by anyone else’s standards. You are the author of your life, so make sure that you are writing accordingly. 

I heard an interesting phrase this week:

“Set up your expectations so that victory lies in every step!”

Perhaps your definition of success includes a fancy new holiday episode, or maybe you simply have time for a re-run. That is okay! 

Find what works with your schedule and what you can accomplish. When you are the one setting the standards for yourself, you will find so much more joy doing it.

Okay, so now you’ve defined success. What is next? 

Build in R&R(&R)! 

Yes, that’s right. You have to build rest, relaxation – and my personal favorite – reflection into your daily and weekly routine. Prioritizing self-care, or as I like to say, “the art of nurturing the soul” is essential if you want success without the burnout! 

So often, our self-care takes a back seat or becomes a casualty of our relentless pursuit of excellence. But if you are not at your best, then how can your results be the best? We need to “nourish” what carries us through our accomplishments!

Now it might be hard to see where in your schedule you can fit that R&R(&R). And I’m not here to tell you to spend more time at the spa than at work.. because that too is unrealistic if you want to achieve your goals. But you have to find moments to schedule it in.

To make this a bit easier, let’s look at this mindset shift:

“Self-care is not an act of indulgence, but instead it is a necessary act of self-preservation!”

Navigating this can truly require you to create a tapestry, weaving together both excellence and well-being.

By defining what pursuing success means to you and scheduling in your self-care, you honor both your pursuit of excellence and your prioritization of well-being. 

Now be warned: Pursuing Success is Never Smooth Sailing

The path that lies ahead is certainly not devoid of challenges. Consistently pursuing success is not easy. However, you will be continuously guided by accomplishment and fulfillment. 

So embrace this delicate art of navigating burnout, seeing it not as a burden to carry, but as a true testament to your strength!

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter. 

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