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Founder's Corner #11: Personal Niche: The Intersection of the Personal Brand and the Content Creator

Founder’s Corner #11: Personal Niche: The Intersection of the Personal Brand and Content Creator

This is the eleventh edition of The Founder’s Corner! Today, it’s all about niches. Specifically, it’s all about the personal niche. But what is a personal niche? It will all become clear in this post, as we explore the intersection of the personal brand and the content creator.

But first…

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post!

So “niche”, I wanted to dive into a term I heard someone use recently:

Personal niche

Often times we confuse the terms personal brand and content creator. The difference? 

  • A personal brand is something you build when you are trying to further your career, grow your network, share your journey, and find new opportunities. 
  • A content creator is someone who is trying to become known for a specific topic or expertise with the goal of monetization.

Now, what if you are both? 

Enter…. personal niche! An intersection of the personal brand and content creator.

personal niche

Time and again we are told to be authentic and vulnerable because that is where the ✨magic✨ happens. But what does that actually look like? 

When you establish a personal niche you are able to build your credibility and expertise on a specific topic, while also being authentic, relatable, and… human! 

And that is what you call the sweet spot for you and your podcast!

While the “expert” topics you put out to your audience should still take up the bulk of your content, when you infuse what makes you human into that, it will allow for a deeper connection to your audience and enable your podcast to stand out among the others.

If you’ve been around here, you know that I talk a lot about why putting out valuable content matters now more than ever. 

Truth? With the shift in the way people are consuming content and the rapid development of AI, positioning yourself as an expert while ALSO connecting on a deeper, more personal level will allow you to build real community.

Let’s say it again… a personal niche.

The Intersection of the Personal Brand and Content Creator

A few weeks ago we discussed the benefit of a content flywheel and how it can help you build momentum when creating content. 

When it comes to building your personal niche, another valuable tool in your content creation belt is the 4E framework, which can be easily adapted to your podcast.

The 4Es of Content
Source: Foundation Inc.

The 4E’s for creating your podcast content include: educate, engage, entertain, and empower.

Now let’s briefly dig into what that looks like.

1. Educate 

This is the section of your content where you talk about your topic of expertise. This often includes specific skills you have, what people come to you for advice on, or simply a topic that you can speak about at length. 

The core? What your podcast was truly created for.

2. Engage 

This is the content that encourages your audience to engage and truly join the conversation through active participation. Whether this is signing up for a course, subscribing to a newsletter, or even joining your community.

Remember… An audience watches, but a community engages.

3. Entertain 

This involves the more “human” aspect of the content that you put out and can include things like behind-the-scenes, and real problems that you’ve had to overcome, so simply a “day in the life of” that you can share with your audience.

Note: allow yourself to connect on a deeper level with your audience while also respecting the boundaries that you’ve set for yourself.

4. Empower 

This is where you dig deep, giving your audience real, actionable steps that they can implement in their own lives today to get the results you talk about.

The goal? To empower your audience to find their own success by using your tried and true methods for success within your specific niche.

A Final Word On Your Personal Niche and Content Creation

As you continue on this journey of continuing to create valuable content for your podcast and building your personal brand, remember your personal niche!

  • Work through the 4E framework
  • Adapt it to your podcast.
  • And just keep going!

Some episodes will truly resonate and others may fall flat. But keep showing up for your listeners!

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter. 

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