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Founder’s Corner #1: How To Make Your Podcast Stand Out

Welcome to a new weekly blog post from We Edit Podcasts! The Founder’s Corner! The Founder’s Corner posts are based on previous segments from our weekly newsletter. So if you want this type of content first, check out the link at the end of this post! And without further ado, let’s dive in! Because today on the Founder’s Corner, I wanted to jump into a question I hear all the time, “What does it really take to make your podcast stand out?”

As we all well know, there are TONS of podcasts out there! To date, there are over 5 million podcasts globally with over 70 million episodes between them.

Source: Podcast Business Journal​

Over the last week alone, 457,453 new podcast episodes were published. According to Podcast Business Journal, on average last month, there was a new episode posted every 0.7 seconds!

Now, I’ll admit: these stats can be scary when you think about the growth of your own podcast. With stats like this, how do you make your podcast stand out? If you can relate, then today’s Founder’s Corner was made just for you!

Even though the thought of all those other podcasts out there can be daunting, it can also be incredibly inspiring at the same time! It simply means that there is space for everyone to shine, and the room just keeps on growing!

So instead of being intimidated and wondering how you are going to get noticed, let’s answer the question you’ve all been asking:

How can I stand out in a sea full of microphones?

In other words, how can you help your podcast stand out and find a space all its own? I hear you! And I’ve got some unique tips just for you!

Key Tips to Help Your Podcast Stand Out

1. Be the odd one out.

When it comes down to it, research shows that what people remember most is the odd one out! We are intuitively wired to spot the differences and recall the pink camel in a desert full of beige ones… 🐫🐫🐫🌸🐫

So what does that mean for you as a podcaster? In a sea full of microphones, be a headphone!

Podcast stand out

“Make the element of your podcast that you want people to notice and remember be visually different from the rest.

Let’s look at 3 ways to be the odd one out:


Be creative with your artwork. This is your time to shine! Find elements that stand out, that people will remember, and think back to when they’re scrolling through a list of podcast recommendations.

If you’ve been in the game for a while and just looking to get a boost in your listenership, perhaps it is time for an artwork revamp! Do some research and poll your audience to see what captures their attention, and then roll with it.

Guest Interviews: 

If your podcast features guest interviews, ask yourself this… why would my guest want to promote our episode if it’s just the same topics and the same questions over and over? Instead, be the odd one out!

Before having your guest on the show, write down the first 3 things that come to mind when you think of that person. Now, draw a line through those topics and avoid them at all costs!! Then, brainstorm 5 alternative topics that you know your guest will be great at but that neither of your audiences has really heard you cover before. And ta-da! Pink camel status achieved 🌡

Marketing Strategy: 

When it comes to the marketing strategy of your podcast, it simply comes down to how well you promote your episodes as they are released. Being a goose in a duck-duck marketing world can be tricky. We are told to “take the path less traveled”, yet also to stay on trend! So which path do you take?

The key is to promote on social media in a dozen different ways by sharing rich media, soundbites, videos, images, teasers β€” essentially anything you can think of, and more! If other podcasters are sharing 3 posts about their new episodes, do 5! If others are only posting on Twitter and Instagram, go out and include YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest too!

Repurpose your content in all the ways possible so that you never run out of things to share with your listeners and you become the most consistent podcast promotor out there!

2. Be outrageous, not ordinary.

Okay, don’t worry. I know not all of us can be outrageous podcasters! So how can we avoid being “ordinary”? Well, let’s get some inspiration from examples like Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy, Logan Paul from Impaulsive, or Cameron Hanes from Keep Hammering Collective β€” where they beat the ordinary through the topics they cover, the goals they set for themselves, and even the style of podcasting they use.

With Call Her Daddy, Alex Cooper set a new standard by redefining the dating and relationship advice column and replacing it with outright hysterical stories. The show’s concept is literally described as:

“Alex Cooper bulldozed a lane of her own, spitting in the face of misogyny and putting a modern twist on feminism.”

Now that definitely checks the not-ordinary box βœ”οΈ

On the other hand, Cameron Hanes takes a whole new approach by marrying his podcast to a video series called Lift, Run, Shoot where he invites his guests to his home where they get to participate in the three pillars of his daily life before sitting down to record their episode.

Ultimately, he found a way to check that not-ordinary box and showcase his guests in a whole new light.

3. Tell a relatable story.

Storytelling is, without doubt, the most natural and compelling method of communication human beings have ever created! As a mom, every night before bed I read countless stories to my children and watch as they in turn tell me stories of their own.

We all have storytelling superpowers inside us, which starts in the earliest memories of our childhoods. As life moves on, many of us have learned to suppress our storytelling instincts, disregarding it as a skill that has no place in the real world. However, nothing could be further from the truth… especially for podcasters!

Time and again, research has shown that storytelling is almost always the variable that separates great brands and great individuals from the rest of the crowd. The same rings true for podcasting, which ultimately is a form of storytelling! πŸŽ™πŸŽ™

Now let’s take it one step further on the path towards relatable content!

The power of relatability: 

Think of your favorite podcast host, movie character, or reality TV star. Chances are they most likely remind you of yourself! We are instinctively drawn to those characters because we can relate to them and their worlds.

Relatability in storytelling can be just as effective in your marketing strategy as it can be in a movie. Having a relatable story could be the key to standing out in the crowd and drawing in your listeners. Every story you tell should make your audience feel seen. Do that and you will become a better podcaster, a better storyteller, and ultimately create those lasting connections with your listeners.

Ready to Help Your Podcast Stand Out?

In the sea of podcasts, there are tons of voices competing for attention. So it’s essential to find authentic ways to help your podcast stand out. Embrace your individuality, hone your craft and your unique perspective, and continually connect with your audience. By doing so, you’ll not only make your podcast stand out in the sea of microphones but you’ll also leave your unique mark on the world!

The Founder’s Corner posts are based on a segment of our weekly newsletter.

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