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EP 26 Dots

026: Expanding Your Reach Through Effective Podcast Marketing with Dots Oyebolu

What if the true secret to expanding your reach as a podcaster is just asking guests to appear on your show without the fear of rejection? Joining Carli for this episode of Business Beyond The Mic is Dots Oyebolu, podcast promotion and marketing strategist, host of Marketing Leadership, co-founder of Listen Network, and ‘Connector of Dots’ to discuss how you can leverage effective marketing to expand the reach of your podcast. 

Tuning in, you’ll hear about Dots’ incredible marketing career and what inspired him to pivot into the niche world of podcast marketing before we discuss some of his marketing strategies and the importance of simply asking without fear of failure. From monetization to promotion to leveraging social media groups, Dots has all the answers to become a master of podcasting. So to hear all this wisdom and so much more, press play now!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

Dots tells us about his career and what inspired him to become a niche marketer for podcasting. Becoming the ‘master of podcasting’ is no easy feat and Dot shares the fears he had before he started out. 

Dots shares why he includes the names of his podcast guests in his marketing strategies and how introductions from the right people can promote your podcast. The biggest lesson he can teach podcasters is simply to ask for opportunities without the fear of being told ‘no’.

How Dots has managed to reach over 200 episodes of his podcast by recording approximately 10 episodes a week, and not without struggle! But he has overcome all challenges and has become obsessed with the power of podcasting. Today, he shares his podcasting and marketing structure with us. 

We delve into the importance of having a marketing strategy for your podcast. Dots also shares some incredible advice about setting up your podcasting model and tells us why your marketing strategy and success will follow that. 

Promoting your podcast is the key to expanding your reach according to Dots. We chat about how social media groups can be leveraged for podcast marketing and the kinds of metrics Dots looks at regarding his podcast performance. 

Dots imparts his wisdom about the importance of growing your podcast prior to monetizing before answering our rapid-fire questions. He shares how his confidence and communication skills have improved thanks to podcasting, the podcasting tools he uses, his dream podcasting goals, and the biggest podcast lessons he’s learned along the way! 


“The biggest lesson is, just ask and try to do everything [making] sure it’s all world-class so people know what they are getting into.” — @dotsoyebolu [0:07:33]

“Using your podcast as a content repurposing engine also helps in a lot of ways.” — @dotsoyebolu [0:11:50]

“Promoting your podcast is key!” — @dotsoyebolu [0:13:41]

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