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EP 8 Kathy Caprino

008: Expanding Your Curiosity and Changing Lives Through Podcasting with Kathy Caprino

Creating a podcast requires an incredible amount of courage and determination. It is a massive task that has the power to change the lives of so many. Today, we are joined by Kathy Caprino, the host of Finding Brave, a podcast dedicated to the upliftment and support of women looking to make their mark in the professional world. Kathy has a wealth of knowledge about podcasting to share with us. Finding Brave has been rated the top career and leadership podcast and in this episode, Kathy outlines her journey from corporate America to helping women build the careers they long for. 

In our conversation, Kathy tells us how she has used the power and reach of her podcast to help people learn by pushing boundaries while remaining respectful to her guests and listeners. We delve into the unexpected gift her podcast has brought her, a connection with so many people before Kathy tells us why she wants to monetize Finding Brave more directly. Finally, she shares some of her favorite podcasting tools and some incredible words of wisdom for anyone wanting to start their own podcasting journey. This is an amazing interview you don’t want to miss out on, so tune in now!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

Kathy kicks off today’s episode by explaining her journey from her corporate career to helping women thrive and build the careers they long for. Her initial career lacked meaning for her, and she snapped, ultimately realizing that this was her chance to decide who she wanted to be in the world; someone who helps people.

How Kathy used the power and reach of her podcast, Finding Brave as a tool to help people learn. She is passionate about pushing the boundaries to dig deeper in her interviews and she even shares the importance of getting help with the production of a podcast, why she loves having extensive show notes, and a guest preparation sheet. 

As a podcaster, you come across so many different people and there is incredible potential to build lifelong relationships. This is a gift that came out of podcasting that Kathy didn’t anticipate. With over 300 episodes under her belt, Kathy tells us how she keeps her questions fresh and authentic in every episode while making the conversation mutually beneficial and respectful. 

The next step for Kathy is to place more emphasis on the monetization of Finding Brave to expand its reach. Since it has reached such an incredible level and she is being asked to speak so often, Kathy’s new aim is to monetize more directly than she has been doing in alignment with her values. 

Podcasting is a life-changing experience that requires a lot of work and commitment. Kathy tells us about how interviewing so many incredible people has helped her to do some great work and has changed her life for the better. She also reminds us of the importance of help and support from other people in order to make a difference. If you want to podcast, Kathy’s advice is to do it! 

Finally, our guest shares some resources to help you with LinkedIn, her favorite platform, and emphasizes the importance of having a great production team for your podcast before sharing some of her favorite podcasting tools. Kathy even tells us about the podcasting blunders she’s made and what is next for Finding Brave. 


“I wanted [Finding Brave] to be my own masterclass in life, business, leadership, careers, [and] personal growth. So I really use every episode [to] – ask the questions I’m desperate to learn from.” — @kathycaprino [0:08:03]

“I do think as a host, our top rule should be that we’re respectful and that it’s a mutually beneficial conversation.” — @kathycaprino [0:20:42]

“Starting this minute, ask the question that makes you a little uncomfortable to ask!” — @kathycaprino [0:21:56]

“If you’re interested in getting in front of a mic and [podcasting], – do it! However, just recognize that it’s a commitment. – It is a deep commitment if you want it to be a product that makes a difference.” — @kathycaprino [0:27:14]

“You need to be brave. You need to be brave, you need to be committed, you need to invest.” — @kathycaprino [0:27:49]

“[Podcasting] is a life-changing experience, I think, for so many!” — @kathycaprino [0:27:59]

“We can’t do anything of great magnitude, importance, and meaning without help from others. And I think a podcast is a great emblem for that.” — @kathycaprino [0:29:00]

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