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Podcast events 2023

Exciting Podcast Events Happening in 2023 Part 2

Who doesn’t love an exciting podcast event? We certainly do! And the most exciting news is that there are still a whole bunch of awesome podcast events happening in 2023.

But why do we love podcast events so much? So many reasons! But for the sake of brevity (and to get to the actual reason for checking out this blog post today), we’ll just highlight some of our top reasons. Podcast events offer incredible opportunities for podcasters and others in the podcasting space to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, learn from industry experts, and discover new voices. At podcast events, you can network, meet your podcasting heroes, build relationships, and stay up-to-date with all that’s going on in the realm of podcasts.

So if these all sound like things you’d love to do, then keep reading! In this blog post, we present Part 2 of our list featuring the most anticipated and exciting podcast events still to take place in 2023.


Podcast events: PodThon23

PODTHON ’23: Bootcamp. Community. Retreat.

Date: July 22-23, 2023

Cost: $60 – $200

For the past couple of years, Danielle Desir and Lee Uehara have hosted PODTHON as a virtual event. This year is a little different. This year, PODTHON will be run as a Podcasters’ Working Retreat.

Instead of hosting a summit with 30+ speakers, Danielle and Lee will be leading a small group monetization coaching program for hobby podcasters looking to leverage their expertise to create financial freedom in their lives.

By joining this year’s coaching program, you can expect two days of in-depth learning, individualized attention, and feedback on your work. You’ll also be able to join a supportive community of podcasters who are enthusiastic about growing their brands and creating additional income streams.

If you enroll before July 1st, you’ll secure tickets at the early-bird discount of $497 USD per person. After that, all tickets are $597 USD per person. 

You can find out more about the retreat and the topics on offer here.

Next up, in August…


Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement

Date: August 21-24, 2023

Place: Denver, Colorado

Event type: In Person 

Cost: $369 – $669

Podcast Movement is the world’s larget podcast conference. And each year, this event brings together thousands of passionate podcasters and industry professionals from around the world under one roof to learn, grow professionally, and most importantly, to evolve their skills and hone their talents. In the past, over 3,000 podcasters have come together to share their knowledge and their passion for podcasting!

This year, the event takes place in Denver, and will comprise of over three core days of keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and fireside chats. Just prior to those core days, there’ll be a fun-filled pre-event day full of optional add-on workshops, as well as the annual check-in event and big kickoff party.

The core content offered at Podcast Movement is spread across several different topic-based tracks to help attendees find sessions that are most applicable to them and their goals.

With all this and more, it’s easy to see why it is the biggest event of its kind and a favorite on the calendar of many in the podcasting industry.

Get your tickets here.

True Crime and Paranormal Festival

True crime and paranormal festival

Date: August 25-27, 2023

Place: Austin, Texas

Event type: In-person

Cost: See ticket options here.  

Love true crime? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this year’s True Crime and Paranormal Festival. The purpose of the True Crime and Paranormal Festival is to give podcast listeners the opportunity to meet and interact with your favorite podcasters and content creators.

The festival features live recordings of podcast episodes, including many cross-over collaborations you won’t hear anywhere else. A true fan’s dream!

You can also enjoy a lively panel discussion, where podcasters pull back the curtain for a unique view into the creation of a show. Past topics have included how podcasters select their cases, the ethics of amateur investigations, and the importance of diversity and inclusivity. And this year, paranormal cases are being added to the panel and round table selections!

But perhaps the main draw of the festival is the large Podcast Gallery. Imagine a hall of tables representing the best in the true-crime & paranormal podcast genre! The podcasters get out from behind the microphones — and from behind their tables — to mix and mingle with podcast listeners. Conversations, selfies, and memories all happen on the floor of our Podcast Gallery.

Get your tickets here, and you’ll secure the chance to meet some of your favorite paranormal and true crime podcasters and content creators!

Find out more about the event here.

Next, in September, look out for…


London Podcast Festival

London Podcast Festival

Date: September 7-17, 2023

Place: King’s Place

Cost: Find out more here.

In September, head on over to London for the London Podcast Festival. Produced by the UK’s home of live podcasting, Kings Place, the festival features live shows, workshops, meet and greets, panels and classes to celebrate the art of podcasting.

The London Podcast Festival celebrates the best in UK and international podcasting talent. Taking place in front of a live audience at Kings Place, the festival is a chance to celebrate the fast-growing popularity of podcasts whilst giving listeners the chance to meet their favorite podcast hosts.

The London Podcast Festival is a vibrant celebration of podcasts, showcasing a diverse array of genres and voices. The festival presents live recordings, panel discussions, and performances from some of the most popular podcasts across various genres. With its unique blend of entertainment and insights, the London Podcast Festival promises an unforgettable experience for podcast enthusiasts and creators alike.

Find out more about all that’s on in London here.

Indie Pod Con 8

IndiePod Con

Date: September 9, 2023

Place: Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

Cost: $299

If you’re an indie podcaster, then you’re going to want to add Indie Pod Con 8 to your calendar as a podcast event to attend in 2023. The Independent Podcast Conference (ICON) is an event by Indie Podcasters for Indie podcasters.

You’ll learn from others who’ve traveled the same path that you’re on in a really intimate, classroom style set-up, ensuring that you’re able to soak up all the value being dished up. 

And because there’s only one track, you get to rub shoulders with veterans of the podcast industry for the entirety of the event.

Indie Pod Con is a great place to build your podcast alongside other podcasters.

Get your ticket here!

International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day

Date: September 30, 2023

Event Type: Virtual 

Cost: Free

Every year on the 30th of September, podcasters and podcast enthusiasts from all over the world will come together to celebrate International Podcast Day

The first official International Podcast Day took place in 2015. And since then, it’s grown from strength to strength with every passing year! The core purpose of the day is to celebrate the power of podcasts, and ever since that inaugural event, hundreds of hours of audio have been broadcasted in celebration, by podcasters from nearly 70 countries, from every corner of the globe. 

The celebration is a great opportunity to connect with fellow podcasters, podcast listeners, podcast enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry. 

Check out the official website to see all that is planned for the 2023 celebration and how you can get involved.

Blk Pod Festival

Blk Pod Festival

Date: September 30 – October 1, 2023

Event type: In-Person

Cost: $75 – $200

Blk Pod Festival was birthed from a need to showcase and connect Black audio creatives. The creators’ goal is to educate all the attendees while also cultivating relationships and experiences.

This event is so much more than a podcast conference, but instead an experience that you can only describe as electric.

Blk Pod Festival’s main premise is to help aspiring podcasters bring their shows to life, reenergize existing podcasters, and guidance for podcast service providers; all while providing actionable resources and life long connections.

There is a focus on the full spectrum of podcasting for hosts, service providers and those working behind the scenes.

Find out more here.

Next up, in October…


The Cheerful Earful

podcast events happening in 2023: the Cheerful Earful

Date: October 31 – November 5, 2023

Location: UK

Cost: Find out more about availble tickets here.

The Cheerful Earful, a festival of funny podcasts, big & small. Over 6 days, audiences can see their favourite podcasts live with all-star guests from the world of British comedy and beyond.

Cheerful Earful is the UK’s first comedy-podcast festival. It’s been created as a place to celebrate the podcasts that keep us entertained week-in, week-out. It’s a showcase of some of country’s most beloved pods as well as a platform for smaller shows to connect with a new audience and grow. 

The creators of this festival are dedicated to building and growing a legacy podcast festival that showcases funny shows, whether they’re listened to by legions of fans or a handful of loyal listeners. 

It’s a festival built by comedy podcast fans for comedy podcast fans. It’s a celebration of the UK’s biggest and most beloved comedy pods.

Find out more here.


As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, attending podcast events can provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to be part of all that’s going on in the podcasting space.

And we’re so excited that there are a wide range of podcast events still to take place in 2023. Each event has something unique to offer, catering to different aspects of podcasting, be it for technical details, marketing strategies, networking, or just plain fun!

These podcasting events are not to be missed if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in podcasting, grow your networking opportunities, and so much more. So get out your calendar, book those tickets, and enjoy all the opportunities the world of podcasting has to offer!

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