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Everything You Need to Know About…Podcast Interviews

Looking for everything you need to know about podcast interviews?

Well, we can confirm you are definitely in the right place! We have got tons of interview tips and tricks to share with you today!

We’ve been in the podcasting space for quite a few years. And during that time, we’ve shared all our insider trips and tricks with you via our blog.

We’ve covered all kinds of topics. From just starting out and looking for the right equipment, to crafting killer content or anding amazing guests. We’ve got it all!

So, there is a LOT on the blog!

But we wanted to make it easy for you to access all the content you need, especially when you’re after insight into a specific topic.

So we’re sharing some of our top posts covering specific topics.

And today’s focus is…podcast interviews…

So take a read through the headings and intros, and you’re sure to find the answers to all your podcast interview questions!

And to make it even easier, we’ve organized the posts under the following categories, so you can jump around to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Tips for Successful Podcast Interviews
Software For Podcast Interviews
Podcast Guests – Tips and Strategies
Tips for Interview Questions
General Podcast Interviews Tips and Tricks

Tips for Successful Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews: A Guide to Making Yours Successful

Podcast interviews are one of the most effective ways to expand your show’s reach, attract new listeners, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Done right, podcast interviews are a win-win-win for you, your guests, and your audience.

Your guest gets to reach a whole new audience and your audience gets to learn from some leading names in their fields. And besides all the above-mentioned perks to podcast interviews, inviting guests on your podcast has the added bonus of allowing you to meet people you admire and to form some incredible relationships!

That sounds fantastic, right? But perhaps it also sounds a little daunting? Never fear! We’ve made preparing and acing guest interviews easy with our step-by-step guide for setting up guest interviews.

Read more here!

How to Improve Your Podcast Interview Skills [10 Do’s and Don’ts]

Having guests on your podcast is a really great way to grow your community, strengthen your niche authority, besides the fact that it adds some incredible value to your audience! 

And while I’m sure you can agree that having some amazing guests on your podcast would be an incredible opportunity, it may also be a little daunting, particularly if you’re used to going solo on your show. And if you tend to be more introverted, you may also fear not being able to keep the conversation going throughout an interview.

But never fear! As always, we’ve got you covered! While it’s true that some may have been born with the gift of the gab and are naturally great conversationalists, the great news is that conducting a stellar interview is a skill you can learn and master! 

We’ve put together our top 10 podcast interview do’s and don’ts for podcast hosts which will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to hosting guests on your show, and will help you hone your interviewing skills in no time!

Read more here!

Software for Podcast Interviews

8 Top Interview Softwares for Recording Your Podcast Remotely

If you haven’t recorded a remote interview before then the first time might be challenging. But no matter the challenges it shouldn’t stop you from recording high-quality content! Of course, the best types of audio quality can be achieved by recording together with your guest. However, we know that’s not always possible! 

The best way to record great quality remotely is by using interview software that’s up to the task and has all the features you’ll need. Just keep in mind that having the best remote recording software can only go so far. If your guest doesn’t have a sufficient Internet connection or their equipment is not that great, then there may still be a few bumps in the audio road. 

Now the biggest question you’ll have is what are the top recording software and what makes them unique to suit your podcasting needs? 

To help answer this question, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 software for recording your podcast remotely. Remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect remote recording solution, only the perfect fit for you.

Read more here!

Podcast Guests – Tips and Strategies

Looking for Amazing Guests for Your Podcast? Here’s All You Need to Know

Having a successful podcast is the result of careful planning and deliberate execution. But merely going through the motions is not good enough. Everything from your topic of conversation and interview questions, to sponsors and guests for your podcast, should all be chosen because of the value they add to your podcast. 

When looking to invite guests to your podcast, you need to ensure that they are the perfect fit for you and your brand. Not any guest will do. They need to bring along with them a way of making your podcast stand out from all the rest. So your guests should improve your podcast and be of value to your audience. 

So, how do you go about finding the right guest for your podcast?   

First, we’ll take a look at how you can attract the right guests to your podcast. After that, we will show you where you can find them. 

By the end of this article, you should know how to get the perfect guests on your podcast. Ones that entertain your audience and help your podcast’s overall growth. 

Read more here!

Everything You Need To Invite and Book Your Next Podcast Guest (Email Templates Included!)

No doubt about it, having a guest on your podcast is a winning strategy. Not only is it a great way to mix up your format, but the knowledge and insights guests share give your audience even more valuable content when they tune in to your show. The expertise and specialist knowledge guests provide can make for very interesting conversation, not to mention a whole lot of laughs!

Guests can also help bring your show to new audiences, and help both you and your guest expand your authority within your niches. So while there’s no doubt about the benefits of interviewing guests on your podcast, what is often lacking is the time it takes to source, invite and book these guests. From creating content, recording, and, of course, editing, there’s often just not enough hours in the day for all the things you want to accomplish. 

But that’s where we come in!

We want to help make landing that great guest just a little bit easier, so we’ve laid out the steps you need to take in an easy-to-follow guide. And to make it even easier, we’ve included user-friendly email templates for you to use to help you land that fantastic guest! The templates have been included as PDF downloads, and all that’s left for you to do is populate the email template with the relevant details. How simple is that? You’ll soon have a calendar full of great guests ready to share their knowledge and expertise with your audience. 

Read more here!

How To Improve Your Podcast Interview Skills – From Your Guest’s Perspective

So, you’re a superstar podcaster! You’ve nailed everything on your checklist: you’ve created a killer podcast name, you’ve designed eye-catching cover art, and you’ve bought a professional mic. You’ve also roped in a hilarious co-host who guarantees several belly laughs per episode. You’re ready to take the podcasting world by storm, right? Well, maybe you’re overlooking one key thing…it’s not all about you!

To be a good podcast host we must be good interviewers, and to be good interviewers we must hold firm to one simple truth…it’s not about you! It’s actually more about your lovely guest than you may at first realize, and once you’re able to grasp the dynamic of your interview from your guest’s perspective, you will inevitably become a better host.

Thankfully we’re here to help you to improve your podcast interview skills (Yeah…we’ve got your back!) by giving you 8 tips from a guest’s perspective to help you take your hosting skills to the next level!

Read more here!

Tips for Interview Questions

Interviewing Podcast Guests: How To Turn Good Questions Into Great Questions

What do post offices, government forms and registration pages have in common? Questions. They confront us with the same bland, barrage of boredom – “Name…D.O.B…Mailing Address…” – fun, right?! Sure, they’re questions, but they’re not stimulating or engaging. No one fills in forms because they enjoy doing so, we do it out of obligation – they’re a means to an end. Fellow Podcast Hosts! Refuse to be that host! Never be that interviewer! Don’t let your podcast be that podcast!  

In the same way that we find no joy from answering the same standard questions time and time again, there is zero entertainment or engagement value hearing the same old questions fielded in a podcast! And what’s worse, listening to these repetitive, unimaginative questions really is tiresome and dangerously disengaging for your listeners! This is important, friends; take it from this podcaster, thoughtful questions, insightful answers, great conversation – this is the lifeblood of your podcast!

But great interviews don’t just happen.

There is some serious strategic planning required to make your show engaging, exciting, and thought-provoking. You’ve put in all the effort of securing an interview with this great guest, now it’s time to make it count! Don’t schedule a guest only to simply coast through your time together – really engage the human sitting across from you. Unpack their story, allow them to share and allow your listener to get value from your exchange. Let your audience find deep points of connection through their answers to your questions. And great questions deliver great answers.

This is a passion of mine, and in today’s blog, I want to share 4 tips to help you turn your good questions into GREAT questions.

Read more here!

10 Questions to Never Ask on Your Podcast Again!

[And What to Ask Instead!]

Interview podcasts are a mainstay in the industry. And the interview style podcast is arguably the most popular when it comes to your typical podcast formats. But with so many other hosts out there trying to make a name for themselves too, you need to find consistent ways to help your podcast stand out amongst the vastness of the other podcasts. 

And do you know what you don’t want to be while you’re trying to get your awesome interview skills noticed? Boring! That’s what! 

And how do you make sure that you’re not boring? By making sure that you’re asking unique questions that really get the best from your guest, add value to your audience, and ones that really allow your guest to shine and flex their respective niche muscles. 

And harnessing the skill of asking unique questions is particularly important if your guests tend to also be guests on other podcasts, or have many invitations for speaking engagements. You need to make yours stand out. You want your questions to be different. And this is important not only for the incredible value you’ll add to your audience, but you’ll also be able to give your guest the best experience possible! 

If they’ve been asked the same questions over and over again, and you come out with all these great, insightful, unique questions, guess who’s interview they’ll be more likely to remember? Yours!

But how do you know which questions you should be avoiding during your podcast interviews? Well, we have a list of ten questions we think should be left alone whenever you sit down to conduct an interview.

And so you’re not left empty-handed, we’re giving you some great options to put in their place! 

Read more here!

Perhaps you’re looking to be the interviewee! We’ve got tips for that too! Check out the first post in the next section!

General Podcast Interviews Tips and Tricks

All You Need to Know to Land Your First Podcast Guest Slot in 4 Simple Steps

Ah! The magical world of podcasting. It is a place of information, entertainment, and opportunity. Podcasting gives you the chance to have your voice heard by millions across the world. And one way of achieving this, without starting your own podcast, is by becoming a podcast guest. 

As a podcast guest, you have the opportunity to grow your brand; reach more people within your niche and grow your audience; generate free publicity; and interact with fellow industry professionals. 

Whatever your motive, being a podcast guest is filled with the potential of achieving your goals. But first, you need to know exactly how to go about it. 

Well, everything you need to know for becoming a podcast guest can be found right here! So get ready for that big interview as we lay down the 5 essentials for landing yourself a spot as a podcast guest. 

Read more here!

How To Set Up for Successful Podcast Interviews

Podcast hosts! Want to make the most of your guest podcast interviews? (Of course you do!)

Or, perhaps you’re just exploring getting into interviews on your show? This post is for you, too!

Adding interviews can be a great way to spice up your podcast. Not only do guest interviews add variety to your show, but they are a great way to build relationships with other podcasters and industry experts.

(Just in case you needed a little extra motivation to take the podcast interview plunge…)

But amazing guest interviews don’t just happen!

They are a combination of getting a few core things right. Yes, you need top-notch conversation skills. You need to be able to ask insightful, interesting questions, be able to engage and really connect with your guest, and you also need to be able to think on your feet if answers take a turn you weren’t expecting. These are just some of the hallmarks of a great interview podcast and its host.

But, there are some ‘hidden’ elements that can take podcast interviews from great to out of this world!

Here are some of our top tips for setting up your interview process so that both you and your guests have the best experience!

Read more here!

And finally, in case, even after all your careful planning, things don’t go…well…to plan…check out the following post…

8 Tips For Saving a Bad Podcast Interview

Podcast interviews can be great! There’s no doubt that having guests on your podcast is a really great way to grow your community, strengthen your niche authority, besides the fact that it adds some incredible value to your audience! 

But while having some fun with some amazing guests on your podcast is the dream of many a podcast host, it can also be a little terrifying. Because somewhere, be it the tiniest corner in the back of your mind, a sinister question looms…What if the interview goes badly?

(Insert a Psycho-esque violin screech…)

What if your guest has zero interest in being there? What if you or your guest (or worse yet, both of you!) is having a really bad day? What if every question you ask is met with a nonchalant (and non-verbal!) shrug of the shoulders? What then?

I know. These are scary thoughts.

But the reality is, a bad interview – although hopefully very few and far between – is often par for the course of the podcasting journey, particularly if you’re regularly lining up interviews on your show. However, there are some safeguard strategies you can implement should you find yourself with a bad interview on your hands.

And while life does happen, and many things are, as frustrating as it can be, beyond our control, there are still some things in our control that we can implement to save the day, and the interview. We’ll start with some things you can do before the interview even takes place to help make it go smoothly. Prevention is better than a cure, and all that.

Read more more here!


And that’s it! Our top podcast interview tips, trick, and strategies! All that we know, you now know!

But if there’s anything we didn’t cover on this post, or if you’re looking for more specific information about podcast interviews, please reach out to us in the comments! And we’ll do our best to find just what you’re after!

Looking to be inspired by some great podcast interviews? Check out this list by James Clear!

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