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Ep 80: Can I Self-Host My Podcast?

When we talk about self-hosting a podcast, we are referring to the online storage of your podcast content. In this episode, we give a quick recap of what a podcast hosting service does, and then delve into reasons why you may want to self-host. There is the potential to save money and gain more control over your feed, however there a number of looming hurdles down this road that you will probably want to avoid. Tune in to hear more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What does self-hosting a podcast mean? 
  • There are a few reasons why self-hosting might be a bad idea! 
  • The larger hosting platforms are very user friendly and easy to understand.
  • What self-hosting entails; setting up and sharing an RSS feed. 
  • The issue of bandwidth restrictions and how this can limit your growth. 

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