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Ep 78: What Are Some Podcast Editing Tips?

Over the years we have spent in the podcast editing game, we have amassed a small arsenal of tips and tricks that we think can help you with your own editing queries. There is a degree to which these questions come down to personal preference, as you may want a heavily produced feel or something slightly more raw. Tune in to hear about dual mics, software, recording locations, and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Editing comes down to personal preference to a certain extent. 
  • Expertise with a particular piece of software will go a long way.
  • Less is often more; you are most likely your own biggest critic!
  • Separate mics for interviews can hugely improve the quality of your show.
  • Picking the best environment to record; avoiding noise and reverb.
  • The power of some preparation before recording.

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Adobe Audition

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