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Ep 26: Is the Podcast Industry Going to Keep Growing?

Last year was a big one for podcasting, and more and more big players like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Tencent are making waves in the space. With so much traction, podcasters are earning more money than ever, and more revenue is on the way. Currently, the entire industry is valued at around $11 billion and is expected to grow to $65 billion by 2027. There are 1,750,000 podcasts as of this month, while only a year ago, there was less than half this number. With these kinds of projections, you definitely haven’t missed the boat to start your own podcast!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Last year saw huge growth for podcasting.
  • You can earn more in podcasting today than you could a number of years ago.
  • What the numbers mean.
  • How the stats have changed in just one year.

Links Mentioned:

Apple Podcasts

Amazon Music

Google Podcast


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