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Ep 2: What is a Podcast?

Podcasting has been growing healthily over the last decade or so, but asking exactly what a podcast is, still seems to be a relevant question. To put it simply, a podcast is on-demand audio, available in episode format. One of the reasons for the popularity of podcasts is the simplicity of accessing them; all you need is an internet connection. This convenience has lent itself to the wide range of ways that podcasts are consumed; common practices include on a commute while exercising, or performing domestic chores. The ability to subscribe to a show and receive the latest episodes upon release has contributed to engaged listenership, but it is also very common to tune in for once-off episodes at random times. As one of the fastest-growing mediums, with projections predicting this trend accelerating, podcasting is an exciting space to engage with and to take part in, so don’t be shy!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The simplest definition of a podcast: on-demand audio in episode format.
  • Subscribing to podcasts and the platforms on which they are hosted.
  • The growth of the podcasting space and the projected continuation of this trend. 
  • Convenience and accessibility; reasons for the sharp rise in the popularity of the medium.
  • Reasons and opportunities to start your own podcast!

Links Mentioned:

Apple Podcasts



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