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Ep 12: Should I Use The Co-Host Format For My Podcast?

Whether or not you’d like to use the co-host format is entirely up to you. Certain formats work for certain people. Bringing on a co-host is similar to the guest format; it’s a great way to stimulate conversation. If you and your co-host have good chemistry, creating new content should be a breeze. Some great podcasts for reference are Spittin’ Chiclets by Barstool Sports and The Office Ladies by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Should you have a co-host? The answer is unique to the host and the podcast.
  • This format is similar to the guest format.
  • Having a co-host is a fun, easy way to get new content without working up a sweat.

Links Mentioned:

Spittin’ Chiclets

Barstool Sports

The Office ladies.

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