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Ep 119: How Do I Add My Podcast to My WordPress Website?

With so many podcasters opting to use WordPress to build a website, we wanted to share a few simple steps to getting your podcast episodes up and running on your WordPress site today! Podcasters rely on the ability to have an RSS feed displayed on a website, something that WordPress offers, along with their Podcast Player Block and widget. With just the right amount of control and customizability, this task is fun and easy, so let’s get started!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Websites have become so much easier to create, anyone can do it!
  • WordPress makes up a huge percentage of the internet’s websites.
  • Though simple, WordPress offers a large amount of flexibility and control. 
  • Having an RSS feed on your website is a priority for podcasters.
  • WordPress offers a dedicated, customizable Podcast Player Block and podcast widget.

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