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Ep 28 Dr Charlotte Huntley

028: Embracing the Power of Podcast Conversations with Dr. Charlotte Huntley

It is relatively easy for anyone to start a podcast, keeping the momentum and making it a long-term success is where the challenge lies! Today on Business Beyond the Mic, Carli is joined by the incredible epidemiologist, public health guru, entrepreneur, and podcast host, Dr. Charlotte H Huntley to discuss the power of conversation in the world of podcasting! With 12 years of experience in public health and a prior 10 in microbiology, Dr. Huntley has a wealth of experience in her field of epidemiology and is using her reach to educate people in public health through podcasting. 

In this conversation, we discuss her career journey, the power of communication through podcasting, how she made use of her existing connections to kickstart her show, the importance of being aware of the needs of your audience, and so much more! We go on to talk about the danger of comparison before Dr. Huntley tells us how she measures her podcast’s success. Our guest also tells us about her new show and what it takes to sustain a successful podcast! Finally, she explores how podcasting has opened up the entire world for her and how having an editing team has been the most incredible investment. Thanks for tuning in!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

Dr. Huntley shares her passion for public health; particularly the impact of public health on preventing and treating diseases. Organizations that serve communities of color are often the ones that are hit hardest by public health issues and as a result, Dr. Huntley places her focus on them in a creative way.

Communication is imperative in the creation of a successful podcast and today, our guest tells us how answering the questions people were already asking her helped her get her podcast off the ground. Dr. Huntley also tells us how she started off by asking her friends to be guests on her podcast and why she wishes she had started it sooner. 

Being aware of the needs and wants of your audience is imperative when hosting a podcast. Dr. Huntley tells us about changing the name of her podcast, why she decided to do it, and the importance of pivoting when necessary. 

Comparison is quite dangerous when looking at podcast success and Dr. Huntley chooses to follow other metrics to measure the podcast’s success. We discuss the importance of being consistent about measuring metrics and being aware of the response to your podcast. 

Anyone can start a podcast but not many people can sustain a podcast! Having over 300 episodes of her show, Dr. Huntley tells us her secret to keeping it alive for so long. We then discuss her new podcast and how its creation has differed from that of her first podcast.

How podcasting has opened the whole world for Dr. Huntley, her non-negotiable podcasting tools, and the biggest lesson she has learned from her experience as a podcaster. Dr. Huntley uses We Edit Podcasts to assist her with her podcast editing and quickly learned that it was the best investment she could make. 


“People wanted to hear these relatable stories. They didn’t necessarily want to read from this academic jargon or what they saw in school. – They wanted to hear from people who were doing this work every day.” — @DrCHHuntley [0:10:36]

“Always pay attention and pivot with the needs of the listeners and the audience members.” — @DrCHHuntley [0:13:01]

The podcast opened the whole world to me. I mean, people are listening from so many different countries that reach out to me, and – I’ve worked with people literally around the world.” — @DrCHHuntley [0:13:01]

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