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EP 19 Dr Shainna Ali

019: Embracing Flexibility on Your Podcasting Journey with Dr. Shainna Ali

Being open-minded and flexible along on your podcasting journey creates freedom and gives direction to how we shape content. Ultimately, these qualities help us to better serve our audience! Joining us today on the Business Beyond the Mic podcast, is Dr. Shainna Ali, a mental health counselor, educator, and advocate, who is dedicated to destigmatizing mental health counseling and promoting global awareness of the importance of mental wellness. As the owner of Integrated Counseling Solutions LLC in Central Florida, she operates a strength-focused mental health clinic. Dr. Shainna hosts the Mental Wellness Practice Podcast, offering practical strategies for cultivating mental well-being. She is the bestselling author of the Self-Love Workbook and Self-Love Series, featured in numerous media outlets, and has received accolades, including UCF’s 30 under 30 and Noble Knights Distinctions, for her contributions to mental wellness.

As you tune in to this episode, you’ll discover the person behind Dr. Shainna, including her passions and aspirations, as we explore her podcasting journey. She stresses the importance of aligning your podcast with purpose and shares insights on what she wishes she knew before starting, the impact of high personal standards, and highlights three of the benefits of launching her show. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation, so start listening now. Enjoy!

Takeaways From This Episode:

Learn more about the who behind Dr. Shainna, including her passions and aspirations. We then dive into her podcast story and why she believes that your podcast should reflect your purpose and align with how you serve others.

What she wishes she had known before starting her podcast (and what she’s learned along the way) and why you should factor in the nature of your natural conversation when deciding on both potential guests and episode formats. 

We chat about how our own high personal standards can act as a hindrance and Shainna then shares three of the biggest benefits of launching her show.

She reminds us to have an open mind and truly be flexible when it comes to your podcast journey. That flexibility can help you better serve your audience and gives you the freedom and direction to shape your content.

Shainna outlines the specific metrics she prioritizes and why, while also emphasizing her intentional decision not to constantly monitor them. She highlights why the hunt and adventure of figuring out why one episode became popular is her favorite metric.


“[The podcast] is a wonderful opportunity to create accessible information.” — Dr. Shainna Ali [0:05:00]

“I’m an educator at the end of the day — I’ve been really tethered to the goal of wanting to make sure that the listener learns something that they may not have access to or may not even be learning in their counseling office even if they are going in for therapy.” — Dr. Shainna Ali [0:14:27]

“I know that if I am going to have someone on, it’s going to be someone that’s well-vetted, someone that I trust. That is a non-negotiable for me.” — Dr. Shainna Ali [0:21:57]

Longer Quotes:

“Something that I like about a podcast, [is] we never know who’s really listening — we have these fun fancy stats on the backend of things but you never know who’s willing to listen to a podcast that may be a little bit more intimidated to go into a counseling office, take a class, [or] fill in the blank.” — Dr. Shainna Ali [0:16:35]

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