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Does Your Podcast Need a Make-Over? Here’s 10 Ways to Spruce It Up!

Hands up if this sounds familiar…

You’ve launched your podcast, you’ve been consistently publishing episodes, and everything seems to be good. Except, you don’t feel really good…

You feel like you’re just going through the motions. Your passion isn’t overflowing any more, and you’re starting to realize that this is seriously affecting your motivation to podcast.

So before that motivation well is all dried up, maybe it’s high time you take a step back and reevaluate things with fresh eyes and make way for a fresh start.

And you may discover that what your podcast needs is a make-over! Now, there are various reasons to give your show a makeover, besides the above-mentioned lack of motivation. Perhaps you feel like you’re in a rut, and your show/audience/fill-in-own-blank are just not going anywhere.

Perhaps you’re bored, or worse yet, you sense that your audience is bored! That certainly won’t do! Particularly if you still have so many podcasting goals to achieve! So if you’ve found yourself identifying with any or all of the above statements, your podcast definitely needs a little make-over! And we’ve got 10 strategies you can try to help you spruce up your podcast and get it feeling exciting again! Do this, and you’ll feel all your motivation and dedication to your show swarming back in full force!

1. Change Your Podcast Intro 

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) by looking at your podcast intro.

Your intro could be a great place to implement a few changes, and get a fresh feel happening on your show again.

Add some fresh, new intro music (check out this post for great sites for royalty-free music and sound effects!), and record a new introduction that still keeps the essence of your show. You’ll be able to recapture your listener’s attention all over and again, and your show will feel as good as new!

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2. Spruce Up Your Outro

Another area that could benefit from a little make-over is your outro. This is where you share your super important call-to-action. But if it’s outdated, and you’ve just had the same outro for far too long, it’s definitely going to lose its effectiveness! 

So change it up a bit! Include the CTA (call-to-action) you want your listeners to respond to, but put a fresh spin on it. And think about including other surprises to keep your listeners engaged right to the final second! Hide some Easter eggs (think Marvel movies!), ask a question and include some responses in the next episode, ask for feedback, or share an exclusive offer. Consider changing up the music here too, and your outro will be all shiny and new.

Don’t have an outro yet? Check out this post: What To Include In An Effective Podcast Outro

3. Change Up the Format

A quick revamp strategy is simply changing up your format. If you’ve stuck to a fairly similar structure for each episode, chances are, you may be feeling like things have become a little too predictable. Perhaps even a little bit stagnant? It’s time to change it up!

You don’t need to completely overhaul your structure, particularly if certain segments are integral to the identity of your podcast. But you could look at adding new segments, putting fan-favorite segments or questions at a different place in the episode, or by exploring some of your usual segments from a new angle. 

4. Breathe New Life into Old Content

Revamping your show doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot more content creation work! A really great way to spruce up your show is to breathe new life into some of your old content.

You could re-release some of your best loved episodes, but adding some bonus content, like bloopers or “behind-the-scenes” conversations with the featured guests. You could even consider starting a YouTube channel and sharing any video content you have there, or to your Instagram or TikTok.

Or how about taking up a new challenge, like blogging? Or even using some of your old content as the basis of a book or online course? Offering your content in diverse formats not only helps boost your authority within your niche, but the challenge itself can be totally invigorating! And this new-found excitement will overflow to your podcast, bringing new life here as well. 

5. Try a Little Home Make-Over

Now, we’re not talking about your whole home, just your recording environment. If you’re needing new inspiration for content creation, don’t overlook a revamp of your physical environment. A new or improved space can help you feel refreshed and invigorated, and help spark your creativity for new content ideas.

It doesn’t have to be a major revamp; you could start by simply changing up your recording space. Rearrange your furniture, add in some new visual elements, like new artwork or some plants, or just change up your view. Research shows adding plants into your home or office space can boost your mood, and give you renewed energy. And this renewed energy could mean fresh, innovative ideas for your upcoming episodes, or new ways to connect with your listeners.

6. Ask Your Listeners

Strategy Number 6 is a simple one. Ask your listeners. Who knows better what they want from your show better than those who love your show? So reach out and ask your listeners what else they’d love to hear on your show.

What type of content are they looking for? Which guests would they love to hear on your show? How else would they like to receive content from you? The answers you get back will give you a clear path for what steps you should take next.

7. Increase Audience Engagement

And while we’re focused on your audience, here’s our next strategy, upping your engagement. There’s no better way to breathe some fresh life into your podcast than by getting your audience more engaged! An actively engaged audience is the life force of a podcast. Your show may be crammed full of amazing content, but it’s the audience that sustains a podcast. 

And there’s a whole host of things you can do to increase your audience engagement. Often one of the most successful ways to accomplish this is by hosting a fun giveaway or contest. This draws your audience in, encouraging them to participate in something that everyone in your podcast community is passionate about.

Another way to increase audience engagement is to introduce Q&A sessions after the publishing of a new episode. Apps built specifically for social audio such as Clubhouse or platforms like Fireside (set to be launched later this year) could be great places to really engage your audience in a whole new way.

This type of interaction can really add a new dimension to your podcast. It allows your audience to engage with you on a personal level, which, in turn, can strengthen their connection to you and reignite their love for your podcast all over again!

*Both Twitter and Facebook (although the latter is only for public figures and select Facebook groups in the US) have created platforms for social audio. These could be great places to connect with your listeners.

8. Host a Live Event

Hosting live events is another way to increase your engagement with your audience. These are also a great way to do something new with your podcast. Live events sound really daunting! But there are actually so many options and avenues available under the “live” umbrella, that you should be able to find a version that is perfect for you as well as your audience. Not only will you and your audience get a chance to meet each other in person, but it’s a great way to stretch and develop your podcasting skills.

Of course, there’s hosting live episode recordings via Zoom or other platforms. But you could also host a virtual meet-up where you get to just hang out with your audience. You could even consider hosting a webinar where you share more niche-related content, or equip your audience with a new niche-related skill.

And as you’re able to in your area or country, you might even consider hosting an in-person podcast meet-up! And again, the possibilities for what you do at this type of live event are endless! You could record your next episode in front of a live audience, or collab with other podcast hosts and host a panel discussion Or you could simply host a casual Q&A style meet-up where your listeners can interact with you, ask you questions, and just solidify those relationships your podcast has created.

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9. Grow Your Community

When it comes to giving your podcast some new life, there’s nothing better than giving it life beyond the podcast. Doing this is simple; create and then nurture your podcast community! You can do this by launching a Facebook group where your listeners can share ideas, ask questions, and discuss episodes even further. You could nurture your audience through weekly email newsletters, or through engaging on any or all of the available social media platforms. 

Your community loves your show as much as you do, and they are the ones that will support you as you continue to grow your reach. So it is important that you do put the time and effort into growing your community. More often than not, people simply want a place where they can connect with others who share a passion or a similar outlook on life. Providing a space where your listeners can come together not only helps to grow your podcast but also helps your audience find a place to belong. 

10. Do a Little Experimenting 

Our last strategy is less than a strategy, more of an idea…

How about a little experimenting? Now, I’m not suggesting you don a white coat and goggles and do experiments of a scientific nature. I’m simply saying why not try some out of the box ideas to breathe new life into your podcast!

And this could be anything! A new segment, hosting a giveaway, or introducing interviews if that’s not your usual M.O. Any or all of these ideas could be a massive breath of fresh air to your show and bring a whole new buzz to your podcast community. 

Really allow yourself the opportunity to brainstorm freely. Think about your audience, what they like, what they need, and then think of ways you can meet those needs. Maybe it’s some fun, downloadables that highlight your key content points? Maybe it’s more live, interactive videos on Instagram Live? Or maybe you need to look for opportunities to be interviewed on other top podcasts within or niche, particularly if that’s something you’ve never done before! Have some fun dreaming up great new opportunities to spruce up your show!

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Closing Thoughts

So if your show is feeling a little stale, you’re bored, your audience is tuning out, or you just feel like you’re going through the motions, it’s definitely time to work a little podcast make-over magic! Use these strategies for some simple, but super effective, tweaks and tucks to spruce up your podcast and breathe new life into your show. 

You’ll find that a few simple changes  – even just rearranging your recording space! – will go a long way to boosting your motivation to keep producing a stellar show. And as an added bonus, you’ll be amping up your podcasting passion once again.  

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