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EP 6 Kristi Bridges

006: Creating a Platform for Honest Conversations with Kristi Bridges

Joining us today is Kristi Bridges, President and CEO of The Sawtooth Group. She’s a speaker, consultant, strategist, and host of The Irresistible Factor Podcast, a show that focuses on brands in the health and wellness space that want to become irresistible to consumers, investors, and retailers. Kristi is also one of the creators of I-Factor™, the only tool that’s been tested and shown to get how today’s digital consumers connect with brands and what makes them appealing to investors and retailers. She’s a wealth of information due to a history of experience with big brands and over 20 years of creating innovative, relevant strategies to bring brands and their consumers closer together. 

In our conversation, Kristi opens up about her podcasting journey and how it has harnessed the power of storytelling and the strength of community to combat feelings of isolation among her listeners and industry peers. We also explore how Kristi’s podcast keeps her in tune with the marketing industry and facilitates direct connections with hardworking business owners navigating the challenges of their field. This is an interview filled with valuable insights, so don’t miss out. Start listening now!

For more key takeaways from this episode, be sure to check out Business Beyond The Mic Show Notes.

Takeaways From This Episode: 

We dive into her career journey and the motivation behind her acquisition of the first company she worked for. She shares how her passion for educating consumers about the impact of food on their bodies drove her to be part of the solution, countering the tricks used by marketers.

How COVID led to her launching her podcast, the Irresistible Fact, as a platform for founders to share their stories. Kristi shares how it became a place where real, honest, conversations could happen, and why she believes the podcast remains a vital space for advice, insight into the world, and fostering connections among people.

We delve into what ignited her passion for building a community centered on connection, where her guests can connect organically. She also reveals the invaluable aspect of podcasting that she now cherishes as a gift.

Off-the-cuff conversations and why Kristi doesn’t prepare guests or send questions in advance for her interviews. Why unscripted discussions often result in the highest listener engagement, Kristi underlines the challenges of starting a business and the value of unfiltered insights from those who’ve already been through it! 

What’s in the pipeline for her podcast and community; monetizing the show with sponsors and not guests. The importance of learning from your podcast and playing it back to your business, holding up your end of the bargain, and why you should always check that your record button is on! 

Kristi offers this parting piece of advice: don’t stress over getting guests on your show, people want to share their stories and they want to connect with you and connect you to their network. So, ask the question even if it’s uncomfortable!


“I have this podcast, which has become a real passion project for me. It’s its own little mini-ecosystem of founders and investors and retail, distributors, and buyers. It’s just incredible.” — @kristibridges22 [0:07:10]

“One thing I would say about podcasting is that I’ve learned and I continue to learn every single time I interview someone.” — @kristibridges22 [0:11:39]

“The thing I’ve noticed about my podcast is the ones that get the most engagement and listens and shares are the ones where people are telling their truths even if it’s painful.” — @kristibridges22 [0:15:21]

Longer Quote:

“[During COVID] I thought, instead of freaking out, which is what was happening, and worrying, I would do something that I felt could be potentially useful because I kept hearing the same stories. I’m stressed. I’m alone. No one understands what I’m going through. I started the podcast called, The Irresistible Factor as a way of really helping create a platform for those founders to share stories.” — @kristibridges22 [0:05:40] 

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