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Tips and Tricks for Consistency in Podcasting

Consistency in Podcasting: The Best Tips and Tricks

Consistency in podcasting is key when it comes to finding podcasting success. I’ll say that straight out of the gate. If you want your show to be successful, however, you want to measure that success, you have to do a couple of key things. And you have to do these consistently.

You need to deliver episodes on a regular basis. And these episodes need to consistently be as value-rich, and as high-quality as possible. Shows that rise to the top all have these two things in common. And a lack thereof will more often than not lead to failure.

But with such pressure for quality content delivered on a consistent schedule, it can feel overwhelming!

So let us help you out. Because we know that there are plenty of tips and tricks out there that can make achieving that vital consistency when it comes to your podcast production that much easier. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the importance of creating consistency in podcasting, as well as share all our tips and tricks for maintaining consistency in every aspect of your show.

First, however…

Why Consistency In Podcasting is so Important

consistency in podcasting

But why are we so adamant that consistency when it comes to podcasting is so vital to a show’s success?

Well, because consistency is the backbone of all successful endeavors, and podcasting is no different.

But specific to podcasting, consistency is important for a number of reasons.

  1. It helps your listeners become more familiar with what you do, and it helps you lay the foundation upon which you can build relationships with your listeners.
  2. Consistently sharing high-quality episodes showcases a level of professionalism and can help elevate your podcast above others in your niche.
  3. Consistency also develops a sense of trust between you and your audience. Listeners want to know that they can rely on your podcast episodes to drop at a specific time, on a specific day, and even fall within a specific length.
  4. Consistency in both the quality episodes and your publishing schedule shows dedication, but it also helps to keep your listeners engaged and interested in your content. It builds up trust and helps listeners understand and appreciate the value you offer.
  5. And finally, consistency is a vital component when you start looking for ways to successfully monetize your podcast.

So, consistency is key when it comes to finding success in the realm of podcasts. But how do you create that consistency?

We’ve gathered our best tips and tricks to help you develop that all-important consistency for your show.

Tips and Tricks for Consistency in Podcasting

1. Create a Manageable Publishing Schedule for Your Podcast

The first step to having that all-important consistency when it comes to your podcast is to create a manageable publishing schedule. It can be tough to juggle all the other demands in life while also cranking out a regular podcast episode each week. And it’s all good and well to say that you want to put out two episodes a week, but if your plate is already pretty full, that’s probably not realistic.

You may be able to keep that pace up for a while, but if it’s not manageable, you’re not going to be consistent, and likely sooner rather than later, your podcast will be another victim of podfade. (Yes, it’s a real thing. You can find out more about it here.)

So, what’s the trick?

First, decide on a realistic release frequency. Maybe it’s once a week, maybe twice a month, or maybe even once a month. Decide on the frequency that you can manage for the long term, and commit to this.

Then all that’s left to do is build your podcast schedule around this time frame.

2. Create an Episode Recipe

Our next trick for creating consistency when it comes to your podcast is to build out an episode recipe. This is just a fancy way of saying ‘create a blueprint for your episodes that’s easy to replicate’.

This is a great tip for creating consistent episodes. In the same way following a recipe helps you deliver those perfect choc chip cookies time and time again, creating an episode recipe will help you create podcast episodes that deliver the same level of quality at roughly the same length every time.

You’re free to create whatever episode recipe or blueprint works for your audience, your topic, and your format. But once you have what works, create that episode recipe so it’s easy and efficient to consistently create those value-dense podcast episodes.

3. Don’t Go It Alone

Podcasting can feel like a very solo endeavor. It can feel like you have to do every step of the journey alone. You have to do the research. You have to book your guests and write the script. And then it’s up to you to do the editing and the promoting.

Only to have to do it all again for the next episode. This can become too much to consistently carry out. But it doesn’t have to be, because you don’t have to go it alone!

You have options!

You could get a co-host to help share the load. You could outsource part of the process. (You can check out the services we offer here.)

Or, you could join a podcast community that can offer you the support and encouragement you need to keep fighting the good fight.

Whatever you decide to do is up to you. The important takeaway here is that if you want to be consistent with your podcast, one of the best tips we can give you is that you don’t have to go it alone!

Looking to join a podcast community? Check out the Podcasters Platform!

4. Create Episode Templates

So you have your episode recipe. Now, let’s talk about your episode template. This tip will help you create and maintain consistency when it comes to the editing of your podcast episodes. If you’re not going to outsource the editing process, (again, check out our services, this is something we’re pretty good at, wink, wink.) then creating an episode template can help you streamline the editing process, saving you time, and allowing you the space to keep producing those high-quality, value-dense episodes.

Creating templates means there’s a whole bunch of edits you don’t have to do each and every time you edit your episodes. Freeing up your podcasting time, which will allow you to consistently create episodes.

We actually have a whole post dedicated to saving you time as you record and edit your podcast. You can check it out here: How to Record Your Podcast for Faster Editing.

5. Use Available Tools

Consistency, for better or for worse, is one of those things that take time and effort to develop.

A little ironic, right?

That in order to develop consistency, you have to consistently work at it.

And again, that takes time and effort. And as we’ve already stated, it can be tough going it alone. So, for our final tip, our advice is to lean into and use all the available tech and tools to help you streamline your podcasting process.

And the really great news is that there are tons of really fantastic tools available to help podcasters use their time effectively and efficiently at every step of the podcasting journey.

And because marketing and promotion is one of the phases of the podcasting process that most podcasters feel they don’t have the time for, we’ve put together a list of podcast marketing tools you can turn to so that you’re able to consistently promote your show, and so grow your audience and expand your reach.

You can check that list out here.

Final Thoughts

Creating and maintaining consistency in podcasting is no easy feat, but when you can achieve that consistency, it is our professional opinion that this pays out tenfold. We truly believe that a consistent publishing schedule and consistency in the sharing of high-quality episodes are the basis of what makes a show successful, no matter the niche, topic, or format.

Consistency is key to podcasting success. That’s just the bottom line.

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