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A List of the Top Podcast Hosting Sites in 2022

Looking to start a podcast? Got your shiny new mic and snazzy headphones. (Question: Does anyone say “snazzy” any more? Moving on.) But before you can get your podcast out into the world, you need a podcast host. “Ahem, aren’t I the host?” Yes, you are the podcast host. But to actually launch a podcast,


Need Q4 Motivation? Here Are 12 Ways to Motivate Your Team

We’re smack bang in the middle of Q4! I know. I’m also wondering how we got here. But we’re here none-the-less. And we often know we’re in Q4 because we’re feeling less than stellar. Too often we enter into this last quarter tired, stressed out, and demotivated. Wondering how we’re going to make it to

13 of the Absolute Best Spooky Podcasts

It’s the spooky season. The air is filled with pumpkin spice. Crisp leaves are underfoot. And as much as it’s the time of Fall flavors and flannel, it’s also a time of snuggling up under our favorite blanket and enjoying a spooky tale…or two. And we’ve got a whole list of spooky, story-telling podcasts that

Best Tips to Take Your Podcast to the Next Level

Looking to take your podcast to the next level? Then look no further than this post! It’s got all our best tips for kicking your podcasting skills into high gear! Whether it’s general podcasting tips you’re looking for to help you level up your show, or you’re looking at improving your skill set in a

20 Effective Social Media Tips for Podcast Growth

Social media has been an incredible resource to businesses and small companies, allowing them to realize new revenue streams and develop new customer connections through online interaction. It’s literally never been easier to reach the general public, which is great news for podcasters looking to promote their programs and expand their audiences. And although utilizing

The 10 Must Do’s for Successful Podcasting

When it comes to podcasting, creating a quality show that is consistently entertaining is key to your success. Listeners are looking for a show that they can count on to be high-quality and engaging episode after episode. By putting in the work and delivering a great show, you can attract an audience and keep them

Simple Time Saving Tips for Your Podcasting Process

No matter how long you’ve been in the podcasting game for, it should be a known fact that making a highly valuable, high-quality podcast can take up a lot of time. It’s not just the time it takes nail your recordings! It takes time to plan out each episode. Not to mention the time it

A Breakdown of the Most Popular Podcast Formats

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? If so, it’s important to choose the right format. The right format will help you best communicate your intended message and topic. And while picking your podcast format may seem straightforward, it can be a little more complicated than you might think. There are way more different types

Make Your Podcast Great with These Underrated Tips

Hey there, Podcast Hosts! Are you looking for ways to improve your show and take it to the next level? Most new podcast hosts know the basics of launching a podcast. And many have some idea of what you need to do to grow a podcast. But there is a lot that you can do

How to Start a Successful Podcast on YouTube

Are you considering launching a podcast on YouTube? Fun fact: Did you know that according to this survey, YouTube is the preferred platform when it comes to podcast listening? That’s quite the statistic! So, based on that, it’s fair to say that sharing your podcast via YouTube is a pretty good idea! But just how

The Best Podcast Editing Tips from We Edit Podcasts

Editing is an essential part of the podcaster’s process. It’s far more than simply snipping out awkward silences and adding in catchy jingles. Skillful editing can take your show from good to great. And it can make your valuable content shine all the more brightly. But this doesn’t just happen! It can take years of

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