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tips for being a successful remote worker

Our 15 Tips for Being a Successful Remote Worker

Today, we’re talking all things remote work. Because here at We Edit Podcasts, we’re big fans of the remote work life! We have a fully distributed team of 65+ people living and working in 9 countries around the world. Pretty cool, right? And more and more, we’re seeing peers and contemporaries seek out job roles

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How to record your podcast for faster editing

How to Record Your Podcast for Faster Editing

Hey, Podcasters! Quick question…You love hosting your podcast, right? You love sharing your message with the world and you love connecting with your listenership. But

How to structure your podcast episodes

How to Structure Your Podcast Episodes

Do you structure your podcast episodes? Crafting a well-ordered podcast episode is fundamental to captivating your audience. If the individual elements of an episode are

the best ways to discover new podcasts

The Best Ways to Discover New Podcasts

Are you always looking to discover new podcasts? For us, it’s almost a chronic problem! The problem, however, is not that there are not enough

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