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best podcasting tools and apps for podcasters

The Podcasting Tools and Apps Every Podcaster Needs Right Now

When it comes to successful podcasting, having the right tools and apps can make all the difference. From recording and editing to distribution and promotion, there are a plethora of podcasting tools and apps that can make it so much easier for podcasters to take their podcast to the next level. But with so many

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How to incorporate video with your podcast

10 Ways to Incorporate Video with Your Podcast

So, you’re a podcaster looking for new ways to grow your audience and expand your reach? Then now might be high time that you consider incorporating a video element alongside

How to record your podcast for faster editing

How to Record Your Podcast for Faster Editing

Hey, Podcasters! Quick question…You love hosting your podcast, right? You love sharing your message with the world and you love connecting with your listenership. But I’m going to take a

How to structure your podcast episodes

How to Structure Your Podcast Episodes

Do you structure your podcast episodes? Crafting a well-ordered podcast episode is fundamental to captivating your audience. If the individual elements of an episode are not arranged in the correct

the best ways to discover new podcasts

The Best Ways to Discover New Podcasts

Are you always looking to discover new podcasts? For us, it’s almost a chronic problem! The problem, however, is not that there are not enough podcasts. Quite the opposite in

Top tips for great podcast interviews

The Best Tips for Great Podcast Interviews

Are you a podcast host looking for fresh ways to take your podcast interviews to the next level? Look no further! We Edit Podcasts is here with our top tips

Best Podcast Blogs

17 of the Best Podcast Blogs in 2023

Are you a podcast host looking to boost your podcast knowledge? A great place to start is podcast blogs. But you don’t want just any podcast blog. You’re looking for

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