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A Successful Podcast Website Needs These 12 Key Things

Hey, Podcasters! Quick question…do you have a podcast website?

Quick answer? You should!

A podcast’s website is a great way to build a web presence for your show.

And as a podcast host, looking to build a successful podcast with a strong brand, it’s important to have a website that is well-stocked with the right tools. Your website should be a base for all your resources, content, products, services, and personal information. It’s also where your listeners go to engage, support you, learn, or give feedback.

But how does your podcast website become this hub? Well, it starts with the basics.

It starts with the 12 things your podcast website needs.

1. Your Contact Information

This is point Number 1 for one reason and one reason only. There are a lot of podcasters who don’t have their contact information available on their websites! And this is a massive mistake!

The key to a thriving podcast is a thriving podcast community. And the cornerstone of any thriving community is engagement.

But how can you foster that all-important engagement if you don’t provide a channel for that engagement? Building on that, if there’s no contact information, how are fellow hosts going to contact you for all those guest spots?

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Or how are sponsors or ad opportunities going to reach out to you if there’s no way to do so?

See how important those contact details are?

Checking this box just requires a simple listing of the email address that should be used to contact you.

But if you’re looking for ways to maximize your engagement with your community, you could look into setting up a built-in feature or message board which can be used to connect with you.

2. Your About Section

So now that your listeners, potential sponsors, or those looking to book you as their next amazing guest have a way to contact you, your next item on your Podcast Website Check List is a way for people to get to know you.

And that means that item Number 2 on this list is an About section.

This is one of the most effective ways to get your audience acquainted with you, your show, and your overall brand. An About section or Bio page is a great way to orientate new listeners or the interested viewer into who you are and what your show is all about.

So you want this to really shine you so feel free to be creative and true to your show and your brand.

Give a little insight into who you are and what your show is about. You could include a little podcast history, like how you came up with your name, or, if you have a co-host, you could include a little about your backstory.

You could share some insight into why you picked your topic, and you could also list things like your education history, or other accolades you’ve achieved if they relate to your topic. This is a great way to help establish and build your niche authority!

Remember, one of the reasons podcasts are unique is because listeners can form such a strong bond with their favorite podcast hosts. So make sure you provide an easy way for your listeners to get to know you so you can lay a great foundation for those connections.

3. Your Brand’s Mission and Vision

Along with your About information, sharing an overview of your brand’s mission and vision on your website is a fantastic approach to allow your podcast listeners, as well as anybody who visits your page, to get to know you better.

Your About Section gives a brief overview of who you are and what your show is all about. But sharing your brand’s mission and vision allows you to paint a fuller picture of all you are and all you hope to achieve.

And sharing this can be a great way to build connections with like-minded people.

Use this section of your website to allow your listeners to learn about the heart behind the voice. 

4. Your Podcast

Yes, I know this is obvious, because what good is a podcast website without the actual podcast, right?

But there is some nuance to this! You can’t just put the name and description on your website and call it a day. You have to make it possible for users to actually listen to your podcast right there on the website. Sure, most of your listeners will probably be using their podcast listening platform of choice to consume your content. But having your latest episode ready to play right there on your website can get people hooked on your content now!

But, because it’s a website, you can also make this way more customized. If you’ve been putting out episodes for a while, with a great big back catalogue, you could use your website to make it easy for listeners to get acquainted with and hooked on your content as quickly as possible. Perhaps, along your podcasting journey, you’ve discovered that an episode other than Number 1 is the best place for new listeners to start. You can include this nugget of wisdom on your website.

Or, perhaps you have episodes covering certain topics. Your website can enable you to list these in their respective categories.

Having your podcast on your podcast website is a given. But there is also so much you can do with it there! So make sure you use this to your full advantage on your podcast website.

5. Links to Podcast Players

And, speaking of your podcast, your podcast website should contain the links to your show on all popular listening apps and platforms.

Make it easy to convert your website listeners to hardcore podcast fans by making it simple for them to find your show on their listening app of choice. With so many shows out there, yours will get lost in the crowd on occasion. If people haven’t subscribed or followed your show yet, or if people forget the name of your podcast, there’s very little chance of them becoming loyal members of your community.

But if they can add your show to their library right then and there, you’ve just gained another listener!

6. Social Links

And now, carrying on the theme of links, your podcast website should also have the links to your social media profiles you have which are connected to your podcast.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, if you have a video podcast on YouTube, or if you’re serving up killer connect on TikTok, convert your website users into podcast loyalists by making it easy for them to see your other content.

7. Your Blog

Now, a blog isn’t a necessity for a successful podcast. But it definitely can help! And that’s because your blogs posts can easily rank for your keywords!

So, it is a great idea to consider adding “blogger” to your content creation reportoire!

And when you do! Be sure to house it on your podcast website! First and foremost, sharing content in another format is an effective way to boost your niche authority! But, as I mentioned above, written content is great for improving your discoverability. By linking your blog to your podcast content, and then by including your blog on your podcast website, you can convert readers into listeners. Once they find the content they love on your blog, it will be an easy conversion to falling in love with your podcast!

8. Support Options

Do you have a Patreon platform? Are you signed up for Buy Me a Coffee (or a pizza!)? Are there other ways your listeners can support you?

Then you guessed it! These should be on your podcast website! Your podcast likely has a call-to-action letting your listeners know about all the ways they can support you and your show. And you’re obviously putting those important links in your show notes.

But putting these links on your podcast website makes it easy for your community to follow through on your call-to-action.

And when people are perusing your awesome website, loving all the content you’re sharing, they can become supporters there and then…if you include your support options on your website!

9. Your Other Offerings

You know what also needs to be on your podcast website? Anything else you offer that’s related to your brand! Whether it’s your cool podcast merch, your niche-related courses or ebooks, or whatever else you offer, create a space for these on your podcast website.

Remember, your podcast website can be a central hub for your brand. By showcasing all you offer, your website serves as a platform to help you build your brand authority. So be sure to create space for everything you’ve got going on! Make it easy for your viewers to become loyal members of your community by making it easy to find and enjoy all your other offerings.

10. Newsletter Sign-Up

If you’ve got a newsletter, make it easy to grow your mailing list by adding a sign-up feature to your website!

Email is still one of the most effective ways to connect with an audience and build a brand. So if you don’t yet have a newsletter for your podcast, consider this the sign you’ve been waiting for to start one!

And once you do, include a sign-up option on your podcast’s website!

And as an added feature, you can even include some of your previous editions so that newcomers get a great taste of all that your newsletter offers.

11. Reviews or Testimonials

Looking for an unmatched way to boost your authority? Add some podcast reviews or testimonials to your podcast website!

This is a great way to add legitimacy to you and your podcast. Showcasing some of the ways your podcast has helped others and how it’s made an impact in people’s lives, or even just showing how much your listeners enjoy the content you’re putting out can be a really effective way to win over new listeners.

By having a place on your podcast website that highlights the value you’re already providing to those in your community, you can set yourself up for success in attracting new listeners who are looking for content just like yours.

Not to mention, if you’re ever looking to land some bigger sponsorships or monetize your podcast in other ways, having reviews and testimonials from happy listeners is a surefire way to help seal the deal with sponsors!

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12. Your Brand Identity

Last but not least, your website needs to contain your show’s identity. This is not an item, per se. Rather, it’s making sure that your website reflects the personality, feeling, or vibe – if you will – that you want your podcast to convey.

As a hub of all things related to your podcast, your podcast’s website must be an extension of your show and your overall brand. That means your website has to feel like your show. The colors, tone, heck, even the font should all be “on brand”. There should be a natural flow from your podcast to your website. And most importantly, it should be easily identified as belonging to your podcast.

Check this last box, and your podcast website will have everything it needs to help grow your show and achieve long-lasting and far-reaching success!

In Conclusion

So there you have it, podcast hosts! All the things your podcast website needs in order to be successful. By ensuring that your website contains these 12 essential features, you’ll give yourself the best chance of growing your podcast and building a community of loyal listeners.

Got more questions about your podcast website? Reach out to us in the comments.

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