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untapped podcast ideas

A List of Unique, Untapped Podcast Topics

A running list of untapped podcast topics…

Are you looking to start a podcast? Great! But you don’t know what it should be about? Not as great. But, we can help! It probably comes as no surprise that picking the right topic for your podcast is important. In fact, it’s really important. Your ability to scale your show and gain a following relies heavily on picking the right topic.

But just what does “the right topic” mean? Well, firstly, it has to be a topic that you are really passionate about. This passion will be key to keeping you motivated on your podcasting journey. But also, ideally, this “right topic” is one that is not overcrowded. It can be really difficult to gain traction in categories that are pretty saturated.

Hence why we’re writing this post. We want to give you a whole host of ideas for podcast topics that we, and other industry experts, feel still have huge scope for growth.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the unsaturated and untapped topics that you could consider focusing on as you prepare to launch your podcast.

Untapped Podcast Topics

But first, let’s look at some data…

According to research conducted by Amplifi Media and Podnews’ James Cridland, they discovered that the category with the highest episode count is Religion and Spirituality.

The post also gives great insight into the episode tally for a long list of podcast categories. Information that is useful moving forward.

We’ve taken some of the undersaturated topics, and come up with ideas we think could be amazing podcast topics in these categories.

Without further adieu, here are our top contenders for untapped podcast ideas…

1. Travel

A great travel podcast is a really fun ride! (Excuse the pun!) If you’re a regular globe-trotter, you can share all your knowledge and insight with others wanting to follow in your footsteps.

You could share your travel hacks, your travel planning process, how you do your research, you could even share the activities and restaurants you recommend at any given destination.

Are you living abroad? Then share all you know about your new town, city, or country from an expat’s point of view. This type of information is invaluable for others looking to live near or where you are, those looking for travel insights, or just other expats looking for shared experiences.

BONUS TIP: Any of the above topics also lend themselves to an interview format, which could help you further niche down.

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You could also “think local”…which brings us to our next set of untapped podcast topic ideas…

2. Local Focus

Any podcast with a local focus would also be something we would consider an untapped podcast idea.

You could review restaurants or the like in your area. You could interview business owners in your town, or those well-known local personalities everyone just seems to know.

At first, it may sound limiting, but thinking local can allow you to explore all sorts of more saturated topics whilst allowing you to still really niche down. History, politics, news, even true-crime are all open to you, but thinking of these from a local perspective allows you to find your own space.

And this type of local-focused podcast has the potential to become really popular. Who knows, you could become your next local celebrity!

Yes, this is very niche, but if you promote well, you could find a very loyal audience – and this is always podcasting gold.

3. Wedding and Event Planning

I don’t know about you, but after my friends and I saw the Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey romcom, The Wedding Planner, for a good couple of months after, we were all professing that we, too, dreamed of being a wedding and events planner.

While that didn’t quite stick for any of us, I would still totally listen to a wedding planner’s podcast! So if weddings and events planning is your profession, this could be a great podcast topic!

And again, so many options! Share some of your horror stories, share tips from your wealth of knowledge about what you need, and what you definitely don’t need, as you plan for your big day. Or just share your planning process from some of your favorite events.

4. Nature and Outdoors

Do you love the great outdoors? Do you have a passion for nature? Perhaps your area of study and expertise lies “outside”. Then perhaps you could look at becoming the David Attenborough of podcasts!

“Natural” and “nature-based” podcasts would definitely fall in the “untapped” category, and so there is much scope for creating a winning podcast formula!

Following on the above, our next untapped podcast idea is…

5. Gardening

Have you been blessed with green fingers? Then use your podcast to share your secrets! (Please?) Or maybe you’re just starting your gardening adventure? This could also make for a super interesting podcast that many could enjoy and relate to.

Perhaps you’re into urban gardening or farming, or alternative gardening methods? These are definitely undersaturated podcast topics.

You can share your journey, or the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way. Find online communities that are focused on this topic, and share links to your podcast here. You then have the potential to build a podcast with a great, buzzing (again, excuse the pun) community surrounding your podcast!

BONUS TIP: This is a bonus tip for really any of the untapped podcast ideas on this list. Whatever your chosen focus, find online (or IRL) communities that are built around your topic. Because they’re already a community brought together by a topic, you should find a very ready podcast audience amongst community members. Not to mention some new-found friends!

6. Adventure and Survival 

Perhaps you like your outdoors with a shot of adrenaline? Then you could consider a podcast focused on your adventures.

You could review gear, share your favorite trails, or provide packing and preparation tips.

You could also channel your inner Bear Grylls and start an action-packed survival podcast. Perhaps you could even podcast “on location” whilst you’re in the middle of your latest adventure?

7. Product Reviews

Do you love buying gizmos and gadgets off Amazon? Have you found some incredibly random but incredibly helpful products? Turn these into a Products Review podcast!

Find your niche – be it kitchen items, organizational helps, or just completely random finds, and review these for your listeners.

Many people love this type of content on Instagram and TikTok, and with the right marketing strategy and episodes full of valuable content, you could find success using this as your podcast topic.

8. First-Timers

Is there a movie franchise or well-known series you’ve never watched? Well, start watching and document your journey through your podcast!

Perhaps you’ve never watched or read Harry Potter? Or seen Star Wars? Maybe all The Office jokes and memes are lost on you as you’ve never seen a single episode? Start a podcast about it! You could find a very ready audience both in fans as well as other first-timers who could be inspired to take the journey with you.

9. Tech

Do you love keeping up with the latest tech? Then use this as your podcast topic to update listeners on the latest developments in a particular area.

You could also do tech reviews, and share the pros and cons on a chosen area, from laptops to headphones, and anything in between.

10. DIY tutorials

Take listeners on a journey as you tackle your latest DIY project. You could use each episode to break down the project, and make it easy for your listeners to follow along. And at the end, have a really cool finished project!

Or perhaps you’re busy with home renovations or in the process of fixing up a house to flip it. This is a niche idea that could have a very strong following of people busy with the same type of project, or those looking to get into “house flipping” as a whole.

BONUS TIP: This type of category as great scope for monetization. You could sell your plans for your DIY projects, or offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help your listeners achieve the desired outcome.

11. Podcast Reviews

How do you find your next favorite podcast? Podcast discoverability is always a hot topic in our circles. So why not answer the call and start a podcast review podcast!

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12. Career Guidance

Do you have an interesting career? Or perhaps you’ve been successful in a popular career choice? Share how you got there through a career guidance podcast.

This could be helpful to anyone looking to find their feet in your chosen career. Or even those on the fence about whether or not X is the career for them.

Your helpful tips and guidance would be invaluable. And as a result, you would also build a strong core group of listeners.

13. Food and Cooking

Another fairly undersaturated podcast category with untapped podcast topic ideas! Share your home-cook journey, take listeners along as you try to master a new cuisine, or review coffee shops wherever you go. Or share all your food prep tips!

You could also pull a Julie and Julia stint and cook your way through a popular cookbook, sharing your wins and fails along the way.

If you follow a particular way of eating, you could start a podcast where you share your go-to recipes, where you find specific products, or even reviews of the products you use.

14. Writing

Looking to launch a writing career? Want to share tips and tricks, or learn from fellow writers? Or perhaps you’re looking for a channel just to share the stories that are whirling around in your head.

Start a podcast in the Writing Category!

Use our tip about finding online communities (and there are plenty geared toward writers! Bonus!) and you could find yourself with a very successful podcast in an undersaturated category!

15. Children’s Podcasts

As a whole, we find there is so much scope in this category! And it doesn’t have to be only be stories! What about teaching on your area of expertise, but geared towards young, curious minds? Maybe your chosen topic is saturated for adult listeners, but we’re willing to bet if you pivot to a younger audience, the niche is wide open!

16. Minimalism or Alternative Living

While these movements are growing in society, it’s still a pretty open podcast category. So if you’ve adopted an alternative lifestyle, or just starting your minimalism journey, these could be the perfect podcast topics for you.

There are plenty of others looking to follow suite, and with your podcast as a guide, they’ll quick become part of your podcast community.


And that brings us to the end of our list of untapped podcast topics…for now!

Keep checking back in! We’re going to continually be adding to the list! Because as the industry progresses, new and exciting podcast topic ideas are going to open up!

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