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A Female-founded company focused on helping you podcast. Whether you’re looking for podcast production, video production, transcription services, show notes writing, a new voice-over, marketing add-ons, or some help with your launch and distribution, we have you covered.

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No Contracts. Just Service.

48-Hour Turnaround Times.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the podcasting space and continue to serve thousands of customers. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have to see whether we would be a good fit for you.

Podcast Editing and

Show NotesTranscriptionVideo EditingLaunch ServicesShow DevelopmentMore!

We offer a wide variety of services to an even wider clientele. Whether you’re just starting out, are an established entrepreneur or business owner, or you’ve been tasked by your boss to start an internal podcast and keep it private, we can help.

Audio Editing

Audio Editing

Basic form editing or advanced multi-track compilations, we've got you covered.

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Our in-house team is able to turn-around transcripts ultra-fast at 99% accuracy. Ask us how.

Video Editing

Video Editing

Whether you need basic video editing or an advanced multi-cam effects driven show, we can help.

Podcast Launch Services

Podcast Launch Services

Need help with your podcast distribution and hosting setup? We've done it hundreds of times.

Show Notes Writing

Show Notes Writing

Basic or advanced show notes writing services. Whether you need a blog post or an essay.

Podcast Intro / Outro

Podcast Intro / Outro

Need help assembling your own recorded podcast intro or are you in need of voice-over talent, we can help.


Join the Podcasters Platform!

We built a community where podcasters help and learn from one another. The platform offers community forums, weekly gaggles, courses, and more.

“As the host of a customer experience-focused podcast and author of Creating Superfans, I have been impressed with the team at We Edit Podcasts. They make it easy to get your show up and running by meeting their customers where they are. All you have to do is send an email when you have a new episode ready and upload the files to a Google Drive folder. Yes, it's that simple! If you're looking for a podcast platform that's truly customer-centric, I cannot recommend We Edit Podcasts enough!”

Brittany Hodak

Brittany Hodak

Podcast Host and Author of Creating Superfans.

How it Works!

A quick rundown of the process when submitting new episodes. There is more to it, but this is the condensed version.

Signup & Setup

After going through our product and package selections, you should be able to build your desired package and then checkout.


Follow the template outlined in the instructions document relating to your package and submit any relevant files to us via the shared folders.


Whether it's producing, writing, transcribing, recording, designing, or even strategizing, this is where the magic happens.

Return & Revise

Once quality control is passed, your files will be uploaded to the completed folder of your shared account.

Have a podcast? Let's Talk.

Trusted across the globe.

We've been fortunate to work with amazing companies and individuals since starting in 2015. We'd love for you to have a look at what some are saying.




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“Working with We Edit Podcasts over the last three years has allowed our team to focus on making great content and growing our business. We started with one podcast, now we have five podcasts on our own network thanks to the expert support we get from We Edit Podcasts. I have recommended them to many companies and I am happy to recommend them to you. And, not only are they podcasting experts, they are super nice people too!”

Scott Power

Scott Power

Founder and Chief Content Officer, Crewest Studios, Los Angeles


I am so grateful to work with We Edit Podcasts. They’ve edited 1,400+ episodes of So Money, since launching in 2015. Listeners always ask how my show has such great sound quality - given that I record from home with a basic microphone. My secret - this brilliant editing team!

Farnoosh Torabi
Host of So Money Podcast

I couldn’t be happier with the We Edit Podcast team when it comes to post-production of my podcast. I’ve worked with them for over a year now and the team is incredibly responsive, reliable and is quick to make any edits that is needed. They’ve made the entire process of hosting a weekly podcast easy to handle and I’m grateful for them to be part of the Behind Her Empire team! - Yasmin Noori

Yasmin Nouri
Host of the Behind Her Empire Podcast
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