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9 Tips for Launching a Successful Business Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to engage and connect with your audience in a highly personal and enjoyable way. And that means that starting a business podcast related to your brand is a great idea!

A brand-focused podcasts can provide businesses with a unique opportunity for you to reach people who may not have heard of you before. And once they have become a loyal member of your podcast community, the leap to loyal customer will be an easy one!

And so, we’ve put together this post with all you budding entrepreneurs in mind! We’re sharing all our top tips for starting a business podcast that will be an extension of your business and brand. Put these tips into practice, and your venture into brand podcasting will be a hit!

1. Determine if a Business Podcast is the Right Move

But…before you dive headfirst into starting your podcast, buying your equipment, renting studio space, or designing your eye-catching artwork, it’s a good idea to back up a little and put Tip Number One into practice…

Determining if starting a business podcast is the right move for you and your business. 

If you are running a very niche business, starting a podcast could be an amazing way to get the word out about what your company does. If you have a multi-platform brand you’re wanting to build, a podcast is a sound marketing strategy. Or if you can offer something your customers are after that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, such as industry-specific advice, or access to niche experts, starting a business podcast should meet with great success. 

2. Determine Your Angle

One of the main questions to ask when determining your podcast’s angle is “who am I talking to?” In other words, who is your audience? You should also take your niche into consideration. But most importantly, you need to know what business goals you want to achieve with your podcast. What do you hope to achieve through the launching of your business podcast. The answers to these questions will then be a great guide in determining the angle your podcast should take.

Your podcast will be successful if you can figure out the best way to satisfy the listeners’ needs and achieve your business goals. Point is, there are plenty of angles your business could tackle – you just need to find the one that will help you achieve what you’re setting out to achieve. 

3. Choose Your Name Carefully

Next tip, focus on a strong Name Game! Naming your business podcast may be as simple as “The [insert your business name here] Show” but there is also the argument for finding a name that is undeniably your podcast, but one that is also unique.

Do your clients or customers have a unique identifier which groups them? Is there a name that they use to group themselves online? Is there a word or phrase that is no doubt associated with your brand? These could them be a part of your podcast’s catchy name.

For some name inspo, check out 10 Awesome Podcast Names (And How To Get Yours)

4. Figure Out Your Format

One of the best ways to make your business podcast a success is to figure out your format. And at the heart of this question is a deep understanding of your audience.

What would they be looking for in a podcast from your brand? What are their needs? How will your podcast meet those needs?

It could be that they would benefit most from insightful interviews from niche-related experts. Maybe it’s a place where you share your expert knowledge in a solo format. It could even be a roundtable affair where you and your team focus on particular aspects of your business, or a place where you do in depth reviews of your products.  

Whatever it is that your audience needs, pick the format that will channel this best.

5. Stay On Brand

Tip Number 5 for your business podcast is to remember to stay on brand. This may be the most important tip of all where business-related podcasts are concerned! As you’re starting your podcast for your business, it is pretty imperative that the content you’re sharing through this medium is on brand. One of the ways podcasts are great for business is that they can build real relationships with your customers. You get to speak directly to them, and through the nature of the medium, and that podcasting magic, authentic relationships are formed.

But now that you’ve formed these relationships with your listeners, you need to constantly make sure that the content you’re sharing is on brand and business oriented so that there’s a smooth transition from listener to customer.

6. Pay Attention to Garnering Attention

Attention is everything, especially to a niche business. And one of the main reasons, we’re guessing, that you’re wanting to start a business podcast is to garner more attention for your business. 

And just how can you do this? By targeting many different platforms with attention-grabbing content.

Our next tip focuses more directly on the quality of that attention-grabbing, but this tip is simply to help you focus on attention. You need to position your podcast in such a way that it garners you and your business that much-desired attention. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok in some cases, are the go-to sources when it comes to getting eyes on your show. Turn some of your most intriguing, most popular, or most hilarious content into audiograms, infographics, or reels, and share them across your platforms to get your business podcast the attention it deserves.

7. Don’t Waste That Attention

This tip (as do so many of the tips we share on this blog) boils down to creating valuable content perfectly matched to your listeners’ needs.

You’ve created a new avenue to serve your existing customers, followers, or clients, now make sure that what you’re offering on that avenue is worth their time and attention.

High-quality, brand-relative, valuable content is a non-negotiable on a business podcast. Just as your physical business would not succeed if you’re not delivering high-quality goods and services, all that effort of starting a business podcast will be for nought if it, too, is not offering something of value to your target audience.


8. Create a Captivating Ad

Tip Number 8, creative and engaging, captivating podcast ad or trailer. A catchy podcast ad or trailer is a great way to drum up some buzz around your show pre-launch. It can be shared to social media, linked in your email newsletters, or placed in other podcasts (more on that in just a bit…) for some great exposure.

Make sure that your ad/trailer is of high-quality, and explains exactly what your show is about and what your podcast offers listeners. Make this punchy and fun, and you’ll have a winner on your hands!

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9. Advertise Your Show on Other Podcasts

And lastly, Tip Number 9 for starting your business podcast, advertising on other podcasts!

Remember, the main goals of any business-related podcast is obviously to a) build brand identity and trust in the minds of their existing clients and customers, but it is also b) extending your brand’s reach and building your client base. And a great way to do this is by buying up some ad space on other popular podcasts within your niche.

One of the top ways that podcast enthusiasts find their next favorite listens is through ads on their current favorite podcasts. Why? Because usually these recommended podcasts perfectly align with what their audience is looking for. So do your homework, find those popular podcasts within your niche, and purchase up some ad space. It’s a super effective way to introduce a mass of your perfect target audience to your business and brand.

Closing Thoughts

Starting a business-related podcast could be your next right move. Brand-building podcasts are a great way to engage your audience in a personal and enjoyable way, access people who may not have heard of you before, build incredible trust with potential customers, and, importantly, increase leads, sales, and as well as brand visibility.

But all of this hinges on you hitting the right notes as you launch your business podcast into the stratosphere, figuratively speaking.

These nine tips will help you create a brand-focused podcast that does all you want it to and more for your business. Your brand identity will be strengthened, your reach extended, and, most importantly, you’ll be able to create meaningful connections with your customers, which, after all, is the foundation of any successful brand or business.

Looking for some great examples of business podcasts? Check out this article featuring 7 Companies That Are Killing It With Branded Podcasts.

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