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9 Celebrity-Hosted Podcasts We Love Right Now

The podcast phenomenon shows no signs of stopping! With over 700,000 podcasts, and topics covering anything and everything from food to fashion, there’s going to be something for everyone! Podcast hosts are just as varied, from full-time podcasters to those who dabble in their spare time; podcasting is open to all. Even celebrities are jumping at the opportunity to grab the mic! 

Celebrities became celebrities in the first place because of our fascination with them, so naturally, celebrity-hosted podcasts are a recipe for success. These types of podcasts give us the feeling of having a one-of-one conversational with our favorite stars, which would not be possible without podcasts. While we get an in-depth insight into the fascinating world of tinsel town and first-class entertainment from those who made their name in the entertainment biz, we also get to know celebrities as ‘normal’ people as they candidly share their thoughts and opinions with us. 

From topics covering pop culture to politics and everything in between, it’s clear that celebrities love podcasts just as much as we do! Here’s a list of some of our favorite celeb-hosted podcasts to get you started. 

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

If you can imagine a fictional character interviewing real people in the real world, but through the lens of an imaginary life, then you’ve visualized The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Will Ferrel reprises his role as Ron Burgundy, his character from the Anchorman movie franchise, for this podcast which is in its second season. In season 2, Ron Burgundy – anchorman turned reluctant podcast host – and his co-host Carolina Barlow interview celebrities, politicians…and people who got stuck with them in an elevator. They’re interviewing real people and addressing real issues against a fictional backdrop. It can be quite the mind-bend! The humor is very dry, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of that genre of comedy, then you’re really going to enjoy this podcast.

In true Ron Burgundy style, he’s oblivious, egotistical and often vain and obnoxious, but this yields hilarious one-liners and throw-ins from all involved. Will Ferrel is completely committed to the character, even appearing on multiple talk shows as Ron Burgundy to promote season 2, and you’ll keep having to remind yourself that Ron’s not real – which is thankfully the case, as some of the stuff he says is outrageous! So while you have to enjoy the flavor of Ron Burgundy to really appreciate this podcast, the show itself is a really fascinating concept, and between Ron and Carolina, you’re guaranteed some good laughs.  

Office Ladies

Ok, confession time. Before the writing of this post, I’d never watched The Office – not one single, solitary episode! (Yep, I heard you gasp!) But thanks to the new podcast Office Ladies hosted by The Office alums Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, I’ve been able to remedy that faux pas and get hooked on this gem!

In each episode of the podcast, Jenna and Angela share fast facts and hilarious behind-the-scenes tidbits from each television episode, starting with the pilot. This podcast is delightful and heartwarming. You can tell Jenna and Angela really are best friends and that they, together with the rest of the cast, had the best time making this show. There’s a treasure trove of insider information, making this perfect for die-hard fans and newbies (like me!) alike. 

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard 

Armchair Expert is hosted by Dax Shepard, of Parenthood and Employee of the Month fame, and Emmy-nominated Monica Padman. Together, they’ve created a space to have really insightful and interesting conversations with a variety of over 130 guests since the podcast’s inception in February 2018.

They ask their guests the tough questions and never shy away from bringing up controversies, but in a way that feels like a ‘safe space’, and with the goal always being understanding and self-awareness. At its core, each episode is a really in-depth, unrushed conversation, so the episodes are a bit on the longer side, averaging about 2 hours in length. So they would probably not be the one to turn to for a quick listen but would work really well for longer commutes.

Note: There is a warning for explicit content, as some of the material is mature in nature, so we wouldn’t advise this one for family road trips!

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah, brings highlights and extended interviews from The Daily Show straight to our ears with The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Ears Edition. Catch up with the daily world news, and the best of his interviews and satirical spins all in under an hour. Trevor brings a unique perspective, balancing facts with comedy, making for a show that is entertaining and educational all rolled into one. He covers the controversial topics, delivers the hard facts, but also brings his charm and spot-on impressions and accents to help ease the blow. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date and in-the-know, whilst still enjoying the ride.

RuPaul: What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage

It’s safe to say the hit reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race has taken the world by storm. It’s just been picked up for its 12th season in the United States and has recently launched a U.K. edition.  What’s The Tee? is hosted by RuPaul and his friend and fellow judge, Michelle Visage. Each episode usually features at least one celebrity guest and together, they tell tales and share stories about life, love and everything in between.

RuPaul and Michelle Visage are instantly likable and down-to-earth, they ask engaging, insightful questions and share their sequin-covered nuggets of wisdom. Whether they’re talking about make-up or mental health or spilling the tea about the behind-the-scenes secrets of Drag Race, it’s a show with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs.   

Note: Viewer discretion is advised as the show does contain mature content. 

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin

With his impressive filmography, not to mention his years on 30 Rock, there’s no question that Alec Baldwin is an incredibly talented actor. Want to know what he’s also great at? Podcasting! He hosts Here’s The Thing and where he has engaging conversations with diverse, talented guests, from politics to performing in under 60 minutes.

He shows genuine interest in his guests, his questions make for great conversation and his voice is perfect for podcasts! He keeps you engaged and entertained, as he’s both funny and intelligent, and manages to keep a wonderful balance between the two. He allows his guests to shine, he really listens and directs the conversation so skillfully, that you’re always sad it’s over. He’ll make great company whether you’re commuting, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or just need a little “me time”

The Goop Podcast by Gwyneth Paltrow

The Goop Podcast is an off-shoot Goop, the lifestyle brand and natural health company launched by Gwyneth Paltrow. The podcast features guests ranging from authors, actors, health professions and spiritualists who offer their thoughts and often culturally-disruptive insights on the different aspects of holistic well-being. It’s informative, and in some instances, eye-opening as you’re exposed to new ways of thinking about elements of everyday life, such as what we put in our bodies, our cravings or even our fears and memories.

The podcast is founded upon the notion of questioning what we know or believe, so whether you agree with the content or not, simply hearing a new viewpoint is fulfilling the goal the podcast sets out to achieve. As a side note, the topics can be misleading (Are We Bad as Listening? is actually about voting and democracy, for example) so pay attention to the show notes. If you want to gain more understanding of the world around you and your place within it, then this should be your next listen!

With Whit

In much the same vein as Goop, With Whit is a podcast focusing on being raw and real about life, the issues we face, our experiences and our feelings towards these. Hosted by Whitney Port, one of the stars of The Hills, she shares her experiences as a new mom, and interviews guests on a variety of topics, often addressing issues faced by many 20-30 somethings. Whitney aims to have open and honest conversations, often sharing her difficult experiences as a way to give validation to others and their feelings. There is a large focus on being a young mother, and so this podcast would be perfect for those in a similar phase of life.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Last but certainly not least, we give you Oprah Winfrey. Of course, the entity that is Oprah has a podcast! Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations focuses on exploring the world around us at a deeper level, understanding ourselves with greater intimacy and finding ways to deal with our emotional baggage to help us enjoy the journey of life. Her guests come from all walks of life, and through sharing their experiences and insights, we develop understanding and empathy as we chew on all that hearty soul food being dished up! 

Oprah is obviously a great host, her numerous awards prove this, but podcasting allows us to experience her gift for connecting with people. She asks poignant questions and really listens to the responses – a great lesson for us all. So while you won’t be jumping on any sofas, or walking away with a free car, by the end of each episode you’ll feel a little more in-tune with your inner self, and inspired to become the person you want to be.

So whether you’re after some good soul food, need a healthy dose of pop culture, or just looking for a good laugh to help you digest world news, chances are there’s a celeb-hosted podcast for you…and that’s the tea. 

Did we miss your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!

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