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8 Things Your Podcasting Website Needs

There are many facets to be covered in order for a podcast to become successful. For this reason, podcasting can get very confusing and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. There are resources and tips to help simplify the process and make the game easy. A website stocked with the right tools is a great place to start.

Consider your website a base. It’s a place where you compile all your resources, content, products, services, and personal information. It’s where your listeners go to engage, pay, learn, or give feedback.

Here is a list of website necessities that will lead you towards a more simplistic podcasting life.

1. Contact Information

This is listed first for one reason and one reason only. There are way too many podcasters out there that don’t have contact information listed on their sites. Generously stated, the number sits at 50%, but in reality it’s closer to 45%. Your listeners are your customers. Why would you not want feedback? Social media engagement is great (we’ll get into that a little more later), but direct communication is the best. Value your listener’s opinions and feedback, and build much longer lasting, meaningful relationships with your audience, not to even talk about potential sponsors.

2. Bio

“Who am I listening to?”, “What are they all about?” Both are questions that a listener will ask at some point. Ideally all your listeners will be recurring listeners, but odds are there will often be a few new, curious audience members listening in. Those that are new to your show or even occasional listeners will probably not know a whole lot about you. Have a page to explain who you are.

3. Call to Action

Some podcasters are in the game strictly as an outlet. However, most are promoting a service, product, course etc. Even those that are searching for sponsors need a call to action. This is a page that listeners can go to either to purchase or acquire your product, service, or latest promotion, or “freebie” that you might be offering.

4. Blog

The original form of content. Still very relevant for SEO purposes and as a source of alternate content (written rather that audible), it is important to appeal to your audience in as many ways as possible. Some prefer to listen, others would rather read through an article. Keep both in mind.

5. Schedule

Not only will it help with your own organization, it will also add structure to your site that is beneficial to your listeners. If they know when to expect an episode’s release, they are far more likely to be there when you upload. This can also serve as accountability for yourself as you can’t leave your listeners hanging!

6. Social Media

This is too simple to go in-depth. Engage! It is important to find out where your audience spends most of their time, and then seek to interact with them on that social media platform. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or even Snaphchat, take the opportunity to interact, engage, and create meaningful connections with your listeners.

7. Mission / Vision

Although this might not apply to everyone, it is still something to take into consideration. What are you all about? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What is your motivation behind podcasting? Give your listeners the opportunity to learn about the heart behind the voice.

8. Testimonials

This will add legitimacy to your operations. There are a ton of podcasters out there who are ‘trying’. Show your listeners that you are not only trying, but succeeding. If your listeners see that someone else is promoting you, they will be more likely to do the same. You become more valid when you are promoted, and not simply relying on your own self-promotion.

Use these website necessities as a foundation for building your podcast. Communicate to, engage with, and receive feedback from your listeners to speed up your podcast’s growth, and ultimately find great success in your podcasting journey!

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