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8 Great Ways to Advertise Your Podcast in 2022

Congratulations! You’ve turned your dream into reality and now you have your podcast. Your hard work has paid off and you have something that you are proud of. The next question is: How do you advertise your podcast?

What can you do to get your podcast heard? How can you share your podcast across state and national borders and tap into the millions of podcast listeners worldwide? 

The straightforward answer is to advertise. But that is not as simple as it appears to be on the surface. Advertising or promoting your podcast is a layered process. There are many avenues to explore and techniques that can be implemented to make sure that your podcast has a reach that is far and wide. 

In this article, we will be detailing the tricks that you can use to make your podcast a commercial success. And, who knows, maybe having 1 million listeners is not as unattainable as you once thought. 

1. Have Great Content

The first tip that we have for you may seem obvious but it is extremely important. You must have great content in order for your podcast to be a success. 

You can be the greatest marketer the world has ever seen but if your content is poor it will be difficult to keep listeners coming back to your show. And that is what we want: For people to love your content so much that they subscribe to your podcast. 

You need to make sure that what you are creating is actually worth the time (and maybe money) spent on promoting it. 

Value Added

Your podcast needs to be of value to the listener. Always ask yourself this question: What will the listener gain from my podcast? 

Usually, your show has value if it does one or more of the following:

  • Gives new information.
  • Teaches a skill.
  • Entertains.
  • Satisfies audience curiosity. 

One and Only

Another way to make sure that your content is awesome is to bring your own amazing self to the party. By that, I mean that your podcast needs to be unique. The best way to make your podcast stand out is by embedding it with your distinctive style and voice. 

Working against the societal groove is definitely encouraged. Listeners will hear your individual voice and relate to your podcast in different ways compared to when they listen to other shows. It will help you stand out above the rest and will also aid in building your unique fanbase. 


The best content is that which truly captivates. Audiences are engaged and focussed throughout the entire podcast, riveted by what they hear.

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Make sure your podcast captures the attention of listeners and doesn’t release them until the show is over. Pay attention to your podcast format and structure and find what works best for you. When listeners are engaged and invested in your entire podcast they are more likely to keep coming back for more. 

Great content is the foundation upon which a successful marketing campaign is built. Make sure that you have a strong foundation so that you can build high, with zero limitations. 

2. Subscribe to Podcast Directories/Podcatchers

A podcatcher is an app that plays podcasts. The main one that most of us have come to know and love is Apple Podcasts. But there are plenty of others to choose from. 

Create accounts on as many podcatchers as possible so that your podcast will be available on multiple directories. This will give you access to a wider audience pool as everyone will have a chance to hear your podcast on their preferred platform. 

Check out our list of 21 Podcast Directories that you should subscribe to

There are many directories available! You do not necessarily have to subscribe to them all. What is more important is that you identify your main ones (that align with your target audience) and subscribe to them then you have a good chance of increasing your listener numbers. 

3. Social Media

In 2022, most of us cannot get by without integrating ourselves with social media. My daily routine begins with checking my social media pages and the podcasting newsletters that I’ve subscribed to. Increase the chances of your podcast being successful by having a strong online presence.  

Create profiles for your podcast across all social media platforms and add content to those profiles as often as possible. You can share teaser clips; create videos and images; share pertinent quotes from your show; and much more. 

You can also run giveaways and competitions from your social media pages. The chance of winning something is always likely to attract attention. 

Giveaways are also a chance to get reviews on your podcast so that you can stay ahead by constantly tweaking and improving your content. 

Just make sure that whatever you put out on social media is aligned with your brand and is tailored for your target audience. 

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Social Communities

Joining different social communities can also help you gain a following for your podcast. Facebook, Slack, Reddit, Discourse, and Clubhouse all have public groups that you can join. 

Public groups are great because they are either fan-based groups surrounding a particular topic or they are formed around geographical similarities. Find the groups that align with your podcast niche, and you’ll likely find a target audience ready and waiting to hear all about your podcast. 

Just be mindful that your promotion material adheres to each individual group’s rules and regulations. 

Through social media, you can access an almost infinite number of potential listeners. And for some, all they need is a little visual reminder that their next favorite podcast (yours!) is just a click away. 

4. Undercover Marketers

Social media is also great for having other people market your podcast for you. And for free! If you have an active social media page and post in the correct social media groups then anyone can share your content as a means of appreciation.  

If people are enjoying your content then they’ll most likely want to tell others about it. Make sure that when they share your content it is quick and easy, and not a chore. 

Your social media pages and handles should also be clearly visible on your website and easily accessible. Allow those who subscribe to your email list and social media pages to be your undercover marketers. 

Who else better to promote your show than those who are already invested in it. 

5. Email Lists

The next thing that really helps to boost your audience numbers is to have an email list that listeners can subscribe to. You will be able to send out an automated email each time a new episode is released, reminding your audience of the joy that awaits.

But in order to really use email lists to advertise your podcast, you need to first grow your mailing list. An easy way to do this is to have a “Subscribe to our mailing list” popup on your website (and yes, you need a website, but more on that later!) for when users access your site. 

They can simply add their email address, and they’ll be notified when your next episode hits the airwaves. And they’re sure to become part of your loyal fan base!” 

6. Podcast Community

A great way to tap into a large audience base is by integrating yourself into the podcasting community. You will be able to speak to other hosts and show producers, gaining valuable tips on what may or may not work for advertising your podcast. 

Some podcasters may have been around for a long time, so they’ll know the tricks of the trade. Pay attention to what the community is saying and hold onto the information that may be valuable to you in promoting your podcast.

Looking for some great podcast communities? Check out 14 of the Best Active Podcast Communities To Join Today!


Once you are plugged into the podcast community it will make it easier for you to have other hosts as guests on your show. This will attract their audience to your podcast and, with your incredible content, you may be able to lure them into subscribing to/following your show. 

Having other hosts on your show may lead to the opportunity of you being a guest on their podcasts as well. The idea is similar, in that you will be exposing yourself to their dedicated listeners and can promote your podcast on another channel. It’s all about exposure.

A wonderful thing about the podcast community is that nobody is truly threatened by another show. We all have different likes and tastes and are often interested in more than one thing. Subscribing to one podcast does not mean that we can’t listen to another one, or ten! Also, if your podcast is as unique as it should be, there is no danger of being the same as another show.

Use this “friendly community” to your advantage and maximize the number of people who get exposed to your podcast. Just remember to also help out other hosts when they come calling.  

7. Podcast SEO

Everything we have mentioned so far is under the assumption that your podcast has its own website. If you don’t have a website, create one ASAP!

After publishing each new episode, create a corresponding post on your website. This will help your podcast be visible on web searches. Your podcast will pop up when someone searches any related keywords. 

So, even if someone isn’t looking for a podcast at that time, if you appear in their search then you could possibly gain one more follower. 

3p Creative Group has a wonderful checklist for maximizing your SEO


To further boost your SEO, create a transcribed version of your show. This is a written version of your show as it happens, word for word. Add the transcript of your podcast to your website and any topics that you’ve discussed in the show will appear in web searches. 

The best podcast transcription services can be found right here at We Edit Podcasts! 

8. Paid Advertising

Advertise your podcast

Our final recommendation for promoting your podcast is through paid advertisements. 

Paid ads will help you to direct your advertising toward your target audience. You are much more likely to get positive audience engagement because you are reaching out to the specific groups for which your content is made. 

Most social media platforms allow you to buy ads. You can also take out ads on Google Ads and on many podcatchers. Find the platforms that mirror your brand image and consist of your desired target audience.

Placing ads on other podcasts is another possibility. This is great because you’re speaking directly to podcast enthusiasts. It has the same desired effect as being a guest on another show. 

Just Be You

Promoting your podcast in the right way can help you gain listeners from far and wide. If you can work cohesively with the podcasting community and utilize social media to its fullest, then you have a good chance of finding large audiences to whom you have never spoken before. 

Just remember that great advertising only comes from great content. Do everything you can to make sure that your content is exceptional. Your ads should be an appetizer to your podcast, not the main meal itself. 

And, above all else, just be you. Don’t change your brand or visual identity to align with your marketing campaign. Your ads should flow from who you are as a podcast, not the other way around. 

After all, people listen to your podcast because it is uniquely yours. Let the way you promote your podcast be just as special.

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